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Raging Hulk (1996)

Raging Hulk

This is a variant on the Rage Cage Hulk that I posted earlier and, even though he does not come with a cage of his own, I actually like this repaint better.  Hulk still combination growls and yells when you pull the lever down in his back.  His shirt almost rips off again – I like the fabric shirts of yester year – not this plastic crap.

The Abomination 2 (2004)

abom 2

This extremely rare figure is a great rendition of the Hulk’s #1 enemy… in strength.  This figure doesn’t even compare to the Legends figure – but that’s okay – it has its own charm.  The accessory is a giant missle.  Ummm… okay.

She-Hulk Variant (1996)

She Hulk 2

Wizard put out a variant on the She Hulk figure from the Toy Biz line.  It features the She Hulk in the Fantastic Four costume.  It doesn’t stand very well though – so I had to prop her up.

Mecha Hulk (2004)

Mecha Hulk 

This mutha of a figure comes with a little Gremlin figure as well.  This figure is so big and heavy if you were to throw it at someone I bet it would make them cry.  Even an older man.  Like a 50 year old.  He wouldn’t have time to get mad – he would be too busy crying and trying to stop the bleeding.  Yeah, it would make him bleed too.

All these figures from 2004 are pretty rare.  They are some of the best Hulk figures out there and I still haven’t even posted the coolest ones yet.  If you have the chance pick these up today. 

Break-out Gamma Ray Trap Playset (1996)

Action Playset 2

This is the other Playset brought out in’96.  I like this one a whole lot better than the last one.  Action Playset 3There is a switch on the back and when you flip it a timer starts counting down Action Playset 4until – BOOM – the Hulk comes busting out of the playset.  It’s pretty cool.  This playset is out of the box but I still have the original box for it.  Yes, that means I have played with this.  Don’t act all high and mighty!  If you had it, you wouldn’t be able to resist playing with it!  Comes with action figure – this one with brown pants and a green shirt!

The Leader (1996)

Leader 22

I am showing you more of the enemies of the Hulk recently, only because I had been neglecting them.  I have quite a few things of the enemies to show you and I thought since Hulk has one of the best Rouge’s Galleries in comics it was time to showcase it.  The Leader from Toy Biz – ’96 Comes with Anti-Hulk armor.  Good, cause he’ll need it.

The Abomination (1996)


This is not a bad figure, not as great as the Marvel Legends figure, but definetly worth getting.  In the Incredible Hulk comic #364 the “Countdown” series, Hulk is injected with a poison that will kill him unless he gets the antidote.  In the first issue of this series he fights the Abomination and melts his face with toxic waste.  They show that in this figure here, which is brillant.  Nice figure – a solid 8 out of 10.  But what’s with the cape?  when did he get a cape?  And why?  It’s not like he can fly.  Come to think of it – does a cape help you fly?  What’s the point of any superheroes cape?