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TRU Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy 5-Pack (2016)

hulk 012 (2)

I passed on this set for months as it sat in the Marvel aisle.  Most of the figures in this set were available to buy on their own – the only figure unique in this package is the overly large Groot.  You do get some extra guns and knives but overall, this set is not worth the $60 they were asking.  When the liquidation took hold I waited a long 2 months before this set was 90% off.  Yes, I finally took the plunge with this set when it cost a mere $6.

hulk 011 (2)

I might’ve jumped sooner if I hadn’t already bought the Rocket Raccoon figure months before this set was released.  Overall, I was happy to finally pick one of these up if for nothing else than the nostalgic factor.  I will miss TRU immensely and I think we’re all going to suffer when the once great exclusives get harder and harder to acquire.  Then again, it will also save us from seeing exclusives like this clutter up the shelves.

hulk 013 (2)

TRU Thor: Ragnarok Display (2017)

IMG_1004 (2)

As much as I have a reservation about how the Hulk was portrayed in Thor: Ragnarok I look back fondly upon the movie.  I look forward to adding it to my library and watching it with my son and daughter.  Then explaining to them why the Hulk should of had an obedience disc and how portraying him as a ruthless killer is complete bullshit.  Oh man, family bonding at its absolute best!  That being said, when my local Toys R Us was getting ready for the Black Panther movie release they were letting the Thor: Ragnarok stuff go.  And by that I mean they were tossing it.  I was lucky enough to save this double sided banner that sat above their feature area.  I still love how this was a Thor movie that the Hulk took center stage and once again stole the show!

IMG_1003 (2)

Jean Grey/ Cyclops 2-Pack (2017)

IMG_0723 (2)

The Toys R Us exclusives are touch and go at best.  Especially where Marvel Legends are concerned.  We’ve gotten 3-packs of SHIELD and the new Marvel characters like Sam Wilson Cap and the new Hawkeye but this time they hit it out of the park!  With the return of Jean Grey expect this 2-pack to disappear pretty quickly, if it hasn’t already!  This set is both beautiful and classic!

IMG_0724 (2)

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate when I see interchangeable heads.  It’s like getting multiple figures without having to pay for them!  This comes with a regular Jean, a “needs a haircut or different conditioner” head and then, of course, the possessed, evil Jean.  All with her classic costume!  Classic Cyclops as well in his most popular costume makes this set one of the best TRU offerings in a long time!

IMG_0725 (2)

Toys R Us Hulk Display (2015)


When the super expensive RC Hulk Car made it’s debut TRU they tried to promote the heck out of it with a side cap full of the product topped with this signage.  I asked the powers that be if they could save this for me – and they said they would.  Of course, best laid plans don’t always go as… planned and, unfortunately, upon returning to the store the manager informed me that they waited as long as they could but ultimately ended up throwing it away.  I was really bummed.

Recently I took a seasonal job at TRU and was in the store room.  I noticed a corner where all of the promotional material was – older pieces like from the Spider-Man reboot.  Then I noticed the Hulk sitting there – I immediately rushed to the manager and asked if that was still available, if I could possibly take it home.  I will give you three guesses what happened.  I was psyched to make this part of the décor in the Hulk room!


Hulk Figurines (2015)

hulk and easter 003

Two Hulk figurines are on the shelves right now exclusive to different stores.  Toys R Us has a 3 pack with Thor and Iron Man but also includes the Hulk you see above and right below.  I like it as he has small crumbling brick wall that he has just demolished.  Like he just lost a hand in Texas Hold’em where he was dealt pocket aces.  I also thinks he looks a bit like Ben Stein from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:

"Bueller?  Beuller?"

“Bueller? Beuller?”

hulk and easter 086

The other figurine is one of the better Hulk figurines as it is massive!  Compared to the other characters in the set, Iron Man, Vision, Ms Marvel, Cap and Ultron, Hulk is absolutely ginormous.  It’s worth the pick up just to get this Hulk so that you can have a whole shelf of smalls that look like this:

hulk and easter 089

hulk and easter 088

This Hulk is a classic looking piece with a decent sculpt and decent paint job.  I mean, I’m not going to say it’s perfect – but it’s what you’d expect to get in a multi-pack.  This set is available at the Disney Store so go out and get it… and have a magical day!

hulk and easter 087

Gamma Blastin’ Glove (2014)

memories1 001

I can’t substantiate these claims because I can’t locate every last review out there – but when Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H. premiered it seemed to be universally panned.  There are a lot of problems with the cartoon and I can’t even tell you how many cringe-worthy moments that the cartoon created – but, I’ve said it before, my daughter actually loves this cartoon.  If it can help make her a Hulk fan then it can’t be ALL bad!  They’ve released a bit of toys and figures based on the short-lived show and I did pick up a few of them.  This Gamma Glove is actually really cool – even though it has nothing to do with the Hulk!  I can’t even remember seeing the Hulk use a “glove” to blast villains in any episode.

But hey, they don’t make a whole lot of dangerous toys anymore – and this is as close as we get to awesome toys that can take out an eye – so I’m all for this!  It says that these are a Toys R Us exclusive – and another reason I worry about the future of the toy giant – when you hitch your wagon to properties like this you are never doing your company a favor.  That being said – this piece is worth the pick up!

memories1 002

Knowing the Right People Saturday!

Target Promo Hulk

Target Promo Hulk

Sometimes it’s best to know the right people at the right time! Department and Chain stores have been instructed by the toy companies and their direct supervisors NOT to give the promotional material out to anyone.  It is to be thrown away ONLY!  This is, of course, because too many people were taking these things and immediately posting them on ebay for ridiculous amounts of money – or they would give it to a friend who would do the same.  Collectors hardly had a chance at them at

christmas '13 033 christmas '13 031  

But, yours truly has a few trusted friends who know about my obsession and are always happy to help me out when they can!  I was able to obtain the Target Hulk from a great guy who had to pull a few tricks to get it to me!  I will not give anymore information out other than to thank said friend again.  And the Toys R Us Hulk was given to me by a different friend with a strict promise to never sell it.  Funny enough – I noticed that each of the promo pieces, even though they are different, have the same face!

Toys R Us Hulk

Toys R Us Hulk