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SDCC Exclusive – Hulks of a Different Color!

lego grey

lego red

So, I attended the Boston Comic Con this past weekend.  I was, as usual, mostly there to see the artists and creators – but seeing as Mark Waid was not signing until noon and I had time to kill I decided to look around the vendor tables.  Boy, am I glad I did!  One vendor had recently been at the SDCC and picked up the Grey and Red Hulk Lego figures – these are Hulks that will be coming out in sets sometime in January – but I snagged them now!  I was psyched to see them there.

bosom buddies

the classics

The vendor told me that there is a Thunderbolt set coming out – now, as much as I would have been enticed, I really only have interest in getting the Red Hulk – so this opportunity was perfect for me!  I can just pick up the figures and not have to buy the whole set?  I see nothing but win there!

UNSEXY UPDATE: My friend Steven Yarish informed me that he had gotten word from Marvel who said that they have no plans to release a Red and Grey Hulk Lego set. So, it turns out the vendor who sold them to me is, what I like to refer to as, a liar, liar pants on fire. Dude straight up and lied to my face. Uncool. Still, they are a neat set to have.

Just for real fun – a shot of all the Hulks:

the whole gang