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Leader/Bruce Banner Hulkbuster Mini-Mates (2017)

IMG_0706 (2)

IMG_0707 (2)

Walgreens continues to offer some decent exclusives.  I have picked up the Leader and Bruce Banner in Hulkbuster armor MiniMates set and I have to be honest – it’s pretty dang cool!  I don’t recall this Bruce Banner armor from the comics – but I am pretty psyched with it.  For one of the greatest Hulk foes to be include in the set makes this even better!

IMG_0708 (2)

IMG_0710 (2)

Let’s just say I am a sucker when something features a character directly linked to the Hulk himself – so to see a set with two characters made me downright giddy!  Especially to see a classic version of one of the Hulk’s oldest enemies!

IMG_0711 (2)

IMG_0709 (2)

I enjoy the MiniMates – the amount of articulation and ability to pose these figures however you want make these little guys perfect to recreate classic covers with.  The amount of detail is also pretty impressive considering these guys are about 2″ tall.  A great set worth the pick up.

IMG_0712 (2)

Hulk Room Saturday!

now or never 001

I was lucky enough to get one – ONE – detolf before IKEA took them out of their inventory – and then put them back on at a slightly higher price.  I was given this as a present for my birthday from my sister.  Still one of the best gifts ever!  I figured I would give you a shelf by shelf look… mostly.  This image above is the Hulk foes shelf – Bowen has given us the widest range of characters I think any high end collectible company will give us.  I would drop down from shock to see anyone else give us a Bi-Beast – never mind a mind-blowing fantastic sculpt like the one we were given!  Just to lay it out you see here:

  • Bi-Beast
  • Absorbing Man
  • Wendigo
  • Doc Samson
  • Ring Master
  • Constrictor
  • and Dormammu

now or never 002

Second self is dedicated to one of the best Bowen statues to be released ever (yeah – I went there).  One of the most underrated pieces for sure – the Abomination is one of the truest representations of the Gamma-Spawned monster ever to be done.  Behind him is the now defunct Blockbuster Video’s exclusive print of the first cover appearance of the Abomination that was released with the 2008 movie.  Also, a reprint of Silver Surfer #12 under the title Fantasy Masterpieces.

now or never 003

Third shelf is my ode to the best two Hulk villains – the Abomination and the Leader.  You see both character busts from Bowen – and also the Dynamic Forces Leader bust (another underrated piece).  Also a custom Leader Mego figure.  The last piece is the Keown inspired Dynamic Forces Hulk statue – while small is stature a great piece!

Last level just has the Marvel Legos so I didn’t take a shot – but I hope you enjoyed the view!

Custom Mego Leader (2010)

Custom Mego Leader

I don’t buy a lot of customs – usually I don’t see any that I like for the prices they ask.  The best ones come from a great guy named Sean – but unfortunately he’s on the other side of the globe and shipping is outrageous!  I particularly love his Planet Hulk customs.  His re-paints are HUGE improvements over the originals.

Close Up

I did see this figure on ebay – I have thought many, many times I wish that Mego did more Hulk villains – and this was so cheap I snagged it up.  It’s the perfect representation of the old-school, classic Leader – the only issue I have is that it is actually taller than the actual Hulk figure.

Leader and the Hulk

Leader and Roto Hulk

A Month of the Leader!

The Leader is such a great Hulk foe – and usually I do just a week of covers – but this time I am going to devote an entire month!  Starting with my favorite Hulk cover – TIH #115

Jeff Wamester’s Leader Sketch (2009)

Wamester Leader Sketch

Wamester Leader Sketch

This guy exceeds my expectations everytime!  EVERYTIME!  I will probably get a sketch from this guy everytime I go to a convention – because he’s that awesome!  I have 3 Hulk pieces – and each piece was better than the last – so as I knew I heading to the Boston Comic Con, where I first met Wamester, I inquired of he was going to be there.  When he responded that he was I immediately asked for a Leadder sketch this time – I just wanted to see what he could do with the Hulk’s rouge gallery – and as you can see he freakin’ nailed it! 

Leader has been doing ab exercises!

Leader has been doing ab exercises!

I’m hoping to maybe complete a set of Hulk villians before this guy hits it really big and I can’t afford his art anymore.  If there’s another convention in October I’m thinking about Abomination – but I may have to ask for Aquon – because I’m sort of cool like that.  Also – When I was talking to Jeff he told me there is a skull hidden in this sketch, can you find it?  I’ll admit – I had to have him point it out.  Try to find it and I will update this post tomorrow with a scan highlighting the skull.  Jeff told me that this was his favorite convention sktech that he has done.  I almost hate to say it – but I still like my original Hulk better – but I’m a bit biased! 😉

Alright, here it is – the hidden skull – many of you saw it already – but just to clarify:

The Leader in the Temple of Doom!

The Leader in the Temple of Doom!

Guy Dorian/Ted Rechlin Commission (2008)

"Your balls are huge Hulk... Must grab them..."

"Your balls are huge Hulk... Must grab them..."

Alright, here’s another commission.  This was done at the Big Apple Con that I went to back in November.  I was on a bit of a Leader kick.  I asked this team about a commission Hulk vs. Leader.  They gave me a price and then told me it would be a couple hours.  Well, it was almost 4 hours!  That’s okay – and the commission looks pretty good… there are a few things I could pick on… not that I want to – but I would like this better if The Leader didn’t look like he was trying to grab Hulk’s nuggets.  Can you hear the Leader now? “I don’t think you want to smash Hulk – I will fondle your naughty beans if you let me live!”  But the classic style that the Leader was done in couldn’t look any better and the Hulk is perfect.  I really like the original art that I have been accumulating – and it truly is a one-of-a-kind collectible.  Totally boss!  Do people still say boss when they mean awesome?  Do people still say awesome?

Grey Hulk vs. Leader SHS

Grey Hulk vs. The Leader SHS

Grey Hulk vs. The Leader SHS

The second 2-pack of wave 3 is one of the best – featuring my favorite Hulk villian of all time – The Leader!  Classic style Leader too, with the tall head, although, this Leader seems to be really happy about something.  I don’t think the Leader has ever been this happy about anything – but good lord – maybe he finally figured out how to make a female version of those pesky humanoids he was always making.  Did they ever really HELP him in anyway to complete his evil genius plans?  I don’t think so…

Anyways, the Leader also comes with one of his handy little remotes.  The Leader bust by Randy Bown also had him carrying one of those – which makes sense because it’s not the Leader ever fought his battles – he’s more of a behind the scenes villian.  Which is one of my favorite things about him.

Leader playing couch commando with his remote...

Leader playing couch commando with his remote...

The Grey (Gray) Hulk in this 2-pack is a repainted movie Hulk.  I don’t mind getting some of the same figures, seriously, as long as they have tried to do SOMETHING to make it a little different.  Making this Hulk grey was all I needed to be happy with this awesome 2-pack.

Before I end this post I just wanted to let everyone know that hasbrotoys.com has these and the 3rd wave of the movie Hulk figures on sale for retail prices.  Sure, you still have to pay for shipping, but it’s better than having to pay for the inflated prices that ebay is offering – and still have to pay for shipping! – Thanks to Toyjesus for bringing this to light last week.