Hulk Room Saturday!

I was lucky enough to get one – ONE – detolf before IKEA took them out of their inventory – and then put them back on at a slightly higher price.  I was given this as a present for my birthday from my sister.  Still one of the best gifts ever!  I figured I wouldContinue reading “Hulk Room Saturday!”

Marvel Select Abomination (2010)

Alright, I’m taking a break from all the cards for a bit so that I can review some of the other Hulk stuff!  I know some of you are probably psyched about this – but I started the card reviews and darn it –  am going to finish them!  But first on to this figure! Continue reading “Marvel Select Abomination (2010)”

A Week of the Abomination – TIH Annual #15

Alright, while I work on the reviews for the comics came out today – I give you one of the baddest covers to rock a Hulk annual! The Hulk and Abomination have had some killer fights over the years – and I know he’s dead right now, shot by the Red Hulk, but I hopeContinue reading “A Week of the Abomination – TIH Annual #15”

A Week of the Abomination – Marvel Super Heroes Summer Special: X-Men

This issue – from way back in 1991 – has an image of Abomination that reminds me a lot of the Bowen bust.  But let’s face it – the X-Men have a hard enough time taking down the Hulk – the Abomination is a perfect villain for the X-Men.  Isn’t Speedball another name for crack? Continue reading “A Week of the Abomination – Marvel Super Heroes Summer Special: X-Men”

A Week of Abomination – Incredible Hulk Annual #20

You know what’s so great about the Abomination?  That he’s not totally evil – and that is what makes a great villain – they may do evil things – but they can explain it in a way that makes it… almost okay… ALMOST.  In this annual – which the Hulk doesn’t really appear in –Continue reading “A Week of Abomination – Incredible Hulk Annual #20”

The Silver Surfer #12 (1970) – The Review

Last week I had fun showcasing a week’s worth of art that I hadn’t shown – believe it or not there’s still a few more pieces – but this week I decided to showcase a few of the rarer comics I have have that feature the Hulk, or – in this case –  the Hulk’sContinue reading “The Silver Surfer #12 (1970) – The Review”