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February Hulk Variants – Week 3

defenders 1

Yet another round of 4 Hulk variants came into the LCS this week. I was not able to get a copy of the Infinity Countdown: Prime #1 – the Fixit variant – the one I wanted the most.  I had to resort to eBay for that – which I hate to do – but unfortunately, after talking to most of the people who work at the shops, they did not qualify for the variant.  So I figure the variant distribution was too out of whack for most of the shops to qualify for.

The Planet Hulk variant is cool but the obedience disc is supposed to be blue – that’s nitpicking – but it’s a pretty odd choice.




Infinity Countdown: Prime #1 (2018)

Mr. Fixit by Marcos Martin

Grade: B+
The Mighty Thor #704 (2018) 

Bruce Banner vs Hulk by Tyler Kirkham

Grade: B
Incredible Hulk #713 (2018)

Planet Hulk by Joh Tyler Christopher

Grade: B-
Defenders #10 (2018)

Defenders by Stephanie Hans

Grade: A-


February Hulk Variants – Week 2

IMG_1052 (2)

Another round of Hulk variants came soaring into our stores this week.  I did not get a copy of the Old Man Hawkeye at my LCS but I have one waiting for me elsewhere.  I will grade it but I don’t have it to show off.  You’ll have to google the image to check it out!  Overall, another solid set of variants with just a few exceptions.  I love homage art – but I think the Deadpool cover falls short artistically.  Just my opinion – others may really like it.  The most solid addition is, of course, Deodato’s Maestro cover!  It is a thing of beauty!

IMG_1053 (2)

Old Man Logan #35 (2018)

Future Hulk and Banner by Steve McNiven

Grade: B+
Old Man Hawkeye #2 (2018)
*Not Pictured

Hulk, Bruce and Betty by Terry Dodson

Grade: B+
Doctor Strange #385 (2018)

Maestro by Mike Deodato Jr

Grade: A
Despicable Deadpool #294 (2018)

Grey Hulk by Daniel Warren Johnson

Grade: C-
Marvel 2 in 1 #3 (2018)

Hulk vs Thing by Mike Hawthorne and Nolan Woodard

Grade: A
Captain America #698 (2018)

Hulk and Jarella by Bilquis Evely

Grade: C

IMG_1054 (2)

Variants Abound!

tone's first month 119

Quite a few little Hulk figures are popping up everywhere.  To begin with, Lego – the undisputed greatest toy company ever – released another Hulk set – complete with Lego MODOK, Thor, Falcon and Taskmaster.  This little (just kidding – he’s HUGE compared to the other Lego guys) Hulk comes more comic accurate sporting the purple pants – and a new, but only slightly different rage face!

tone's first month 121

tone's first month 122

Lego is still one of the toy companies out there that continuosuly stay on the top of their game.  These Marvel releases are just another reminder of how incredible each set is.  Sure, they can be pricey – but with Lego I feel like, with the amount of thought that goes into each set, it’s worth the price tag.

tone's first month 125

And now onto something a bit… smaller:

tone's first month 123

Also, I know I complained about this Mighty Muggs release – and I still think that they dropped the ball with it – but the Micro Muggs Avengers Hulk that comes in the 4 pack differs slightly from the ones that are sold in blind boxes in Target stores.  It has blue pants and a flatter finish (not so shiny).  Just a heads up to my Hulk peeps out there!

tone's first month 124 - Copy

tone's first month 124

The Skaar Variant

Skaar Figure

When these figures started showing up on the shelves I told you, thanks to the information provided by Gammapup, that there was a variant.  Not on the figure but on the little stand that comes in the package.

"Skaar" Variant

One of the stands says “Son of Hulk” while the other says “Skaar”.  I am not sure if one is more rare than the other but honestly – if it’s just the stand – does it really matter?  No, I don’t think it does either!

"Son of Hulk" Variant

Marvel Legends Planet Hulk Variant (2007)

Planet Hulk - Silver Arm Variant!

So, I finally broke down and picked this figure up off the bay – for a little more then retail – but not too much to aggravate me!  I of course would have wanted this figure out of the 2 choices – this one makes more sense!  The silver arm is a must!  One of the thing I look for in anything – commission, figure, statue – is that it is comic accurate!

A mug only a mother can love... or, as it turns out - an Oldstrong!

Take a look at my ART page – and at the Chris Stevens commissions – I wanted PH – and at first he gave me a WWH, but then he gave me a planet Hulk figure – it was just missing one thing… and interestingly enough – it’s the same thing that’s missing here – the obedience disc!  I know that the Hulk destroyed it halfway through the storyline – but while he was wearing this armor – he certainly had it on!  Things like this bum me out a bit – but that’s because I am a big nerd and need to get a life…

The 2 variants together!

How Sick Is This?

I have been updating the COMICS 1 Page – and in doing so totaled up the # of covers in the Hulk series… get ready for this – there are 65 different covers – and only 20 freakin’ issues! 65 COVERS! And of you try to collect them all – well, that’s a small freakin’ fortune! And yes, I am trying to collect them all…

Don’t forget about this one completists!

Avengers/Atlas variant cover

The Avengers / Atlas comic this past week had a variant cover this week featuring our ever loving Jade friend!  The strange part being, he doesn’t actually appear in the issue.  But if you are a sucker completist like myself – then make sure you pick this one up!