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No matter what you think happened in the early days of Marvel one thing is certain.  With out Stan Lee being the face of Marvel the heroes we love so much would not be the household names they are today.  The Man hustled and bustled for the company he loves so much.  We will never know what actually occurred or how much the artist contributed and just how much Stan’s writing credits maybe we’re embellished – all we will know for sure is that Stan Lee helped, to some extent, create the Marvel Universe and for that I will be forever grateful!  The article does bring up some interesting points.  Good read all around.  Take the time to delve in and let me know what you think!

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Stan Lee’s “Hulk of Many Colors” (2009) – The Review

Stan Lee... the man who gave us the Hulk... and Ravage 2099

Stan Lee... the man who gave us the Hulk... and Ravage 2099

Stan Lee really should have just politely declined being part of Hulk #600.  This story is a quick secondary story after the waste of space that is Loeb’s story.  I understand it’s a throw away, gag – but really, why waste time and energy on this ridiculousness.  Alright, very short and sweet – Hulk and Crimson Idiot are fighting – WendiHulk comes in for absolutely no reason I can see – and Galactus shows up.  The people ask him to kill Red to save the Hulk… Galactus asks which is which.  They say that Hulk is green ,Red Hulk is Red – Galactus counters with “Sorry, I can’t help you.  I’m color blind.” 

Oh yeah... he revived the WendiHulk - thought we were past this atrocity

Oh yeah... he revived the WendiHulk - thought we were past this atrocity

It’s better if you follow this story with a rim shot.

The Hulks... in a weird sexual position...

The Hulks... in a weird sexual position...

I should also add that Hulk: Gray #1 is included in this issue – but it seems more like a promotion for the Hardcover rather than a way to reward fans with a key issue from Hulk history.  I mean, really, Hulk: Gray was… good – but that’s it.  It was marginally good at that.  You couldn’t tell if this was supposed to take place in current continuity or not – because Loeb wrote Iron Man into this story – but as you’ll remember – the first time IM and the Hulk met was in Avengers #1 – so it looks as though Loeb didn’t bother to do any research… big surprise.  Anyways – the addition of Hulk: Gray gets and F in my book – like I said – how about rewarding Hulk fans for once Marvel?

Incredible Hulk #2 (1962)


I’m getting closer to owning every comic- and this was definitely a big score!  A mint copy of Incredible Hulk #2 (minus the mint).  This amazing piece of History has the first ever green Hulk!  Not to mention Hulk fighting the Toad Men.  See what goes down in this comic on the FIRST 6 page.  I will soon house the most valuable Hulk comics I have in a frame so that I may display them and stare at them all day.  That wil be great!  No job, no life, just all day staring at my Hulk collection…

Okay, that may have gone over the line a bit…

Incredible Hulk #6 (1963)


Just look at that cover!  I know, the comic is in terrible shape, but it’s freakin’ Incredible Hulk #6!  At a time when artists and writers didn’t even put their names on the cover!  Little did they know then that they would become legends.  Kirby’s style created the look and excitement to almost every flagship character for Marvel.  Stan Lee wrote stories that could grip the minds of young children all over the country.  And let’s not forget Steve Ditko (who penciled this issue) who was essential in bringing Kirby’s pencil’s to the forefront.  Is the language a little hokey now?  Sure, but who cares!  The Incredible Hulk character was already 14 when I was born and had already lived through cancellation, re-coloring, and reclaiming his own title again! 

 Every issue of the original first 6 had a new exciting change to the Hulk persona.  In this issue, you meet the Metal Master and  you also see the Teen Brigade which teen Rick Jones founded, and Bruce Banner and Betty Ross’ tumultuous relationship has it’s first big hurdle – Thunderbolt Ross finding out! 

Any Hulk fan should try to get any of the first 6 issues.  They are as important as they are works of art and amazing to see in person.  My copies aren’t the best – but it is all I can afford right now and I’m just excited to get any of them at all!  And the older they get the more expensive they will be.  These are rare, and I don’t mean “rare” like retailers mean it today, saying something’s rare just to try to sell a book, I mean, these books didn’t have a big initial printing in the first place so getting any copy now is hard – unless you have the cash.

The Incredible Hulk (1978)

Hulk Book

This book reprints some of the older Hulk Books.  I can’t tell which ones exactly but the Leader’s first appearance is in here and Hulk’s origin, although the Hulk has been re-colored to green rather than his initial grey.  No wonder why so many non-Hulk fans are confused when they see a grey Hulk.  The response is always the same – “I thought the Hulk was green.”  Then you have to explain it to them (and secretly feel sorry for them).  Such a hassle.  And it’s books like these that are responsible!

Both a Introduction and Epilogue by Stan Lee are included.

Incredible Hulk #120 (1969)



This is one of my favorite covers.  Mostly because of the guy in the front yelling “Kill him!”  Then he clarifies “Kill the Hulk!”  Like one of the soldiers was thinking “Who did he mean?  Kill him?  Who him?  I need direction here!”  It actually doesn’t even look like he’s pointing at the Hulk.  It looks like he’s pointing at the guy with the Gatling gun.

The story is with Maximus and the Inhumans and of course, General Ross.  Stan Lee wrote this cool issue, but for me, it’s all about the indecipherable cover.

Hulk Books (1966)(1978) Hulk Bookmark (1986)

Hulk Books 

These books are really old.  The first is from 1966 and has black and white copies of the first few comics.  It was thought that comics might have a better image in book form – small enough to carry around in your pocket.  But does the top text help?  Saying “…the new, groovy SUPER HEROES WITH SUPER PROBLEMS!”  Did you say super problems?!  I’m hooked already!  I can’t wait to read!

The next book, from ’78, has comics in color.  But my favorite piece here, by far, is the bookmark from ’86 that says “Return Your Books Or Else!”  Just like the 80’s to use the threat of violence to get you to do things.  Man what a great time.