Hulk Classics Absorbing Man + Variant (2003)

  Another quick look at the bounty that had befallen me this past weekend – Mike made me aware that there were actually two versions of the Absorbing Man figure from the Hulk Classics line.  I wasn’t aware of this before – the US version had a bulky Hulk arm while the European version herContinue reading “Hulk Classics Absorbing Man + Variant (2003)”

Dr Doom / Absorbing Man Secret Wars 2-Pack (2010)

I told you before that these 2-packs were done right by Marvel.  You get 2 figures – really well done figures – AND a comic to go with it?  All for $12.99.  Yes, thank you!  Now, I know Hulk really has nothing to do with this package – but let’s look at it this wayContinue reading “Dr Doom / Absorbing Man Secret Wars 2-Pack (2010)”

Absorbing Man Lead Figure (2008)

I’ve been playing a little catch up with all of the Hulk villains released, Creel here included.  One of my favorite things about the Absorbing Man items is that they use a real chain for the ball and chain.  It’s those little bits of realism that make a piece for me.  Creel is always aContinue reading “Absorbing Man Lead Figure (2008)”

Marvel’s Handful of Heroes (2009) – Part 2 – The Hulk Foes!

A few of the Hulk villains were also made into these little plastic figures!  Check it out!  Most notably the Abomination is in there – I only got the sparkly (or cosmic) Abomination right now – but there’s also Absorbing Man, Rhino, and Iron Clad. They’ve made some heroes – that are also some ofContinue reading “Marvel’s Handful of Heroes (2009) – Part 2 – The Hulk Foes!”

Absorbing Man Bust (2005)

How appropriate to end this week with a Bowen masterpiece of the spotlight character!  I know this is late – I didn’t think I was going to be able to even post tonight.  But this piece was one of the only Hulk’s foes that I was missing from Bowen’s busts –  I never picked itContinue reading “Absorbing Man Bust (2005)”

A Week of Absorbing Man – Thursday (TIH #261)

I just love this cover – I know there are a few issues between #125 and this one – but I freakin’ LOVE the placement of the characters on the cover!  And – maybe some of you can’t recognize the style – but the artist on the cover?  The one and only Frank Miller.  Yes! Continue reading “A Week of Absorbing Man – Thursday (TIH #261)”

A Week of the Absorbing Man – Wednesday (TIH #125)

I actually showed this comic before – almost 2 years ago… have I been posting that long?  Wow.  So the Absorbing Man actually gets the better of the Hulk in this issue.  He absorbs the Hulk’s power and Hulk falls – just as Creel is about to bury the Hulk under a mountain of rockContinue reading “A Week of the Absorbing Man – Wednesday (TIH #125)”

A Week of Absorbing Man – Tuesday (Journey into Mystery #114)

A mere two issues after the classic Hulk vs Thor issue a new villain appeared – The Absorbing Man!  Although he was given his powers by Loki and he was a powerful match for Thor – he became a major Hulk foe.  So perfect for the Hulk, in fact, that he’s had a spot inContinue reading “A Week of Absorbing Man – Tuesday (Journey into Mystery #114)”

Hulk vs. Absorbing Man SHS (2008)

How is it that Absorbing Man has landed in EVERY Hulk toy line?  I mean, he started out as a Thor villian in Journey Into Mystery #14 (Although years later Loeb would write a little story Daredevil: Yellow #1 where he put a boxer named “Crusher” Creel as the opponent to Battlin’ Jack Murdock) Imagine that! Continue reading “Hulk vs. Absorbing Man SHS (2008)”

Absorbing Man Marvel Legends (2008)

I have been searching everywhere for these figures!  I heard a rumor that they were out early and have been visiting every store I can to keep a lookout.  So, on Saturday, after I left Hellboy 2 I wandered into Newbury Comics not expecting to find anything and saw 3 of the 8 figures!  This here,Continue reading “Absorbing Man Marvel Legends (2008)”

Incredible Hulk # 125 (1970)

This is a great cover to the Hulk with the first appearance in his comic of a great foe – The Absorbing man.  I have one of the figures made of this villain – the other is a bit expensive and I’m waiting for the price to go down.  It does that sometimes.  I reallyContinue reading “Incredible Hulk # 125 (1970)”