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Skaar: Son of Hulk #12 (2009) – The Review

Skaar: Son of Hulk #12

Skaar: Son of Hulk #12

I know this post is really late going up – but I left my computer at work last night and didn’t get it again until this morning – but here it is!

Let’s take a break from the MCP reviews with something a little more current!  I forgot to review #11 – although I will admit, it’s in my “To Read” pile and I haven’t even touched it.  I’ve had a lot to do.  With only a month or so left till my daughter arrives it seems like my to do list just gets bigger and bigger.  Anyways, this issue starts with the Hulk calling Skaar out – and Skaar coming back with “I thought you’d be bigger” (what a great line).  This is how it’s supposed to be – at the age of thirteen, every Forgeday, a son must test his father and the father must tame the son.  Hulk and Skaar trade blows while the warbound looks on and notices that this fight is taking place a little too close to a nuclear power plant.  Skaar asks the Hulk if that’s the hardest he can hit – and Hulk shows him that it wasn’t.  Korg steps in to try to calm things down but Hulk only uses him as a weapon to hit Skaar with.  Then, Korg tells each of them that if they are going to fight that they must at least tell each other what their grievances with each other is.  Skaar asks what kind of “hero” leaves his son to burn, his world to die?  Hulk answers with… stupid Hulk talk.

Hulk is in his Savage persona, he doesn’t even recognize Korg or Skaar – this may be Pak’s attempt to fix Loeb’s disgusting past two years of writing – but when he looks into Skaar’s eyes he sees Caiera and he remembers.  Skaar asks him if he knows he is Green Scar – and Hulk responds with, “Nope!  I’m the World Breaker, Bitch!”  Alright, I added the bitch part…

Remembering makes the Hulk transform into Bruce Banner – and back into the Savage Hulk again – like he’s trying to forget or something.  Skaar asks him to show himself – to show the World Breaker again.  Skaar send a crack along the canyon floor, right toward the power plant.  The Warbound go into action to try to stop a meltdown from occurring.  Skaar asks Hulk to see Green Scar again – and Hulk refuses to go and help stop the meltdown.  Hulk hold the containment building together – but as one of the towers crumble the Hulk turns his attention to it – the containment building begins to blow.  Everyone believes this will be it – until Skaar uses the Old Power to stop the meltdown.  Elloe Kaifi asks why he fights with a sword if he has all that power – Skaar answers by plunging said sword into the Hulk’s chest saying it’s more fun.  (By the way – if this ever comes up to buy – I so want it!)

Skaar walks away calling the Hulk a moron and saying that he’ll be back when there is someone in there worth killing and tells them to stay ways until then – because this is his planet now.  The last scene of this story shows the devastation that the fight had on the area, molten lava flowing between huge cracks in the Earth’s crust.  Just plain awesome – it really sets Skaar up as a bad ass not to be reckoned with.  Just a fantastic build up!  Grade: A (PAK IS BACK BABY!)

There is a variant cover showcasing the Hulk – as well as a wraparound variant cover and an even scarcer sketch variant cover – but since it’s early and I have no camera you’ll just seek these out to see for your self.

There is a second story – a worthy read as well – of the Surfer warning a world about the coming of Galactus.  Because their world is strong with the old power Galactus will come.  The Surfer tells them about Caiera’s sacrifice so that others may live – and he also tells of Skaar’s defiance.  How after Galactus had fed and would have slept for thousands of years – but Skaar, with one last attack, wakes the eater of worlds and he hungers once again for more.  The Surfer tried to stop him – only to be batted away in a blink of an eye.  He warns for the inhabitants of the planet to leave before Galactus gets there – to remember who to honor (Caiera) and who to curse (Skaar, now on Earth).  We join Skaar on Earth, in Iowa, where a much younger version of himself is sitting at a lake, staring at a much older reflection, and damning him.  Man, this comic has me jazzed about Hulk comics again!

Planet Skaar is coming!


Planet Skaar is coming!  Is Skaar comig to earth?  I’m not exactly sure – but what I do know is that Skaar has gotten better and better with every issue – I’m liking it a lot now adays – and now Skaar is meeting Dad!  They may beat each other to a pulp – or they may “Hug it out, bitch!”  Either way Pak is writing the Hulk again!  Woo-Hoo!  Check out the link – click on the image!

Hulk Family – Green Genes (2008) – The Review

Hulk Family - Green Genes

Hulk Family - Green Genes

Who picked this up yesterday?  Pretty darn good issue.  It’s nice to have some good old fashion Hulk stories after the crap they have been shoveling at us this year.  The first story, titled Your Lucky Day, takes place right after the events in The Incredible Hulk #344 – Ground Zero – my favorite Hulk story.  So, She Hulk is having her class reunion (Hey!  The old ’96 cartoon had an episode where Jen Walters went to her class reunion!  Weird.)  Anyways, she sees Mr, Fixit stroll through the casino and recognizes him as her cousin.  Fixit tells her she has the wrong man – he still doesn’t want to be recognized – she says she knows it’s him.  Two mutants come to Las Vegas – they say fate brought them there – and start causing trouble.  She Hulk takes Discordia while Hulk takes on the guy whose power is transforming fear into power.  It’s pretty sweet.  As they tangle Fixit starts to hear Banner’s voice inside of him.  He begins to take out his anger on the mutant.  He gets angrier and angrier when he believes Banner is calling him an accident – and Hulk says it was fate.  Just as he’s about to lose control and beat this mutant to a pulp She Hulk stops him.  She says she knows he’s not her cousin – because her cousin wouldn’t be so mean.

