Hulk vs Ultron Hallmark Ornament (2015)

There was a time when Hulk ornaments were a hard thing to come by.  These days it seems that a few new ones pop up every year.  Hallmark especially has given us a few that really were memorable.  The Hulk vs Wolverine ornament was unique and memorable.  The large talking one from last year wasContinue reading “Hulk vs Ultron Hallmark Ornament (2015)”

Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Ultron/Hulk/ Vision 3-Pack (2015)

I enjoy when Harbro releases these 3 packs.  The Agents of SHIELD one from TRU is pretty fun, even though I didn’t pick it up, I thought it still looked great!  It not really being Hulk related I decided against it.  I do have quite a few collectibles that are not Hulk… and even someContinue reading “Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Ultron/Hulk/ Vision 3-Pack (2015)”