Savage Hulk #5 & 6 (2014) – The Review and Series Overlook

Well, that was short-lived.  I really thought we were going to make it past a measly 6 issues.  I know that technically, with the Hulk/Thanos mini-series coming next week, since it was supposed to be part of this title that this series did surpass the Rampaging Hulk series from the 90’s – but it’s stillContinue reading “Savage Hulk #5 & 6 (2014) – The Review and Series Overlook”

Disney’s Exclusive Marvel Select Savage Hulk (2014)

I railed against this thing when I saw the early production pics – and my attitude hasn’t changed.  Of course, faced with a brand new Hulk figure (especially a Marvel Select Hulk figure) it was almost impossible to say no to buying.  I say almost because I actually did leave the store without the firstContinue reading “Disney’s Exclusive Marvel Select Savage Hulk (2014)”

Catching Up With…

So… by tomorrow I obviously meant in a few days.  It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed, well, pretty much anything – so this might be a bit long (that’s what she said) buckle up and enjoy the ride here, folks!  There is a lot of ground to cover!  Let’s begin with: Hulk #4 W:Continue reading “Catching Up With…”