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Hulk Classics Absorbing Man + Variant (2003)

gammapup 009 gammapup 007

Another quick look at the bounty that had befallen me this past weekend – Mike made me aware that there were actually two versions of the Absorbing Man figure from the Hulk Classics line.  I wasn’t aware of this before – the US version had a bulky Hulk arm while the European version her a skinny Hulk arm.  Both versions are pretty similar – except for the Hulk arm and the top of the package where the peg holder is.  The L shaped US version is drastically different from the oval with a bubble style that the European version has – but either way it seems the US version is a little rare and a little more sought after.

gammapup 008

It makes more sense, to me, that the Hulk arm would be bulky rather than skinny so in essence it makes total sense that the large arm variant is more coveted.  Of all the Absorbing Man figures released this one doesn’t have the bulk that the ’96 version has – but I do prefer this one to the Marvel Legends version.  He sort of has a Vulture vibe to him but I think that works in his favor.  It’s truly a fantastic and creepy looking figure.  If you haven’t been able to track one down yet even having an open version of this guy is worth it!  I love these figures – and still think this Hulk line tops any other.

gammapup 010

The Absorbing Man (2011)

Absorbing Man

I finally scored one – this surprised me – how hard it was to track this figure down.  I was able to get the variant at my LCS and it is a good thing I did because I never even saw the variant on the shelves of Target and TRU in my town.  But true to form after I found the regular at another LCS, and paid a premium, not even two days later I saw these figures at my local TRU.  That’s okay, I was more than happy just to finally bring this figure home.

A great sculpt!

I am even more excited because we now have the whole transformation of the Absorbing Man – we had the half transformation Absorbing Man that came in the 2-pack with Dr. Doom before.  Now all that there is left to do is to try to track down multiples so I can open them up!

Both versions

MU Absorbing Man (2011)

Marvel Universe Absorbing Man

I have a few more MU to show off – when I get a chance to actually take a photo of them and post – but one interesting thing I noticed is that when they have announced a variant for a figure – like when they showed a clear variant for the Dr Strange figure – the variant is the first to show up in stores and the regular comes out later.  The other thing I noticed is that once the regular is released – good luck finding the variant in a store again!  Well, this rings true for this figure too – Absorbing Man!  The variant, which is a fully absorbed figure, is out now.  I’ve had it for a few weeks – but I still have not seen the regular out there yet.  I am not worried, as I know it will pop up eventually, but I was waiting to see if I could post them together!  Anyways, the variant is great – because, along with the figure that the Secret Wars 2-packs gave us, we can have ALL of the stages of the Absorbing Man – regular – mid-transforming – fully transformed!  Anyone else out there able to snag this – or the regular – yet?

Close Up!

Dr Doom / Absorbing Man Secret Wars 2-Pack (2010)

Doom, Absorbing Man, Wasp 3-Pack?

I told you before that these 2-packs were done right by Marvel.  You get 2 figures – really well done figures – AND a comic to go with it?  All for $12.99.  Yes, thank you!  Now, I know Hulk really has nothing to do with this package – but let’s look at it this way – in every Hulk line of toys they have had an Absorbing Man.  The Absorbing Man was in the 2003 Hulk movie.  Hulk has sort of adopted this great character – so in turn – I have added this to my Hulk collection.  Not to mention that he comes with one of the best Marvel villains ever – Dr. Doom!  So, how can you say no to this?

The Sculpts are pretty damn nice on these!

Not to mention – it comes with a third figure – a teeny tiny Wasp.  Although, a lack of a face is a little disturbing!

Wasp... without a face

Absorbing Man Lead Figure (2008)

Absorbing Man Lead Figure

Absorbing Man Lead Figure

I’ve been playing a little catch up with all of the Hulk villains released, Creel here included.  One of my favorite things about the Absorbing Man items is that they use a real chain for the ball and chain.  It’s those little bits of realism that make a piece for me.  Creel is always a fun character to read – in fact as I’m re-reading the Secret Wars right now Creel is one of the big baddies.  I like seeing Hulk take him on – and of course a fight always worth reading is Creel vs. Thor.

Creel vs Banner

Creel vs Banner

As I’ve stated before – The Absorbing Man’s first appearance was in Journey into Mystery – actually right before the bad-ass battle Hulk vs. Thor.  But the best thing about Absorbing Man has to be the great “Ball and Chain” jokes you can make about him.  “Hey, Creel!  Where’s your ball and chain?”  He would be like “Uhhh… it’s right here… with me.  It’s always with me.”  Then you could respond with “Wow!  You take your ball and chain everywhere?  You’re whipped dude!”  And then you run off snickering as Creel stands there with a confused look on his face.

Creel mackin' on Valkyrie!  Hit that!

Creel mackin' on Valkyrie! Hit that!

Marvel’s Handful of Heroes (2009) – Part 2 – The Hulk Foes!

Abomination, Thing and Armageddon

Abomination, Thing and Armageddon

A few of the Hulk villains were also made into these little plastic figures!  Check it out!  Most notably the Abomination is in there – I only got the sparkly (or cosmic) Abomination right now – but there’s also Absorbing Man, Rhino, and Iron Clad.

Iron Man, Absorbing Man, Rhino, Iron Clad

Iron Man, Absorbing Man, Rhino, Iron Clad

They’ve made some heroes – that are also some of Hulk’s foes – like the Thing, Hulkbuster Iron Man, and Wolverine.  There’s also a unique choice – a Hulk villain from out of nowhere – Armageddon.  Remember him?  If not go get issues #413 – #416 to refresh your memory.

A Week of Absorbing Man – Friday (TIH #348)

This is one of my favorite issues with the Hulk against the bald… absorbers.  Creel is the first super powered person to go up against the new and improved Hulk – the man named Fixit.  And Creel learned quickly, no matter what color, the Hulk will beat him!