SDCC Avengers Mighty Muggs Boxed Set (2011)

When I saw this set I was pretty excited.  We haven’t seen anything new from Mighty Muggs in the respect to Hulk for a long, long time.  The line seems pretty dead except for exclusives – haven’t heard of a wave 7.  Maybe I am wrong (it’s happened before) but I don’t think we will seeContinue reading “SDCC Avengers Mighty Muggs Boxed Set (2011)”

SDCC Exclusive Hulk Bust Paperweight (2008)

This summabitch is a hard guy to photograph.  I see these on ebay being listed for $80.00.  Don’t buy this for $80.00.  It’s light weight, hard, clear plastic and feels and looks kind of… cheap.  The base isn’t even solid and the paint is a bit sloppy and unimpressive.  I really hate giving bad reviewsContinue reading “SDCC Exclusive Hulk Bust Paperweight (2008)”