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New Sideshow Hulk!


I am notorious for being loyal to Bowen – but with Bowen being on hiatus from creating any new product who can you turn to?  Sideshow has produced some beautiful (and some other “conceptually interesting”) pieces but I’ve always though the prices were astronomical. Well, they are now offering this awesome 1/10 scale hulk of resin for a much more affordable price!  Click on the image to be brought to the page.

Sideshow Collectibles Hulk vs Wolverine Maquette (2017)

IMG_0535 (2)

I have always been a little more critical of Sideshow with their products than most other high end collectible companies.  Sideshow has certainly had some comic fans divided over the years as they have produced what some consider the absolute best that anyone has ever offered.  Others, like myself, have voiced their preference to want the charters reflect what is shown in the comics.  Sideshow has always chosen a more realistic style that has worked with some pieces (the original Hulk PF comes to mind – still to date the absolute pinnacle of what SS is capable of producing) while other pieces suffer (The Hulk Comicquette, buzz cut and all).



Recently SS released a Hulk Maquette that I was on the fence about ordering but ultimately scrapped the idea due to the multiple releases of the same sculpt.  I never really thought much about buying anything SS ever again until I got a glimpse of the Hulk vs Wolverine Maquette.  From the get go this project got me excited!  Seeing progress updates on Statue Forum kept my interest piqued as it looked as though they were finally releasing a Hulk that looked like it jumped right off the page!


Even the original SS PF Hulk is criticized for looking too “ape-ish” – a complaint I take with a grain of salt since the Hulk did have simian features in the silver age – but the moment I saw pictures of the Hulk I saw the creators were leaning toward an enraged, classic looking savage Hulk!  In classic SS fashion there are still more realistic details and when I heard there will be an inclusion of metal claws I went to my LCS immediately and discussed ordering this dio.

IMG_0540 (2)

The last dio SS offered with the Hulk was the Planet Hulk vs Silver Savage – the unfortunate thing about that piece is the size was a bit underwhelming.  Here, size is certainly not an issue!  This thing is massive and impressive!  This piece is almost 2 feet tall!  I can not express enough how large and intimidating this piece is!  I even had a hard time getting the box into my car to drive it home!

IMG_0539 (2)

The Hulk’s shaggy hair and wildly rageful expression is perfectly captured as he stares upward to a gritting teeth, angry Wolverine.  The base is even a refreshing but still familiar look as the Hulk’s foot splinters a large log in a rocky terrain.  The Wolverine seems to be slashing as he jumps at the raging behemoth.  I have never been a fan of the high end collectibles based off of the movie versions – just not my taste – and usually SS has priced themselves out of my price range – but every once in a while the stars align and everything comes together to create a perfect piece of Hulk memorabilia that every Hulk collector should own!

IMG_0542 (2)


New Sideshow Hulk?


Looks like Side Show might just be releasing a new piece I might actually be interested in.  I did buy the Gladiator Hulk but that was a rarity for me.  I’m just not a fan of a lot of the pieces they’ve produced.  The image above was released today and it looks like I might be digging into my wallet and adding a new dio to the Hulk room!

AoU Hulk Maquette (2016)


Is it just me or are these Sideshow Hulk statues getting worse and at the same time more and more pricey?  This Maquette sports some really tight spandex and an odd looking “mid-run” pose.  For anyone getting this $750 behemoth I only hope that you will get a perfect piece as SS has been having QC issues that are unforgivable with no real re-course if the pieces go bad.  Here’s to hoping!  Click the image to get more info.

Who is getting this one?  What do you think?

