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A Week of the Thing – Marvel Feature Presents #11

Hulk wow 008

You might remember Marvel Features as the comic that introduced the world to the Defenders in its first 3 issues – but the other issue of interest is this little guy here – #11 – also the issue included in the Marvel Legends Masterworks!

A Week of the Thing – Giant Sized Superstars #1

Hulk wow 006

This is a tough comic to find.  This is also the ONLY Giant Sized Superstars issue to ever come out – the title was changed to Giant Sized Fantastic Four after this… this is a classic Rich Buckler drawn issue.  Pick this issue up when you can – but take a look at this cover!  The Thing is actually whopping Hulk’s butt!  What?!?  But this is a really fun issue – take a look here for a closer look inside.

A Week of the Thing – The Thing #3

Hulk wow 003

This has got to be a for sure comic to seek out – there’s the Hulk, the merged Hulk, Fixit, Maestro and… is that the clown Hulk?  From issue #3?  Did they run out of Hulk personalities that quickly?    Anyways, sweet cover for sure!

A Week of the Thing – Fantastic Four #12

The funny thing about this pair up is – even from conception they knew who was going to be the stronger one!  Yet, this match up is one of the most frequented and revered by Hulk fans!  The only time the Thing actually had an upper hand was in FF #320 – which we’ll maybe see later… I do have this issue – believe it or not – just haven’t gotten around to showing it off yet.  It was one of those bad ebay transactions – come to think of it – I’ll make sure I will post it in the future because it’s a pretty good story…

And just for fun – No one re-creates a Marvel cover like Hembeck!

Marvel Cards (1990)

marvel cards 1990

I think these are from 1990, a year earlier than the other cards I just posted.  Cards of note in this series are the one with Hulk and Spider-man – if you can’t see what it says – Spider-man says “Hulk, are you really the strongest one there is?”  and Hulk replies “Yes, and also best looking.”  Cocky Bastard.  Another card of note is the Most Valuable Comic card displaying Hulk #181.  It has remained a hot comic for a while even though Wolverine is such a complete tool. 

Marvel Cards (1991)


These 3 cards are from Marvel series from 1991.  The middle card featuring Wolvering vs The Hulk I think is drawn by Larsen.  At least it looks very Larsen-ish.  I always thought that The Thing matched up with the Hulk was always great – but only as long as the Hulk won – because The Thing would never out-power the Hulk.  Just ridiculous.  The Last card geatures Hulk squaring off his greatest enemy – The Leader.