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Off to Boston Comic Con


I wasn’t sure I was even going to go – it was pretty lackluster and almost a waste of time last year.  Maybe it’s just me but when you have to pay extra to meet a creator, even the amazing Stan Lee, it’s sort of off putting.  I debated wether or not to go for months – the main reasons for going this year were getting to meet Erik Larsen, Sam Kieth and Arthur Adams – and ultimately seeing those guys won out.  I am heading there today rather than my usual day (Sunday) in hopes of beating the larger crowds.  Wish me luck guys – my dream would be to get a jam piece completed by some of the best artists there – but we’ll see how that goes.

Separated at Birth?


Sam Kieth is easily one of my favorite artists and I remember seeking out his issue of the Hulk (above) every time I entered a comic shop.  I bought everything he released and still, to this day, love his opus series “The Maxx”.  Interestingly enough, as I was scouring through some back issue bins I have in the Hulk room I opened a box I haven’t touched for a few years.  Inside was my Maxx series and most of the other Kieth mini-series and One-Shots… including the I before E series.  I noticed something very interesting and familiar about the cover to #1 – do you see it too?


Incredible Hulk #368 (1992)


This is the Sam Kieth comic I’ve talked so much about.  The Hulk was still grey and fought Mr. Hyde.  It’s a pretty trippy issue with the best drawings ever.  I just wish he drew an Abomination issue.  His Hulk is pretty sick looking – could you imagine his Abomination?