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Ladies Worthy of Plastic: Thundra and Valkyrie Marvel Legends (2015)

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Back in 2010 when they released the ML Hulk/Valkyrie 2-Pack I was ecstatic to finally get a Valkyrie figure.  That figure is still the only “classic” Barbara Norris figure you can get – but the new release, in her modern dude, is certainly worth a pick up as well.  While I’ve always contended that the new price points are off and that they are asking too much I still enjoy a great new figure.  Granted, these were new when I bought them but forgot to post them – so… there’s that.

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She and Thundra have a great place in Hulk history but with the Thundra figure finally released it does sting slightly more that Lyra was never made.  It would have been perfect to have the whole family together and it seems pretty likely that it would have been easy to make a Lyra with a simple repaint – but alas, we don’t have one and we’re only left with Thundra.  Of course, she has a more storied past in the MU so it’s fitting for her to have a figure before her bastard daughter.

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Either way, these two ladies were worth the price and certainly deserve a place in everyone’s Marvel set up – let alone a complete Hulk collection!  If there is any negative I see it’s that the skin tones on Thundra are a little flat and Valkyrie overall deserves a richer look.

Grade for these two figures: Valkyrie – A, Thundra – A-

Marvel’s Infinite Series Valkyrie Figure (2014)

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I am shocked to see Valkyrie in an early line-up for this series.  How long did it take to get a Marvel Legend’s sized Valkyrie?  It took a hella long time!  Not to mention it was 2-packed with a sweet Hulk figure!  Here, we’re not so lucky this time around.  The figure looks decent – I’ve only found one thus far so I do not have an open figure to give a complete review – but from what I can see it does look nice.

yes Hulk Stuff 032

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Immediately I can see that it is the current costumed Valkyrie and not the classic – which I sort of prefer – but us beggers can’t always be choosers.  Besides, it’s not that the new costume is terrible – or even that terribly different – it’s just that the classic costume is so perfect.  Like I said though, having a Valkyrie figure at all is pretty cool.  Seeing as this is a Marvel Infinite series we don’t get very much as far as accessories.  I don’t know what makes it infinite when we get considerably less with the figures.  I have noticed that the prices of these figures remained around $10.  At one point it was pushing $13 in some stores.  Even though I still feel $10 might be pushing it for what we get I’m happy with the figure.  Grade: B+

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Marvel Legends Hulk & Valkyrie 2-Pack (2010)

ML Hulk and Valkyrie 2-Pack

Back of Package

THE POSITIVE: With the MU figures dominating the shelves nowadays it’s nice to see that Marvel hasn’t totally given up on their original ML line.  Nothing has beat the Legend figures – in terms of awesomeness!  The MU is on the way to surpassing the vastness of character selection – but the ML line is still the tops.  For these recent (I say recent – but it wasn’t that recent – these came out late last year) figures Marvel held an online vote where fans could pick which figures they would like to see released.  I can’t remember exactly – but I think the Red King was one of the figures up for the vote – which I would have loved!  Amazingly, Aquon was shafted once again… anyways, Valkyrie was the poll and I know quite a few collectors who were ecstatic that they could finally finish their Defenders displays.

Hulk Free at Last!

The head sculpt for the Hulk is brand new and pretty great, seems very inspired by McGuiness, which works well with the re-used body.  It works well with the Red Hulk figure if your posing them together (for the record – I think the Red Hulk should have had black pants).  This Hulk towers over the other ML Hulks and most of the other ML figures which is perfect since the Hulk is suppossed to be large and in charge. 

New Head Sculpt Really Works!

The original price point worked well for these figures – and by original I mean the $24.99 – not the $29.99 and then $34.99 that it was when it hit the shelves.  Thankfully to the readers of this blog I was able to snag one of these figures off the TRU site for $24.99.  Thank you to the readers!


Close Up

THE NEGATIVE: Yes, this is the same body used for the BAF Red Hulk.  The body itself is fine – although it has two fists and I prefer one – only because it makes posing figures easier.  The paint application is a bit off… mostly because of the shading.  I liked the clean look of the Red Hulk figure – but with the Green Hulk figure here they felt the need to spray black into the folds between his muscles, on his fingers and hands, on his neck and the top of his feet.  I am really unsure why they – as it doesn’t look that good.

Red vs Hulk

Now, even though I love the size, as far as scale goes – and as far as I recall – since I don’t have the Saquatch figure I can’t compare – but Sasquatch is taller than the Hulk – and this figure is just as big – so the scale isn’t perfect – but what toy line is?  I don’t think we an hold that against them since we do have quite a few Hulk figures to choose from when displaying with other figures.

The Stare Down!

Conclusion: The 2-pack is a winner – absolutely!  It’s a must pick up!  Of course, looking on ebay, it seems that these 2-packs are selling for double the retail.  Makes me wish I still held on to my double.  And by double I mean double still in package – since I have one still in the package and then I have a loose pair.  Anyways, I hope you picked it up – how many of you out there were able to order it off of TRU before the price increase?  Grade: A

A Week of Valkyrie – Friday (Defenders #27)

Hulk Stuff again 006

Let’s end this week with a great cover featuring the one and only Hulk saving Valkyrie.  Because – well, heck, why not – Valkyrie may be a powerful, scary woman with a bad-ass attitude – but she still needs the Hulk to come to the rescue every once in a while – to which he answers that call!

This was a fun week – I have next week’s character all set – it will be interesting to try and get a full week out of a few of these foes!

A Week of Valkyrie – Thursday (Defenders #45)

Hulk Stuff again 007

Alright – I have a bunch of things to post tonight – and throughout the day since Hulk #14, Incredible Hulk #601 AND Son of Hulk #14 all came out today – so while I’m working on the reviews enjoy the next Valkyrie cover – one where the Hulk and V are facing off – and 10 points to the first person who can name Valkyrie’s sword WITHOUT looking it up…

A Week of Valkyrie – Wednesday Parts I & II (Defenders #4/#66)

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So – The Defenders were an interesting group.  It all starts with Strange, Namor and the Hulk – and sometimes the Surfer – but this was an unbeatable group – mainly because these guys were the heavy hitters in the MU – Groups have a hard time beating just one of them – never mind when they all get together!  So, in issue #4 they started what would be a common practice in the Defenders – something called “the revolving door cast of characters”.  Here comes Valkyrie!  And she must like that pose because the has it again in Defenders #66.

Hulk Stuff again 008

By the way, I’m having fun going through the back issues of Hulk and others to show to you – I’m thinking about doing either the Thing or Abomination next – what do you guys think – do you like this feature – and who else, in the Hulk universe, would you like to see?

A Week of Valkyrie – Tuesday (The Incredible Hulk #142)

Hulk Stuff again 011

So, here’s the next issue to be showcased – it’s of course The Incredible Hulk #142 where the first Valkyrie (as Barbara Gordon) squared offf against the Hulk.  And, as this cover depicts, it seems Valkyrie is a fan of wrestling – and in particular the stylings of Jake “The Snake” Roberts.  Go V, go!