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Hulk Stamp Postcards (2007)

Hulk Mask 009

Hulk Stamp Postcard

I love the images chosen for the 2007 Super Hero stamps… and it was pretty amazing luck when I happened into the post office 2 years ago to see the stamps – I didn’t even know they were releasing them! I just happen to be in the post office that day – and there they were!  Well, this is almost the same thing – I walked into Outer Limits – and that guy has some really cool items – but man, his prices are hard to swallow at times – but I did see these postcards in the spinner and picked them up.  Pretty short and story I know – but what do you want – I just finished with work and I’m tired!

Hulk Mask 008

Hulk Stamp Postcard #2

Super Heroes Postage Stamps (2007)

Hulk Stamps

What a nice surprise, when I walked into the post office earlier this month, to see new stamps featuring my favorite super hero!  Although, he’s not really a hero is he?  He sure is super though!  The stamps feature a Hulk illustration by Rich Buckler and John Romita – and also a cover from Incredible Hulk #1.  On the back of the stamps there is a quick summary of the origin.  Pretty nice surprise for such a dreary task!