As soon as I saw this beautiful book at my LCS I had to have it (that being said, and me being me, I had to haggle to get the best price possible) and I considered it a huge Christmas present to myself.  This… and something else – but we’ll get into the other pieceContinue reading “SAL BUSCEMA’S INCREDIBLE HULK MARVEL ARTIST SELECT SERIES (2015)”

Read This/Avoid This! Volume 1

Here’s something I meant to get into a while ago – especially when Aaron was writing the Hulk into the ground and there was nothing new worth reading of our favorite jade mass of muscles!  Basically I am going to highlight two books – One you should totally read – like, right now, and theContinue reading “Read This/Avoid This! Volume 1”

The Incredible Hulk #226 Page 20 (1978)

I have been searching for a Sal Buscema page – I had to have one – just HAD to!  I mean no self respecting Hulk lover would turn down the chance to own a Sal page!  The only real issue at this moment is that original art is at an all time high.  Artists andContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #226 Page 20 (1978)”