Heroes Reborn Promo Poster (1997)

There are recent event comics that were put together better than Heroes Reborn – but that’s not saying much.  The Heroes Reborn catalogue was handled by 90’s superstars Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld.  This was about the time when people realized just how untalented and what a hack Rob Liefeld truly is.  While this posterContinue reading “Heroes Reborn Promo Poster (1997)”

Marvel Legend Series Thor (2017)

I had been thinking about getting this figure for a long while.  Buying these very large and fantastic figures is never an easy purchase due to the price tag that accompanied them.  Most of these 12-14″ figures are $50-$75.  I loved the Hulk that was released – even with the slightly too large head – andContinue reading “Marvel Legend Series Thor (2017)”

Avengers: Infinity War Stormbreaker(2018)

If there was one thing I was excited about in the new Avengers movie it has to e the appearance of Stormbreaker!  The legendary hammer/axe belonging to one of the greatest Thor characters of all time!  The horse looking alien wields the Stormbreaker and I can’t even begin to compare which Asgardian weapon was cooler. Continue reading “Avengers: Infinity War Stormbreaker(2018)”

Hulk Guest Appearances Vol. 13 – The Mighty Thor #489 (1995)

Hulk and Thor have battled many times – dating back to the formation of the Avengers – but Thor has bested the jade beast hardly ever.  Hulk is just too strong!  This does not mean Thor is a slouch in any way – it just means that the Hulk is better!  Of course, when theContinue reading “Hulk Guest Appearances Vol. 13 – The Mighty Thor #489 (1995)”

Super Hero Squad Asgardian Smash 3-Pack (2011)

The new Thor toys are making their way into toy stores these days.  Of course the Hulk is not going to show up too many times in anything to do with the Thor movie – but they did make this 3-pack with Thor, Hulk and Odin (Hehe – let’s thank goodness they didn’t decide to putContinue reading “Super Hero Squad Asgardian Smash 3-Pack (2011)”

Abomination & Thor Superhero Squad (2010)

I just picked this up yesterday!  I was pretty psyched to snag this because I wasn’t even aware it was out yet!  I have been waiting for a classic Abomination SHS figure since the FIRST Hulk came out.  We now have something like 7 different Hulks – one Leader, a Zzaxx – but no AbominationContinue reading “Abomination & Thor Superhero Squad (2010)”

Marvel Masterworks – More to Pick Up!

Any self respecting Hulk fan will of course have the Avengers MM in their collection… of course any self respecting Hulk fan would also have the Defenders MM in their collection – but, like I said earlier, I WILL get them!  Anyways, the above is the First Edition gold foil cover – Volume ___ whileContinue reading “Marvel Masterworks – More to Pick Up!”

Hulk vs. Thor – in the comics!

I will have to say – this is certainly one of the best match-ups in comics – a mortal with unmeasurable strength against a God.  There is a long history of these two powerhouses meeting up – so here’s some of the covers featuring them!  Quick note – each comic posted is from my collectionContinue reading “Hulk vs. Thor – in the comics!”

Hulk vs. Thor (2009) – The Review

I guess I will start by telling you that I was looking forward to these DVD’s for a while.  I also had to avoid the many, many inconsiderate people who post plot summaries and spoilers WAY before these were released!  I list spoilers – but I at least wait until the thing is actually out! Continue reading “Hulk vs. Thor (2009) – The Review”

Hulk vs. The Marvel Universe (2008)

  This great compilation has a bunch of random stories where the Hulk faces off against some of the Marvel heroes.  Some of the better ones are the Daredevil #163 where Ol’ Horn head gets the ever loving stuffing beatout of him.  Also, there is the Fin Fang Foom 1-Shot, which I loved, and the TTA #’sContinue reading “Hulk vs. The Marvel Universe (2008)”

Classic Marvel Team Ups and Battles (2006)

Hulk is the only one in the Marvel universe who could go toe to toe with  a GOD!  Chalk that up to another thing that Hulk and Buffy Summers have in common.  Even Thor has a hard time taking the Hulk down.  Of course this toy really doesn’t show anything like that.  When you press theContinue reading “Classic Marvel Team Ups and Battles (2006)”

The Avengers Pack (1999)

  Iron Man (in his original suit), Thor, Giant Man, Hulk – these were Marvel’s heavy hitters.  You needed someone roughed up – look to the Avengers.  They also had Ant Man and the Wasp – but they were added because the other members felt sorry for them – y’know, like when they make chubbyContinue reading “The Avengers Pack (1999)”