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Marvel Legends Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man, Thanos and Dr Strange 3 Pack (2018)

new hulk 005 (2)

I certainly wanted to snag this 3 pack for one reason.  The new Thanos head sculpt.  I have every ML Thanos that was released starting with the BAF from the original Avengers movie and I didn’t want this one to slip through my fingers.  I will say, there was one humongous hurdle to leap: the price.  These Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary figures, filled with mostly re-paints and re-issues, are priced pretty outrageously.  the single figures are $25 while the 2 packs are topping out at $50.  The 3 packs, obviously, were hitting $75 so I didn’t think grabbing this new Thanos was going to work out.

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That is until a fateful trip to Target one day, a trip with the whole family in tow, I stumbled across this 3 pack in the clearance section.  For half off!  It was $34!  I looked and looked and could not see anything different, anything wrong at all with it! A random chance at finding a super expensive 3 pack that I desperately wanted clearance out?  It was fate, I tell ya!

new hulk 007 (3)

new hulk 007 (4)

While the Iron Man and Cumberbatch Strange are kind of cool they really aren’t the reason to pick this up.  The BAF Thanos that came with the series, as nice as it was, was not impressive with the oddly stoic head sculpt that came along with it.  This new Thanos has a clenched teeth, angry sculpted head that absolutely freakin’ rocks!

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The accessories that adorn the figures in this 3 pack are thankfully appropriate but expected.  The Strange spells, extra hands, Iron Man blasts and open handed Infinity Gauntlet that accompanies the figures don’t exactly make it worth the retail price tag – but since I found it for a song I was all too happy to snatch this up!

new hulk 007 (2)

Marvel Legends MCU 10th Anniversary Hulk vs Hulkbuster (2018)

IMG_1385 (2)

The day I heard this set was going to be released I knew I was going to set out to get one!  Unfortunately, the price point on, not just this set, but the entire line has been severely overvalued!  I will get into that in a minute – but first, let’s get into this sets positives!  First, we have to recognize the fact that the original Hulkbuster BAF, as great and bulky as it is, didn’t boast the most impressive paints.  Has the new set improved on that?  Well, sort of…

IMG_1392 (2)

Truth is, the biggest gripe came from the flat “golden” color they used ion the original.  The new, repainted Hulkbuster does provide a shinier, more golden color.  That and a deeper, less cherry, color red.  Overall, the new repaint looks much better!

IMG_1388 (2)

The Hulk has a new head sculpt and repainted a paler, more olive green.  The possessed, red eyes and screaming mouth are a nice touch and they at least give us repainted pants!  The Hulk is easily the biggest reason on why I bothered getting this set.  I have every ML Hulk ever made – I just couldn’t see letting this one get away!

IMG_1387 (2)

IMG_1389 (2)

As I mentioned above, the price point on this set is the biggest issue.  Someone, somewhere has seriously misestimated just how much people were willing to shell out for these figures.  Most are repaints, let’s just start with that fact, and the fact that they are $5-$15 more than the originals makes it look like a greedy cash grab both by Hasbro and Target.  This set is a whopping $70.  That’s $35 a figure!  With all the single figures in this line fetching a $25 price tag let’s say the Hulk should be about that – well that’s $45 for the Hulkbuster!  Either way, it’s not worth the price tag.  Sure, I paid it – but I’m a known idiot when it comes to the Hulk!

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Target Hulk Finds (2017)

IMG_0968 (2)

The little cheap section at Target can sometimes bear some really cool little nuggets of Hulky goodness!  Granted most of the time you’ll find generic Marvel products with group shots of heroes – which totally doesn’t count! – but every once in a while you get lucky and find something Hulk that is unique enough to pick up and enjoy!  These little finger flingers are eye-poking accidents waiting to happen – but at least you can blind someone in style!  The other find is a “Wall Tumbler” which I think is just a fancy way of saying “falling with style”.

IMG_0967 (2)

Target Exclusive X-Large Gladiator Hulk (2017)

IMG_0902 (2)

I have been extremely impressed with Target when it comes to exclusives this past year.  I am also extremely impressed with my wife who found this humongous and impressive beast! She regaled a story of how she called every Target in the area until she found this big guy in stock.  She packed up my stuffy little son – who was staying home from preschool that day – and drove about an hour away to snag this monster!  She wrapped it up and stashed it under the Christmas tree.

IMG_0905 (2)

IMG_0906 (2)

The crazy part is yet to come though… I told Olivia that I had heard many times that these huge Pop figures are arriving to Target with busted hammers.  If she were to come across a broken hammer Pop to snag it anyways and I will gladly glue the hell out of it.  She then drove the hour commute BACK to the Target the following day and found one with a broken hammer.  She was able to get it for a discounted price and when I arrived home that day she surprised me with it!

