Thunderbolts #32 (2014) – The Review and… What Happened?

Thunderbolts #32 (Final Issue) and a look back at the series. W: Acker and Blacker A: Jacinto In 2008 things were going well for the Hulk.  He had just come off of one of the most well received and highly publicized runs in recent history that led to one of the more highly anticipated eventContinue reading “Thunderbolts #32 (2014) – The Review and… What Happened?”

Catching Up With…

So… by tomorrow I obviously meant in a few days.  It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed, well, pretty much anything – so this might be a bit long (that’s what she said) buckle up and enjoy the ride here, folks!  There is a lot of ground to cover!  Let’s begin with: Hulk #4 W:Continue reading “Catching Up With…”

Catching Up With… Thunderbolts!

Thunderbolts #20-22 W: Charles Soule A: Carlo Baberi & Israel Silva My overwhelming “to read” pile was tackled last night – I caught up with Indestructible Hulk and Thunderbolts.  I will review the Indestructible Hulk when they finish this Inhumanity story line – but for now – I have time to review the Thunderbolts forContinue reading “Catching Up With… Thunderbolts!”

Catching Up Thursdays – and Happy New Year!

Wow – the beginning of a new year!  Let’s catch up with a few new issues – annuals of my favorite comics to be exact: Indestructible Hulk Annual #1 (2013) W: Jeff Parker I: Mahmud Asar Parker has a real knack for writing interesting and fun stories that intertwine perfectly with continuity.  History is asContinue reading “Catching Up Thursdays – and Happy New Year!”

Catching Up Thursdays…

Let’s catch up on some comic book reading!  I usually only read two comics a month – not because of anything other than the two comics I read are the only ones I am interested in.  So, What has been happening in: The Indestructible Hulk Issues #11-15 – Agents of T.I.M.E. W: Mark Waid I:Continue reading “Catching Up Thursdays…”

Catching Up With… Friday!

Something inside me said to read the Thunderbolts.  The new line-up was not that enticing, so it wasn’t that.  I mean, I have never felt a NEED to read the Red Hulk, Elektra was cool back in the day but I never stayed current with her character, Venom was an amazing villain and heard thingsContinue reading “Catching Up With… Friday!”

“Catching Up With” Wednesday!

Part of my new design – the reviews will now be called “Catching Up With” – They may not always fall on Wednesdays – but it will be a few different series as I have picked up and dropped a few different titles.  For example, I dropped the Red Hulk series when it became RedContinue reading ““Catching Up With” Wednesday!”