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk Artist Mix Figure (2016)

antone 2 031

antone 2 032

I like unique figures.  Especially unique Hulk figures!  Touma, a Japanese toy designer came up with this little bad boy and I couldn’t be happier!  I do wish it had a bit of articulation and no bobble-head – but the figure is cool enough that it doesn’t bother me that much.

antone 2 033

antone 2 036

His exaggerated arms and tiny feet make for a funny looking sculpt but the oddness is also makes it very cool.  His boxy fingers and jagged, defined physique makes this figure eye catching and hilarious.  But this is a figure you could also keep in the box as the box design is as cool as the figure itself.

antone 2 035

Shop around on this figure.  While an LCS near me sported this piece the retail was $50 but a quick search on eBay and I was able to find this for a much lower price!  Overall, this is a great figure worth the pick-up and worthy of a corner in your man (or woman) cave to display.

antone 2 034

Sideshow’s Recent Releases…

I didn’t do a Best/Worst list for 2010, not because there wasn’t enough things released but, because I didn’t want it to seem like I was picking on Sideshow.  SS released 2 Hulk pieces this year – and BOTH missed the mark, in my opinion. The problem is simple, really – the Sculptor’s are missing the mark on the most important part of any Hulk sculpt.

See, any sculptor worth his weight in clay has a good understanding of anatomy – and sculpts it enough it becomes almost second nature – that’s the easy part. The hard part, and also the part where artistic interpretation comes into play.  Let’s start with the first release – the Life Size Hulk Bust:

How did the Hulk steal Christmas?

Ultimately, with both the Legendary Scale and Life Size Busts SS decided to go with the Hulk bearing a full set of chompers. This isn’t the best expression to go with – yet they have now done it twice!  Not to mention, if you look at the brow – he’s doesn’t look angry exactly!  What were they going with then?  Content?  Constipated?  I think he certainly fits the latter.  We don’t need an angry Hulk though – that would be fine – if it still looked like the Hulk!  The other main issue with this bust is the tiny little nose they gave him.  There is no bridge at all to his nose – it is squished in between his eyes!  Even worse?  This huge mutha retails for $500.  That’s right – you have to spend a ridiculous half a grand to get a huge bust that hardly even looks like the Hulk!  If you check ebay – for an auction that ISN’T a BIN – you will see that these pieces usually tops out at about $300.  So now we are left with a piece that is flawed in the sculpt and in price.  I am happy I never picked this one up – my instincts were spot on here – I think in the future we will see this piece go even lower.

What Me Worry? Hulk


SS other release was the comiquette.  While most collector’s agree that the LSB is a disaster – the comiquette is more of a heated debate.  There are collector’s out there that feel this piece will de-throne the PF as the king of Hulk collectibles – I strongly disagree.  I think there are a few issues with this piece – starting with the face.  The face makes or breaks a Hulk statue – and this one is a little too Alfred E Newman for me.  Some even say Mike Tyson – I don’t give it that much credit.  The pose is another issue –  get that he’s supposed to be landing from an enormous jump – but he looks more like he’s slipping on a banana peel.  Not to mention that there is obvious anatomy problems – the head is too tiny – the fists are too big – and he has love handles.  There are just too many issues to ignore with this piece – and again SS is asking almost $400 for it.  Never mind that the exclusive is a print – that statue is the same, it just comes with a color copy of the original artwork.  I think the most glaring issue is the mid 90’s army buzz cut that the Hulk is sporting.  Ugh – it’s just too ugly!  Like I said, time will tell if this Hulk will increase or decrease in value – my money is on losing value over time.  What do you think?

Full Pic

Now – this being a fan site – I decided to get another perspective on the comiquette.  An avid Hulk collector – who I would love to showcase his collection one day – he has the best customs! – Well, he bought the Comiquette for its sculpt and pose.  He customized his – take a look:


Which Green is the Best? Most Accurate?

I have to ask here – this is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while – my sister was down in the Hulk Room the other day and commented on the fact that almost every Hulk statue out there is a different color green.  I looked and agreed and thought it was a bit funny.  So – here’s the question – which statue do you think has the best color green for the Hulk?

Bowen 2007:


Hard Hero:

Diamond Select:

Bowen 2010:

SS Dio:

Vote Below!  I will tell you my thoughts next week after I people have had a chance to vote.