Marvel’s Greatest Comics – Hulk #1 (2010)

Really?  Don’t you think it’s a little early to consider this one of the greatest comics that your company puts out?  Yeah – it sold a whole bunch – but sales doesn’t equate greatness.  Time will tell just how memorable this series will be – and I will hedge bets that Loeb will cringe whenContinue reading “Marvel’s Greatest Comics – Hulk #1 (2010)”

Red Hulk #1 (2010) – The Review

What can I say but WOW!  Parker is re-writing some Marvel history – but in a good way.  It’s amazing that everyone writing this storyline can do a fantastic job – except the person who started it… No, no – I will not turn this into a Loeb bashing post… like most of my HulkContinue reading “Red Hulk #1 (2010) – The Review”

Hulk #1 (2008)

  Yes, this comes out Wednesday, Yes, I got an advance copy.  Yes, I’m bragging but trying to act all humble about it. But seriously, this is my review so if you don’t want to know anything stop reading here.  (Spoilers) This comic starts off with Thunderbolt Ross, Iron Man and She-Hulk all looking on as a short-hairedContinue reading “Hulk #1 (2008)”