This story is such a refreshing change of pace from the drivel we’ve been served lately.  It’s violent, and funny (I like Hulk’s new name for She Hulk – which is She-Me) and each of the characters actually act like the characters they are supposed to!  B

This comic also features 3 other stories – each featuring a different Hulk member – Pak writes the Skaar story, which I wish I liked better but I just can’t get into it.  The Daughter of the Hulk story is okay – turns out Hulk’s bastard daughter has some compassion for males – which she attributes to her Dad.  But if you want to hear about these stories you should get the comic and read it.  I’m just going to give a review of the first story – but what did you think of it?

Hulk Family – December…4th!

Hulk Family #1

Hulk Family #1

There was a time – not too long ago – when Peter David was writing the book that Marvel didn’t want Hulk to have a child.  Now he has a whole bunch of illegitimate bastards running around causing havok!  Thanks to Will for reminding me to tell you guys about this – click on the image for more info – even though it comes out Thursday!

Hulk & Son of Hulk SHS (2008)

Skaar and Hulk SHS

Skaar and Hulk SHS

There are people who have expressed their distaste for the Superhero Squad.  There are people who have said that they are ugly – and here’s the good news – you’re right.  But let’s remember the other things that are terribly ugly yet still popular.  Who remembers Furby?  Or even better – Garbage Pail Kids?  Remember those?  They had 2 names for each character so you had to buy twice the amount of cards?  Man, those guys are marketing geniuses.  How about Madballs?  Who is old enough to have had those things?  I might’ve had all of them.  Anyways, my point is – these aren’t that bad – and they are of characters we love and adore!  Well, maybe we don’t love Skaar – but we all love the Hulk!  Here’s another dose of good news for all that don’t like this line: There is only ONE more 2-pack in wave 3 and the entire run is completed!  After next Monday there will no other SHS Hulk 2-packs.  Moment of silence please.  Does Skaar look fat to anyone else?  The Hulk here is a little… strange.  He has a ripped shirt still on that says Banner – that’s pretty cool – but the figure itself is a bit hoakie.  Who uses the word hoakie?  Well, see everyone tomorrow!

Marvel Legends Son of Hulk (2008)

Son of Hulk ML

Skaar: Son of Hulk ML

He has 3 comics out (2 when this figure was released) and already gets a figure.  Man, Marvel’s really invested in this idea, huh?  I guess that’s good though – and the figure isn’t too bad either!  I think the sculpt is done well – but the figure really doesn’t look like the comic character – I don’t know what it is, maybe too bulky?  It doesn’t look bad though…  My favorite part of this figure is the HUGE freakin’ sword that he comes with.  It’s bigger then his head!

Skaar's Big Honkin' Swprd

Skaar's Big Honkin' Sword

The coloring isn’t so… good.  He’s a light teel-ish color.  I guess it fits but I think he would look a bit better if the coloring was darker.  Also, I noticed that it doesn’t say Skaar on the package – maybe they weren’t sure what his name was going to be when they designed the packaging – they just knew he was the Hulk’s son, thus the SON OF HULK title.  Pretty sweet figure though and the end of the Marvel Legends Figures.

Close Up Of Skaar

Close Up Of Skaar

Skaar: Son of Hulk (2008)


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you know that I have been very skeptical about the idea of Skaar.  Pak was a savior in the Hulk worl when he came in to write Planet Hulk but – about his unborn son?  On the planet that blew up?

Well, I will begin by stating, it’s not bad.  Not bad at all.  It’s a very quick read – really, I think I read it in less than 5 minutes.  It’s starts with Ciera explaining that a young Shadow can run within minutes of being born.  Basically, a quick way of explaining how a zygote survived his mother being blown up.  Skaar eats all the little nasties around him and eventually links up with some rebels.  The Red Skins are still trying to re-claim the planet and are destroying anything in their path.  Axeman Bone, with his fire-breathing dragon, capture a group of rebels and burn and destroy a shadow youngling who they think is the son of Hulk.

Later, when the Reds are getting ready to cook some rebels for dinner they are suddenly attacked by a force of nature hacking, slicing, and killing every Red there.  The elder rebel smiles and says it’s time to get out of there before Axeman comes out.  But from behind them they hear his voice asking why they are in a rush.  The last panel shows Skaar soaring through the air, ready to attack Axeman, who is saying “This is going to be fun”.

This first issue definetly has me intrigued to pick up the next issue.  Let’s see how long they can keep this fire burning… B+