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Catching Up Sunday!


It seems as though things are picking up for Bruce Banner… but not the Hulk.  Avengers is coming out pretty regularly but has slowed down, story-wise, in order to catch us up on who the hell all these new Avengers are and Wolverine is still in the Savage Land getting a peek at some sweet Shanna-booty!  Let’s get on with the reviews!


Banner is really getting his life together!  He has a sweet, I am Legend sort of town to call his own – and a new research team that doesn’t crap their pants at the slightest Banner freak out.  He’s getting to let his rage out in a useful way for SHIELD – all is great in The Indestructible Hulk #4 (W: Waid I: Yu, 2013, $3.99)!  SHIELD has even found the undersea city of Lemuria that Banner wanted to explore… only, there is one issue.  Attuma, the leader of said world, has a whole gaggle of over-sized sea creatures taking out ships and killing humans.  It’s up to Hulk to help out control the situation.  Hulk is shot into the action only for Attuma to seem unfazed – and for good reason – he let’s a giant squid pull the Hulk deep, deep into a chasm that even implodes his little HERBIE wanna-be tag-along.  How is the Hulk getting out of this one, folks?  Grade: B+


Of course, moving on over to the Avengers – and quick side note, more of a gripe really, back in the good ole’ days of Marvel they really cared about continuity – if a character was appearing in a book other than his own they would mention it – and said character wouldn’t just pop up in any other book as filler.  The Hulk is in the Avengers here and there – and they haven’t even mentioned it in his book AND it doesn’t even seem like the same Hulk – WTF Marvel?  They did give us a little “Spidey may not be the same old sweet Spidey” this time around in Avengers #6 (W:Hickman, I: Kubert, 2013, $3.99) but this week we are mainly let into Captain Universe’s sad back-story.  Interesting – but the action is in the side story where Stark is trying to decipher Nightmask’s language – only to be sorry they did as he tells on the coming of the “White Event”  I have seen only seen White Events at the end of porns – but I think this white event may be a little different.  I just hope the action picks up a bit because these past issues of origins have really slowed the pace down and made the Avenges a test in patience rather than a solid exciting story.  Grade: C


Is Wolverine faring any better in his book?  Well, as it turns out, in Savage Wolverine #2 (W/I: Cho, 2013, $3.99) he is… and he’s not.  Cho’s writing is very funny and exciting – and his illustrations and knock-down dead gorgeous!  The book even brings Amadeus Cho to the island – with an opportunity for Cho to play “punny” with his name.  This is far and away one of the better books I am reading – no one draws Shanna and Dinosaurs like Cho does – and with the news of a Hulk guest-spot coming in issue #5 you can bet I will keep buying!  Grade: A-

Catching Up With – Saturday!

I know what you’re thinking – A Saturday post?  With reviews?  What did you do to get such a treat?  Well, the honest truth is I am spending a little extra time in the Hulk room today because – my Bowen Hulk variant came in today and I can’t stop admiring it!  I will be posting my review of this statue on Monday!  But here I need to catch up with a few titles that I have been reading.


First up is the conclusion of the first story arc from the Marvel Now! rebooted Avengers.  I am one of the people that had been enjoying the new book – really excited over the prospect of seeing the Hulk in a team dynamic – something that has been impossible for writers to accomplish for a while.  It seems that people just did not know how to write the Hulk as a team player.  And for good reason – he is not one.  Whedon showed the world at large that, in the right circumstances, the Hulk could be one of the greatest weapons any super team could have on their roster.

Unfortunately, instead of seeing the Hulk cut loose and take on any baddie – the villains had, early on, took control of Hulk’s brain and had him take out Thor.  My hopes were that we would see the Hulk come back and give some much deserved lashings – but instead, issue #3 sees much of the same, the Hulk is told to take out Hyperion and the two battle it out.  Hyperion bests the possessed brute and Banner re-surfaces.  Ex Nihilo, who I thought would be a titan-type baddie, an almost Thanos type threat, turned out to be a villain who could be easily swayed when faced with a false God.

It started out real interesting – but ultimately Avengers #3 (W: Hickman, I: Opena, 2013, $3.99) stalemated at the finale.  Grade:


In other comic news – but not so different – Avengers Assemble has been an enjoyable read for it’s first year’s worth of stories!  I haven’t really covered any of the issues as of yet – but the Thanos battle was pretty fun and brilliant!  If you didn’t read it… shame on you!  But in Avengers Assemble #11 (W: DeConnick I: Caselli, 2013, $3.99) the team is faced with trying to calm an infected Hulk – that sounds vaguely familiar – but Spider-woman is up to the task of helping our jade giant!  The real issue at hand is that Yun Guang Han is trying to create an army – and he wants the best – luring the Avengers to his lair.  Thankfully the team makes short order of him – read it if you want to know how – and off they flew back to NY where the Hulk and Stark held their very own naked parade!

The humor injected into this book is really well done – the team dynamic, almost everything I have been reading of late, is trying to mimic the tone and feel of the Avengers movie.  It reminds me of when the Batman movie came out in 89 – all of the Batman comics went dark and gritty.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing – but a little variety would be nice too.  Hulk doesn’t just have to come in to throw the bad guy around.  Grade: B+


Also, for anyone interested, I have taken my chances on a non-Hulk book – something I have not done in years – I started reading Savage Wolverine #1 (W+I: Cho, 2013, $3.99) and I have to tell you, I have been a Cho fan – but really didn’t follow his work to closely, the series is off to a pretty great start!  Of course, Cho made it easy on himself – he has one of the most popular characters in comic history and then he puts him into the Savage Land where Cho gets to draw Shanna and Dinosaurs.  Two things he is exceptional at!  The book is worth the read so far – Grade: B