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Best and Worst of 2011 – Part 1

Let’s just begin with the MU line that had both its ups and downs this year.  I have really warmed up to this line – more than I should, probably – mainly due to the vast amount of different figures they have.  Here are the positives from 2011:

The Best: From the Avengers Boxed Set, including an amazing looking first appearance Hulk, to the classic, rarer and more unknown characters produced like The Constrictor and Skaar.  Marvel and Hasbro released some of the better variants this year related to the Hulk Universe, like the First Appearance Wolverine and, like I mentioned before, the Avengers Boxed Set.  I know I’ve mentioned that twice already – but it’s THAT good!  Not to mention, the Avengers set has become pretty hard to find these days.  We also have one of my favorite repaints of the year – the Compound Hulk.  Yes, it’s based off of a terrible story – but let’s face it – the re-paint is just hilarious and spectacular!  We were also able to complete complete our classic Defenders displays with the long over due release of Dr. Strange! (yes, I have it but have not posted it – you would not believe how much I have to post – it’s just about finding the time to do it all!)  Also getting an Absorbing Man – complete with fully transformed metal variant – gives the MU line one of the best years for figures we’ve had in a long time!

The Worst:  That’s not to say that everything was peaches and cream with the line this year… starting with the Avengers Base variant.  Everything about that figure was excellent – everything but the price.  It’s amazing to watch the TRU exclusive yo-yo in price the way it did.  First they were asking $19.99 – but not even a month later the figures went on sale for a much more reasonable $12.99.  Once the sale ended the price went back to $19.99 for a bit – then lowered again to $16.99.  Basically, these figures were not selling.  Collectors may have bought them, like myself, but obviously they weren’t popular enough to keep the price up.  Speaking of variants too – the Skaar “name plate” variant is the weakest excuse for a variant to date.

All in all – not too shabby – the MU line has way more positives than it does negatives this year – so kudos to them!

Marvel Universe Skaar (2011)

MU Skaar Figure

The Good: Here is a surprise – not in the sense that this was coming out – but that it looks this good!  I still think the price point is off on these figures – but I do like the details they seem to fit into the smaller bodies.  This sculpt is leaps and bounds better than the ML figure we were given a few years back – not just the sculpt but the scale to the figures in its respective line. 

Still not happy about the price tag - but these figures are looking better

The color is a darker green, which is way better than the teel-esque color that the ML is.  I’ve heard there are 2 variants for this figure out there (Yes, it was reported on this site by the ever helpful Gamma-Pup) – not on the figure itself – but the base which you stand the figure on.  One stand says “Son of Hulk” while the other says “Skaar” like the package does.  That’s the other thing that this figure has over the ML one – this figure actually states his name rather than just “Son of Hulk”. 

Skaar - He's a mean green mother from outer space

The Bad: Well, the card art is a pretty unfortunate choice.  The art at the top looks like Skaar’s making his “O” face – or even worse – his “I just discovered a dead hooker in my bathroom – and my wife will be home any minute!” face.  I still say that these figures should be packed with more than just a simple card and a love letter to Stark – maybe a mini-comic or something.

Hulk's son... still sounds funny to say that

The Ugly (Truth): If you are a Skaar fan – it is a must – I think it captures the brooding adolescent better than the ML figure does.  If you are a MU line fan – it’s a must as well – this is a beautiful figure to add into the line and done very well.  If you are a Hulk fan… well, make the choice up for yourself here – do you like the character enough to pick it up?  I know I did – and I am glad I did.  Grade: B+

One of my favorite items is the sword!

Skaar: King of the Savage Land #1(of 5) (2011) – The Review

Skaar: King of the Savage Land #1

THE POSITIVE: There’s a whole lot of humor in the first issue.  That makes comics so much more fun to read.  There’s also a bunch of pretty great action – you have to love people beating up Dinosaurs!  Also, there are a bunch of intersecting storylines with Ka-Zar trying to connect the Savage Land and the rest of the world, Shanna trying to “welcome” Skaar into the ways of the Savage Land, and of course Skaar fighting humongous robots and unlocking some great ancient evil from an underground prison.

Im sorry - what were you saying Shanna? My thoughts were... elsewhere.

