Marvel Legends Series Maestro (2017)

If you are a fan of the Facebook Page of this blog then you know I found this figure this past Saturday.  If you’re yet to be a fan of the page – like it here – I try to give extra stuff and put stuff up as soon as I find it and such. Continue reading “Marvel Legends Series Maestro (2017)”

Secret Wars MiniMates – Dystopia Hulk/Wastelands Wolverine (2016)

I told you this series sold like gangbusters – which it did – but I did not read it – which is true.  Mostly… I did read and enjoy Future Imperfect and Planet Hulk.  They were both hilarious, exciting and action packed – but, as always, paled in comparison to the original.  I tried outContinue reading “Secret Wars MiniMates – Dystopia Hulk/Wastelands Wolverine (2016)”

Planet Hulk / Future Imperfect (2015)

With Secret Wars in full swing I thought we’d focus on the two stories central to  the Hulk universe and what it possibly means for the future of our jade hero.  With all the reports and the many rumblings about Banner no longer carrying the mantle of the Hulk it’s interesting to see that weContinue reading “Planet Hulk / Future Imperfect (2015)”

Hulk #9 (2014) – The Review

Tell all of your friends, tell anyone you can, if they have ever read and enjoyed the Hulk then they should give the book another try because it’s just plain awesome.  One of the things I try to gauge when reading an issue is am I looking forward to the next issue and Duggan servesContinue reading “Hulk #9 (2014) – The Review”

George Perez Maestro Sketch Cover

I realized I never showed this off – but last year the Boston Comic Con invited two of my favorite artists who I’ve ever met.  The first, Aaron Lopresti, will have to wait for another post – but the second has a reputation as one of the nicest men in comics.  It’s well deserved tooContinue reading “George Perez Maestro Sketch Cover”

“Ghosts of the Future” (1996) – The Review

This storyline starts off with a bang… almost literally.  The army comes looking for the Hulk and finds Betty… Oh boy, do they find Betty!  She gets back into the house only with enough time to tell Bruce not to come get her – that they won’t hurt her.  That’s when Talbot walks in –Continue reading ““Ghosts of the Future” (1996) – The Review”

Hulk: Future Imperfect (1992) – The Review

This is one of those stories that I read at least once a year.  It’s that good!  It has surprises and twists on practically every page – right down to Rick Jones “trophy” room filled with the fallen superheroes memorabilia.  I will try to review the story without giving away too much – but it’sContinue reading “Hulk: Future Imperfect (1992) – The Review”

The Maestro (1996)(2007)

  How amazing is Peter David as a writer?  Future Imperfect is a perfect example of how creative this man got writing the Incredible Hulk.  This was a 2 shot that had Hulk facing a future version of himself.  The ending was not only shocking but brilliant.  These figures are some of my favorites ofContinue reading “The Maestro (1996)(2007)”