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All the News on Immortal Hulk!

CCI03282018_0001 (2)

Notice all the variants – I will probably be skipping the remastered covers.  Even when it’s a Sal Buscema remastered cover.  I’ve sort of lost my taste for the ultra rare or colorless (they call them B&W or “sketch”) covers.  It’s hard to justify spending the type of cash you need to acquire these covers when you could get some solid silver-age issues that have some real historical value!

CCI03282018 (2)

That being said, the interview below makes me more interested in this new series.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store for the green goliath!

CCI03282018_0002 (2)

Banner is BACK!


I truly love my gammabros – all day I have been getting messages on my Facebook, emails and even comments here telling me that Banner is back!  A new title to be coming in June called The Immortal Hulk – looks real good!  If you read the interview on CBR it sounds like it’s going to kick all sorts of ass!  I can’t wait!

Anyone else hear about this?  What do you guys think?