THE NEGATIVE: Amazingly enough, there’s not too much negative to talk about here.  I mean, the art is fantastic, the story is funny, interesting and moving at a nice pace.  Overall, nothing to complain about here.

Seriously Skaar? Act like a man!

AND THE RELEVANT: I guess we can all admit at this point that Skaar was a great idea.  He came off of an amazing Hulk storyline and has continued strongly throughout.  Even how he came to be in the Savage Land and stay was a decent enough story… well, HIS part anyways.  And I will be the first to admit that he is a perfect fit for the Savage Land!  Who wouldn’t want to see a weekly bout with dinosaurs!  And, as with the Hulk storyline at the moment, this is the first issue of a mini – so I really can’t give you a definitive answer on whether or not this little series will have an overall impact.

Crap, Skaar - now you are IN for it!

CONCLUSION: You should get this comic and read it a few times.  Then read it again!

New Marvel Universe Figures Coming

MU Skaar

There are a bunch of figures set to be released and one of the ones I am most excited about is this great Skaar figure!  Kudos to Greg Pak who made one of these heroes kids actually enjoyable to read!  There is also an Avengers boxed set coming out with the Hulk included!

The Incredible Hulks #617 (2010) – The Review

Incredible Hulks #617

Oh Betty - you are so wise!

Pak has done some wonderful storytelling with the Hulk.  He gave us Planet Hulk.  He even made me warm up to Skaar.  But he was always pushing it with Hiro – and here is the final arc – the final showdown with the murderous villain known as Hiro: Other The Lesser Known and even Less Accepted Son of Hulk.  When we last left Hiro and Hulk, Skaar had just re-materialized after being blown up – ready to take Hiro down.

K’ai is dangerously close to the Earth – ready to collide any moment – and Skaar and Hiro are just trading Old Power blast blows.  Bruce is trying to save any of the innocents still around by teleporting them out of harm’s way – but he only sees thousands of K’ai people throwing themselves into the liquid magma of K’ai’s core.  Hiro thinks this is destiny, what the Old Power brings out in people.  Bruce sees the power of Worldmind and he gets to work in healing the people of K’ai.

Skaar shows Hiro how their mother showed love...

Skaar’s battle with this brother is FAR from over and they continue to trade blows.  Skaar grabs a hold of Hiro and shows him the past actions of thier mother.  When Caiera banished Skaar off of Sakaar.  He tells Hiro that he has changed – and that Hiro can do the same.  Banner saves the people of K’ai with the Worldmind’s help.  Bruce is teleported back to Hiro and Skaar where it’s Hiro’s turn to show what his past was like.  But as he shows them he hears none o the words his mother once said to him.  And for a good reason.  It was all a dream.  A lie that he convinced himself of so that he could live with what he has done.  Hiro freaks out but this time Skaar seals him inside of a rock cocoon.

Hiro accepts his fate...

K’ai is so close to the Earth that there is only seconds to react when Bruce notices.  They release a blast that turns K’ai off of it’s course and it narrowly misses the Earth.  As Banner looks to Hiro again, looking to get him home, the Worldmind tells him that he will stay on K’ai – to try and heal the planet again.  The stoneship takes the Hulk family back to Earth.  On the way back Betty rushes to Hulk to congratulate him on saving everyone.  Hulk looks back and says “Everyone?” and lashes out at Betty, screaming in her face.  She Hulk tries to console her – but Betty Hulks out and says “Some people are meant to be alone.”

Hulk - are you really still whining?

This is a touching way to end the storyline.  Bruce and his “family” wins – but not really as Bruce had to leave his other son behind.  The arc resonates with classic Hulk tales and you have the sweet with the sour – the only real lacking thing is – well, Hiro.  Hiro was such an uninteresting character.  We saw him help destroy world after world and learn about his father and even enslave an entire planet to carry out his plans of destruction – yet it still was hard to connect with him.  I wanted to hate the character – but all I was left with was boredom.  Like I said – it ended almost perfectly – I just could have cared less about Hiro.  Grade: B-

The Incredible Hulks #614 (2010) – The Review

Incredible Hulks #614

This is one of those issues that needs to be done – but before anything really good actually happens.  In reality, a lot happens in this issue – even if it doesn’t seem that way.  I mean, you’ve got the people of Earth trying to stop the planet of K’ai from coming – mainly with missiles – and Hiro giving a metaphoric roll of the eyes by ripping chunks of rock off the surface of the planet and throwing them at the bombs. 

