Marvel 500 Hulks… So Far…

That’s right – there is yet another “blind package” Marvel set to get.  These blind packages seem to be taking over the entire market – and I get the appeal to some degree – but they really aren’t for me.  I usually find what I need on eBay or even at some LCS that opensContinue reading “Marvel 500 Hulks… So Far…”

Hulk #12 & 13 (2015) – The Review

Duggan finally did it – he made me NOT look forward to the next issue of his spectacular run thus far.  He put Deadpool in the book!  I’ll admit it though, Deadpool wasn’t all that bad – he did link it in so that it made sense to have him there AND he handled theContinue reading “Hulk #12 & 13 (2015) – The Review”

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Battlers (2014)

This cartoon (helmed by Loeb) was a disaster from the start (not a shock).  But let’s be really honest – this cartoon was certainly not made for us adult collectors.  This was not Avengers… or the many superior DC animated films that come out.  Of course a weekly series is not the same as anContinue reading “Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Battlers (2014)”

Thunderbolts #32 (2014) – The Review and… What Happened?

Thunderbolts #32 (Final Issue) and a look back at the series. W: Acker and Blacker A: Jacinto In 2008 things were going well for the Hulk.  He had just come off of one of the most well received and highly publicized runs in recent history that led to one of the more highly anticipated eventContinue reading “Thunderbolts #32 (2014) – The Review and… What Happened?”

Red Hulk Fists (2014)

Another Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. piece – this time they have just recycled the pitiful version of Hulk fists released with the Avengers movie and colored them red.  I have made it abundantly clear how disappointed I was with all of the cost cutting corners that they have made with the new HulkContinue reading “Red Hulk Fists (2014)”

Catching Up With…

So… by tomorrow I obviously meant in a few days.  It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed, well, pretty much anything – so this might be a bit long (that’s what she said) buckle up and enjoy the ride here, folks!  There is a lot of ground to cover!  Let’s begin with: Hulk #4 W:Continue reading “Catching Up With…”

Catching Up With… Thunderbolts!

Thunderbolts #20-22 W: Charles Soule A: Carlo Baberi & Israel Silva My overwhelming “to read” pile was tackled last night – I caught up with Indestructible Hulk and Thunderbolts.  I will review the Indestructible Hulk when they finish this Inhumanity story line – but for now – I have time to review the Thunderbolts forContinue reading “Catching Up With… Thunderbolts!”

Catching Up Thursdays…

Let’s catch up on some comic book reading!  I usually only read two comics a month – not because of anything other than the two comics I read are the only ones I am interested in.  So, What has been happening in: The Indestructible Hulk Issues #11-15 – Agents of T.I.M.E. W: Mark Waid I:Continue reading “Catching Up Thursdays…”

Catching Up With… Friday!

Something inside me said to read the Thunderbolts.  The new line-up was not that enticing, so it wasn’t that.  I mean, I have never felt a NEED to read the Red Hulk, Elektra was cool back in the day but I never stayed current with her character, Venom was an amazing villain and heard thingsContinue reading “Catching Up With… Friday!”

Custom Painted Red Hulk Bust (2012)

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, this is a Red Hulk bust in my collection!  First off – it was super cheap – and secondly, I love this sculpt.  The fact that someone took the Grey Hulk version and painted it red was too cool to pass on.  Although – the green would haveContinue reading “Custom Painted Red Hulk Bust (2012)”

Marvel Announces NEW Red Hulk Storyline Coming Up…

Click the link – I’ll be honest – I have yet to read about it – kind of busy right now.  But just the pics alone look interesting.  Parker has been writing the hell out of this series so I am pretty sure whatever is being cooked up will be fun… anyways – like IContinue reading “Marvel Announces NEW Red Hulk Storyline Coming Up…”

Superhero Squad Red Hulk and Iron Man (2011)

I knew it would happen – I think we all did.  I even know there is a Red She Hulk figure to be released.  Of course, a Red Hulk figure was easier to make as they have a thousand Hulk molds to choose from.  So, why then, did they choose THIS one?  This is myContinue reading “Superhero Squad Red Hulk and Iron Man (2011)”

Hulk #25 (2010) – The Review

In the first few pages of Hulk #25 – you know you are dealing with a new writer… dare I say, a better writer.  You know you are dealing with a new Red Hulk too.  And you know what’s funny?  The people reading the Hulk now – are Hulk fans – it won’t sell likeContinue reading “Hulk #25 (2010) – The Review”