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Stretch Hulk (2003)

Hulk Stuff again 021

Stretch Hulk 2003

Let’s talk about old stretchy here – you are all well aware of the Mego Stretch and Deny Fisher Stretches from the 70’s – but some noodnick has made up an entirely ridiculous price frame for those – so until they come down in price I will settle for this bad boy from the 2003 movie. Who doesn’t love a toy that you can stretch their arms out? But while the older version of stretch toys were filled with a corn syrup type mixture these new stretches are filled with what feels like tiny, plastic balls.

Hulk Stuff again 022

Hulk's angry look

And take a look at the mug on this bastard! I mean bastard in a good way, by the way, like George Costanza meant it. And here’s the best part – I was able to get this guy in a lot of figures – so divided equally – I probably paid about $4.  The shirt has one button that snaps together and can break open – and I think he makes noise – this figure doesn’t at the moment because I think the battery is dead – but there’s a little button on his right thigh that I can only imagine is there to make the noise…

Hulk Stuff again 024

The Mysterious Hulk Thigh Button

I will say that some of the 2003 aren’t my favorite – but this figure is the exception because it’s really well done.  The top half, in all it’s squishy glory, is in complete contrast to it’s hard, plastic bottom – but it does make it easier to stand and display. 

Hulk Stuff again 023

Hulk need new shirt... yup, he does!

Well, well, well… buy these – or a house

It looks like the biggest collection of Stretches is up for sale.  Not sure why – but I will love to see how much this actually goes for.  The auction keeps stating how RARE each item is and also let’s you know how much he’s been offered for a few of these.  Keep in mind – none of the Hulk stretches that I posted sold for what they are “estimated” to be worth.  ONE sold for a ridiculous amount – but the others got no where NEAR the amount they said they would.  I say estimated because the “worth” of these items are made up.  They’re actually worth what people will pay for them – so he says “I was offered $10,000 for a stretch Hulk” – well, one nut willing to blow $10,000 on a toy doesn’t mean there are others this crazy…

He Hates To Sell It…

What has it been?  A whole month since we saw one of these?  Now there are 2! Right now the sale price is at $2,400 on one and $2,000 on the other – but they both still have a good amount of time left.  The top one states that Tony told him it’s worth $8,700.  If this goes for $8,700 then I will literally run down the street naked and post the pictures here.  That’s how confident I am that one of these will not sell for that much – especially on ebay.  The other has been told $7,000.  Leave a comment guessing on how much you think they will actually sell for – let’s see who gets the closest!

UPDATE: So, I woke up this morning to find that both of these auctions are now less!  The top is going for $1,000 and the other $1,800.  I think what happened is that a new ebayer with a 0 feedback bid – and for a high price item like this it’s too risky to let someone with no track record win an auction.  No one wants to be stiffed.

UPDATE 2: Well, the top auction ended at a still impressive $2,658.88.  So either you readers out there don’t want to see me naked or these things aren’t worth as much as some want you to believe…  If the prices hover around this amount – then that’s what they’re worth – not $8,700.  We’ll see what happens with the second auction.

I’m Officially Calling Foul!


That’s it!  I refuse to believe that these are that hard to come by!  If anything, this blog has proven that these toys are being sold like hotcakes! – actually not hot cakes cause no one is buying them…

I think one sold for $780 – and then some fool paid $5,000 for another – but every other one hasn’t sold!  They keep saying – acording to the Stretch King, Tony, there is only 9 in existence – well, I think someone needs to take another count!  The same 9 people keep trying to sell theirs?  Foul!  Foul I say!

UPDATE:  Finally this little guy DID sell – not for the crazy amount to which he was asking for – but a decent amount of cash – $2,700.00 to be exact!

Guess Who’s Back… Back Again…


Are you getting sick of seeing this little guy – I kind of am – and I don’t even own one!  Yet…

This little guy may look familiar though… it was up for auction before for $6,000.00 but was taken down after only a few days.  I reported on it back on Feb. 7th.  Well it’s back up for auction, this time for a generous $3499.95!  Wait… .95?  Yes, .95!  Whew – cause that 4 cents would have put it over the limit for me!

UPDATE: No one bought this… one offer was declined – I can only imagine what it was

Here we go again…

I’m beginning to feel as though the “Stretch Hulk” isn’t as hard to come by as some people would like you to think… because since I have started this blog – in September! – I have seen at least 4 of these go up for sale.  If it is that rare then this must be some kind of phenomenon.  This auction has a Buy It Now for $4,800.00.  I very muted starting price of $699.99.  I will keep you updated – but the other Stretch Hulk that I reported on still hasn’t sold.  Maybe I’m a little jaded on this piece because I was led to believe that these are impossible to come by – but as this blog shows – I don’t really think that that is the case.

UPDATE: The bidding went up to $2,001.00 but did not reach the reserve price so it did not sell.  Yes, you are reading this right – it didn’t sell for $2000!  What a crazy world.

UPDATE: THE SEQUEL: So, this little guy is now up for auction again.  Only this time the BIN is reduced to $3500.00.  Gee, what a steal!  Click the image for the link.

UPDATE: HI-YA!: It did not reach the reserve price yet again – but only one bidder even tried for it at $699.00 – looks like people may be listening to me after all!

You can buy a car… or this!


It’s like an epidemic!  But just watch – by the time I can afford one they will all be gone.  tucked away in private collections.  Who comes up with the prices on these things anyways?  $6,000.00 can buy alot of hot-dogs.  Or peanutbutter.  You could either remodel your kitchen or buy this stretch figure.

The more I see them, selling for outrageous prices like these, the more I think that no one should buy them.  People buy them for these prices and it will only get worse.  But if you can afford it – then I guess you should go for it.

No one has bought the other one yet… but as always, I will keep you posted.

UPDATE: So, this auction ended before it even started.  No one bid – no one won it.  The seller, for some reason ended the auction early.  Maybe his conscience got to him.