The Hulk... using the old noggin'

Meanwhile Hulk is busy ripping apart all of the crafts ready to launch into space after Hiro and Co.  Valkyrie, War Mchine, Ant Man, Nova, Beast and the artist formerly known as Captain America are all trying to stop him.  Even when they do – it’s because Hulk let them – and then the Hulk releases his secret weapons… his Hulk Get-Along-Gang.  Everyone attacks – but before they can do too much damage they are threatened with being blasted into The negative zone.  The Hulk lets Banner come out to talk to Steve.

Let the Brawl Begin!

Bruce lets him know that Hiro is the reason K’ai is hurtling toward Earth – and Hiro is his son.  This whole time Skaar is using his Old Power to reactivate the Sakaarian Space craft.  The Hulk group jump onto the ship to meet up with Hiro – the rest of the heroes wait for Steve’s command to blast them into The negative zone – but it doesn’t come.  Steve admits that the Hulks are running the show now…

The Family sets out to greet the long lost son...

The art is a bit stale in this issue – maybe we’ve been getting spoiled with the fantastic art before – but this issue just doesn’t live up to past issues.  There is a small back story contained in this issue that explains why Bruce has let Skaar tag along on what’s going to be a very dangerous mission to stop Hiro – it’s fine but doesn’t add much to the ultimate story going on.  I mean we all know Skaar has the Old Power ability and that he’s pretty ruthless when let loose – so, like I said – this issue is meant as a set up to the whooping to come – and I still can’t wait!  Grade: B-

#614 Variant - not sure why the Red Hulk is on the cover...

The Incredible Hulks #613 (2010) – The Review

Incredible Hulk #613

So, we’re going to have to do a little catch up here.  I was planning a huge review on the life of Hiro-Kala, Hulk’s other son, but with this new storyline, I may have to do it a lot sooner than I thought.  See, really quick here, Hiro is Skaar’s twin brother.  He witnessed everything that happened on Sakaar – he witnessed the great devourer, Galactus, destroy his home.  And in one of the coolest twists – he then lured Galactus to another world for him to devour – except this time he poisoned the big G.  It was quite the moment.  Anyways, Hiro then set out to find his brother – but landed on K’ai – Jarella’s world.  Hiro saved the planet – with the assistance of the Worldmind – a mystical force on the planet.  But Worldmind also sees Hiro’s true intent and he tries, unsuccessfully, to help Hiro see the error of his ways.  Instead Hiro enslaves the whole planet and heads to Earth to confront his brother and long lost father…

Hiro is a bad... BAD man

Whew!  Now, we join the Hulk gang where we last left them.  With Hulk and Betty fighting it out.  But Skaar suddenly feels the presence of his brother.  Hank, Reed, Stark and Cho all are alerted to a new planet in our solar system.  Betty continues to press Bruce’s buttons in telling him that his son is the biggest Monster on the planet – the Hulk comes back with – “No, I am.”

The Brothers back together soon...

In the midst of the fight former Cap and Cho show up with a rocket.  They ask the Hulk to take the lead and to get in the rocket and check out the new planet, that the Hulk happens to know very well, that has appeared in our solar system.  In one of the best scenes ever in a Hulk comic, the Hulk considers the opportunity.  “You want me to get into a shuttle.  So you can shoot me into space.”

Cap and Cho - trying to talk Hulk into another shuttle...

Cho tries to explain that it’s legit – but the Hulk looks to Skaar – and Skaar pleads for his father not to do it with a simple “no”.  The Hulk destroys the shuttle.  Rick asks why they didn’t help Cap – and Betty says to ask Skaar.  Meekly Skaar tells his father why the planet appeared – and who is on it.  The Hulk slams his fist on the ground.  “ANOTHER Son…” but Skaar corrects him “No… another monster.”

Another Monster... on the way...

Holy Hell!  Could this get anymore exciting?  This is what reading comics is all about!  Pak really shows you what the build up of Planet Hulk, Skaar and Hiro, everything was all for!  He’s even taken the horrid writing of Loeb’s Red Hulk opus and made it work!  Thank you Pak – you have me riveted!  Grade: A