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Superhero Adventures Masters of Ka-Pow Hulk (2014)

hulk wwwww 042

I miss the Superhero Squad cartoon – it was silly but perfect!  The opening sequence blew away anything that ever happened on Hulk and the Agents of SMASH.  Now that the cartoon seems to be put into pasture the figure line is pretty much defunct – so now we are given more of the Superhero Adventure figures.  Earlier I showed off the Hulk/Abomination set that I gushed over the fact that they bothered putting Hulk’s best villain in anything.  This little figure just has a switch-flipping hand that shows the Hulk’s fist – and then the Hulk crushing a car in his hand.

hulk wwwww 043

I am unsure of where this might take place in any child’s play.  I can only imagine a scene where you have the Hulk vs Abomination battle and they realize they need more space to fight.  The Hulk says:

“Hold on, let me just clear this traffic jam (that we caused) by destroying people’s motive transportation.”

“Wait, Hulk?  Was there anyone in there?”

“Ohhhhh… crap.  I forgot to check…”

End scene.  You’re welcome.

hulk wwwww 041

Acquisition Monday!

variant 003

I have a whole bunch of great Hulky goodness – so much that I haven’t posted – I have to play some catch up!  Here is the new Superhero Squad Hulk Plush (2013, $9.99) that says a whole lot of catch phrases.  He says “Hulk Smash!” of course… he also screams and then says “Superhero Squad… to the rescue!”  It’s worth a pick up just to try and scare your dog or cat with it!

variant 004

Avengers Attack Super Hero Squad (2011)

Avengers Attack

The Positive: They have released a couple of these multi-figure SHS packs.  The other HAS  a Hulk in it – but it’s the same Hulk they have now released at least 5 times.  I have made a stand and refuse to pick it up – mainly because they JUST released it in the Thor 3-Pack a month ago.  This pack here has two things going for it – a re-painted Leader AND a first ever Red She Hulk.

Red She Hulk SHS

The Negative: So, here’s the rub.  The original Leader had an Orange/Yellow evil jumpsuit – and they repainted the gloves, boots, belt to silver.  And that’s it.  I would have loved to see a McFarlane inspired Leader instead of a simple re-paint.

Leader Re-paint

The Conclusion: This is a great way to pick up quite a few SHS figures for less than buying those 2-packs.  This pack also delivers the black suit Spidey (which is way cooler than the regular suit, IMO) and a great Cap not to mention Crossbones.  This 7 pack is worth the pick up!  Grade: B

Original Leader Paint Job

Superhero Squad Red Hulk and Iron Man (2011)

Iron Man And Red SHS

I knew it would happen – I think we all did.  I even know there is a Red She Hulk figure to be released.  Of course, a Red Hulk figure was easier to make as they have a thousand Hulk molds to choose from.  So, why then, did they choose THIS one?  This is my least favorite SHS Hulk.  It makes the Hulk look like Quasimodo.  An even MORE deformed Quasimodo.  So… maybe it’s perfect that this figure was used for the Red Hulk!

Super Hero Squad Asgardian Smash 3-Pack (2011)

Thor / Hulk / Odin 3-Pack

The new Thor toys are making their way into toy stores these days.  Of course the Hulk is not going to show up too many times in anything to do with the Thor movie – but they did make this 3-pack with Thor, Hulk and Odin (Hehe – let’s thank goodness they didn’t decide to put Zeus in this 3-pack!… I know, I know – not the same mythology) but the thing that really burns me is that they used the Hulk figure they just released!  The SHS figures are released and re-released over and over again – but this figure really only looks good in one stance… and they could have SOMETHING different!  Man, that burns me!  But, yeah – this is out now…

You look familar...

Hey Hey! It's Odin!

McDonald’s Hulk (2010)

Superhero Squad Hulk

Let me start off by saying that this Hulk is a HUGE improvement over the last one.  But I do have an issue… why couldn’t they cover the back of his arms?  Like I said though – this is one sweet little figure!  There is a small button on the back that makes his arms close in – and incidentally it makes my daughter laugh when it happens! 

Now turn!

Other side... note the back of the arms...

I do not eat McDonald’s but I was told that you can buy the figure seperately from having to buy the meal.  I guess that depends on what restaurant you visit though because while one place let me – another McD’s did not.  Thay said I HAD to buy the Kid’s Meal in order to get the toy.  Whatever Ronald!  You’re just a clown with a purple blob as a best friend!

The 2 McDonald's Hulk toys

Abomination & Thor Superhero Squad (2010)

Abomination and Thor SHS

Abomination in Package

I just picked this up yesterday!  I was pretty psyched to snag this because I wasn’t even aware it was out yet!  I have been waiting for a classic Abomination SHS figure since the FIRST Hulk came out.  We now have something like 7 different Hulks – one Leader, a Zzaxx – but no Abomination to speak of… until NOW!  I love how big he is *that’s what she said* and think that this figure certainly is in scale with the whole line.  To pair the Abomination with Thor is pretty perfect – since it reminds me of one of my favorite Thor covers ever:

Thor #178 - The Abomination takes on a God!

 I hope they make another version with Abomination broken face – that would rock!  I don’t actually think it will happen – but how awesome would that be?  But what would be better – Abomination with the broken face when they fought in TIH #25 or Abomination with the melted face from when Hulk threw acid on him in TIH #364?  I want the broken face – cause I enjoyed that issue a whole lot more!

Hulk vs one of his best enemies!

Another day another Hulk

The Leader and the Abomination... oh the horror!