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Hulk Visionaries:Peter David – Volume 5 (2008)


This great collection may be hitting a speedbump.  I would be crushed.  It’s like discovering Peter David all over again!  But, back to that speedbump, this collection, which is volume 5, was supposed to be out at the end of January.  Than it was pushed back 2 weeks.  No big deal – except that I still couldn’t find it anywhere once it was out!  How are people expected to buy it if they can’t find it!  I had to special order this book from Borders.  It just came today – which is great – but I’m worried that I won’t see a Volume 6 or 7 or… Oh, *shudder* I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

Wizard Posters (1992/1998)

Wizard Posters 

Some posters that Wizard used to include with your purchase of their magazine.  Now they give you nothing.  Wizard used to give really cheap exclusive figures and great posters like these – now you get just the magazine!  What kind of crap is that?

Sam Keith did the poster on the left – Adam Kubert did the one on the left – and I’m not sure who did the one on the bottom – all I know is that it’s better than mine.

Postcards (1995)


These I got in the now defunct Comic Book Museum.  I went there with my friend Corry to see some sort of display – I forget now.  I remember it being really amazing that they even had a comic book museum – but it didn’t last very long.  Was a bit if a shame really.  The Sam Keith card on the bottom looks like the model for the Art Asylum bust that I posted.  Click right here to see it.