The Incredible Hulk #2 (2011) – The Review

I don’t think there has ever been another comic that takes a turn for the worst faster than this relaunch has.  The first issue was somewhat intriguing – and the following issue takes a dump on the fans.  Amazingly, in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of comics in general!  Let’s break it down: Art: The cover isContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #2 (2011) – The Review”

Not Even a Trade’s Worth…

It has been a wild ride!  But not really – Marvel announced that the newly announced Silvertri/Aaron super group on the Hulk will be no longer as Silvestri hands over the title to Portacio.  Really, Mark?  you couldn’t even last a mere 6 issues at least?  Oh well – this can only be good newsContinue reading “Not Even a Trade’s Worth…”

The Incredible Hulk #1 (2011) – The Review

What to get into first?  I have so much to share!  I was lucky enough to have the morning off and planned to get to the LCS before it opened – waiting outside the door until they opened the doors, rush inside and get my issues.  But it was raining – so I just waitedContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #1 (2011) – The Review”