Stuffed Hulk (2003)

Sorry – this should have been posted earlier but Lost was on last night.  I love that show.  So, here’s  a quick item for Thursday – one of the sorriest looking stuffed Hulks ever!  It’s disturbing how strange looking he is.  He’s puffy – with Richard Grieco spiky hair and a creepy molester smile.  Man,Continue reading “Stuffed Hulk (2003)”

Deformed Hulk (2008)

Thought I would show you a little something fun here – especially after that harsh review of Hulk #5 – but I got this little guy yesterday.  There’s something sweet about this little retarded Hulk.  He looks like one of those flipper babies.  I love the real hair and the huge stuffed muscles!  I thinkContinue reading “Deformed Hulk (2008)”