Planet Hulk Commission (2010)

I’ve had a ton of small commissions done by Rob Reilly – and when I saw him at the con I couldn’t resist asking for a full, color, up your nose with a rubber hose commission!  The works!  And here, Reilly did me some major props!  Thanks, Rob!  Of all the small pieces he didContinue reading “Planet Hulk Commission (2010)”

Rob Reilly Commissions – Part 2 (2009)

Here’s the second set of commissions.  Yes, I’m sure you’ve guessed – that’s fixit above there.  If you click on Fixit above you will be taken to Rob’s web site.  He’s always interested in commissions – so if you like what you see – the guy seems to be able to do any character.  Now IContinue reading “Rob Reilly Commissions – Part 2 (2009)”

Rob Reilly Commissions – Part 1 (2009)

When I went to the Boston Comic Con I checked out a lot of artists there.  One of the more fun commissions I picked up was from a nice guy named Rob Reilly.  His cartoony style captures the eye and fits really well with the Hulk.  When I asked for a Hulk piece he saidContinue reading “Rob Reilly Commissions – Part 1 (2009)”