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Marvel Collector Corps Classic Rhino (2018)

IMG_1082 (2)

I have to admit, the very last Marvel Collector Corps box was both a bit underwhelming, exciting and a bit of a shock.  I was shocked to learn that Funko was cancelling this subscription service – but not totally a surprise though as most of the pieces would end up on eBay the day after the release.  Also shocking because I thought the next box would be Wolverine themed.  The Animal Instincts these wasn’t terrible – but I think a Wolvie box would have hit better than this box did.

I did love the Classic Rhino that came with this box though – a Spidey villain that is more suited to battle the Hulk!  I was able to snag a Mystery Mini of this guy so getting a surprise Pop was that much more exciting!  It was a great send off to a service that certainly had its stumbles along the way but also gave us some really great pieces.  I do wonder what the future will hold – maybe by the time this post is published we will have our answer on what to expect on how this service continues.

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Avengers Assemble Gamma Fist Hulk (2013)

ct 011

So, this must be the line taking over for the MU series.  This Hulk figure is leaps and bounds better than the one I posted Saturday.  Like I said – I think the other was geared more toward kids while this one certainly is more toward the collector’s liking.  It has way more articulation – 12 points in all (including the ball joints at the legs) and the sculpt is a lot better as well.  I wish I could say it was better in all facets – but the paint application is still pretty dull and cheap looking.  Overall though, this figure gives me great hope for the future of the Avengers Assemble line.

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While I was out I did find the latest wave of MU figures and picked up not only the newest Rhino but the really great Mysterio figure.  I am really hoping to be able to find the last few figures in this line – like the Abomination and the Leader – this is a line I will miss.  It’s too bad that Hasbro’s choices sort of nose dived the whole series.

ct 013

You should absolutely pick these up if you are lucky enough to find them – especially the classic Rhino figure which is a lot better than the Rhino we got in the Spider-Man 2-pack.

AA Hulk – B-
MU Rhino – A-
MU Mysterio – B

ct 014

Here’s a quick comparison:

ct 015 ct 014 - Copy

The Incredible Hulk #104 (1968) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #104

The Incredible Hulk #104

What a great match up!  Hulk vs. Rhino!  I mean, I know some of you are saying “Who cares about the Rhino?” and I tend to agree with you – but come on!  Two brawling powerhouses going toe to toe?  Almost as good as Abomination vs. Hulk… almost.  This issue starts where #103 leaves off and that’s Bruce Banner being arrested and in prison.  The two riff-raffs (yeah, riff raffs, what do you call them?  Ruffians?) that made the Rhino suit are hard at work in creating a new suit that has more power and can withstand a lot more punishment.  Why?  Because the two guys want the Rhino to kidnap Bruce Banner.  Yeah, that’s going to go well…

The Rhino is Back!

The Rhino is Back!

The Rhino catches the van that’s transporting Banner and tears it up stealing Bruce Banner and Betty Ross. Just as a helicopter, flown by the two riff-raffs, touches down and the Rhino is loading the captives in that’s when Rick Jones shows up and drives his car right into the chopper, knocking one of the goons out. He almost knocks Banner out as well – but the Rhino catches him. But hanging out of a helicopter makes Bruce turn into the Hulk. As the helicopter goes out of control the Hulk holds on and helps it safely land. As the Hulk tries to gain his bearings the Rhino comes out with a vengeance. The two begin to battle as the other goon tries to take Betty away. The Hulk easily takes the Rhino out and saves Betty, leaping to the top of the tower and getting her out of harms way.

The Rhino... FACED!

The Rhino... FACED!

When the Hulk jumps back down he is faced with the Rhino.  The next few pages have the Hulk and Rhino battle pretty brutally.  It’s one of the best things to flip through over and over as the Hulk man-handles the Rhino so easily.  The Rhino picks up a car and throws it at the Hulk – who catches the car and then slams it over the Rhino’s head!  Just plain awesome!  The car explodes and the Rhino whines about not being able to see, being trapped and dying – so the Hulk saves him – only to have the Rhino taunt him once again.  The Hulk refuses to fight him but the Rhino attacks him from behind.  The Hulk gains the upper hand again and pronounces the Rhino dead (which we all know isn’t true-!) 

Rhino - did you drop this?

Rhino - did you drop this?

The Hulk returns to Betty only to see Thunderbolt Ross and Talbot have already taken her down from the tower.  The Hulk jumps down and takes Betty away.

Great issue with a fight for the ages!  Grade: B+

Hulk vs. Rhino Salt and Pepper Shakers (2005)


These are pretty cool – especially because they usually don’t make Hulk with the Rhino.  It could be painted better but the sculpt is still pretty cool.  Nice pairing.  As they are getting ready to battle the seasoning will fly!  Rhino’s more of a Spiderman villian and a second rate one at that – but a heavy hitter none-the-less.  Also, there is a great comic where Hulk and Rhino play baseball.  Pretty classic!