IMG_0991 (2)

IMG_0992 (2)

These Pops are absolutely stunning and the perfect character to release in the over-sized ________.  Target released a 10″ Groot before this which was very cool and regularly sells for twice the retail.  I feel like the Hulk could possibly appreciate in the years to come – especially since there are quite a few showing up to the stores damaged.  If you’re a savvy shopper these guys should still be in the stores – but desperate people can find them on the bay just be prepared to pay $40-$60.

IMG_0904 (2)

So needless to say, my wife won major points this Christmas.  Not only did she find me a couple of 10″ Hulks (that sounds a little dirty) but she went the extra mile to get them.  Collecting all the Hulks from Thor: Ragnarok seemed a little daunting when everything was announced but ultimately I had fun tracking all the great stuff this time around.

IMG_0987 (2)

Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Ultron/Hulk/ Vision 3-Pack (2015)

wow - ton of pics 129

I enjoy when Harbro releases these 3 packs.  The Agents of SHIELD one from TRU is pretty fun, even though I didn’t pick it up, I thought it still looked great!  It not really being Hulk related I decided against it.  I do have quite a few collectibles that are not Hulk… and even some non-Hulk related – but those are few and far between.  Target themselves seem to carry some of the more enjoyable 3-packs.  I remember the first one I saw was the Cap, Ms Marvel and Radioactive Man boxed set – and while I thought the figures were really very decent I didn’t have a desire to own it.  Radioactive Man was the real unique figure and since he was more of a Thor villain I didn’t see the need to buy one.

wow - ton of pics 130

This 3-pack is just hitting the shelves here on the East Coast and it boasts an Ulton, White Vision and a new Hulk.  Really, it’s just the head mold of the Hulk that’s new… that and maybe the hands (which don’t look all that great) but the body is obviously a re-use of the latest Marvel Legends Hulk.

wow - ton of pics 132

The head has a close shaved cut reminiscent of Waid’s Indestructible Hulk.  The better part of this figure is the re-paint showcasing the classic purple pants.  I never collected all of the pieces to create the BAF Ultron from the AoU Marvel Legends line but this figure is well done.  It does seem as though Ultron may have an odd acne problem with boils adorning his upper chest, thighs, shoulders and calves.  The Vision figure, I’m guessing, is supposed to be a phasing variant but it just looks white.

wow - ton of pics 133 - Copy wow - ton of pics 133 - Copy (2)

Overall, the Hulk figure is really cool looking – and right now Target has this 3-pack discounted on their site for $30.  If you mention this at any Target they will honor the price and you will avoid the regular $50 price tag.  Happy Hunting friends!  Let me know what you guys think of this figure.

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Knowing the Right People Saturday!

Target Promo Hulk

Target Promo Hulk

Sometimes it’s best to know the right people at the right time! Department and Chain stores have been instructed by the toy companies and their direct supervisors NOT to give the promotional material out to anyone.  It is to be thrown away ONLY!  This is, of course, because too many people were taking these things and immediately posting them on ebay for ridiculous amounts of money – or they would give it to a friend who would do the same.  Collectors hardly had a chance at them at

christmas '13 033 christmas '13 031  

But, yours truly has a few trusted friends who know about my obsession and are always happy to help me out when they can!  I was able to obtain the Target Hulk from a great guy who had to pull a few tricks to get it to me!  I will not give anymore information out other than to thank said friend again.  And the Toys R Us Hulk was given to me by a different friend with a strict promise to never sell it.  Funny enough – I noticed that each of the promo pieces, even though they are different, have the same face!

Toys R Us Hulk

Toys R Us Hulk

Target Exclusive Gamma Glow Hulk with Tear Away Shirt (2008)

Target Exclusive Hulk Figure

Target Exclusive Hulk Figure

Toyjesus, a regular visitor to this site and one of the people who keeps me in the know about what to be looking for, told me about this exclusive.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have found out about it because you can’t find it anywhere on the net.  The figure itself is practically the same as EVERY figure they released but he has a cloth shirt.  Every figure looks better with a real cloth shirt!  This figure is painted in a lighter shade of green than the other movie figures and the figure glows in the dark!  Glow in the dark stuff always brings me back to my childhood!  The tear away shirt is a real nice touch – but to me it makes him look like a green male stripper – just like all of the movie figures you have to make sure you look at the figure your buying so that you don’t get a dud.  This was the best one on the pegs.  Also, many of the Targets still don’t have this bad boy – I had to travel to Canton for work and was lucky enough to see a Target that had just opened.  I had my hopes up and wasn’t let down when I went into the toy aisle!  Keep your eye out for these!

Close Up of Figure

Close Up of Figure

*Quick note: the pre-order for the SS Hulk vs. Surfer dio goes up in about an hour!