February Hulk Variants – Week 3

Yet another round of 4 Hulk variants came into the LCS this week. I was not able to get a copy of the Infinity Countdown: Prime #1 – the Fixit variant – the one I wanted the most.  I had to resort to eBay for that – which I hate to do – but unfortunately, after talking to most of the peopleContinue reading “February Hulk Variants – Week 3”

February Hulk Variants – Week 2

Another round of Hulk variants came soaring into our stores this week.  I did not get a copy of the Old Man Hawkeye at my LCS but I have one waiting for me elsewhere.  I will grade it but I don’t have it to show off.  You’ll have to google the image to check itContinue reading “February Hulk Variants – Week 2”

Variants Abound!

Quite a few little Hulk figures are popping up everywhere.  To begin with, Lego – the undisputed greatest toy company ever – released another Hulk set – complete with Lego MODOK, Thor, Falcon and Taskmaster.  This little (just kidding – he’s HUGE compared to the other Lego guys) Hulk comes more comic accurate sporting the purpleContinue reading “Variants Abound!”

The Skaar Variant

Skaar Figure When these figures started showing up on the shelves I told you, thanks to the information provided by Gammapup, that there was a variant.  Not on the figure but on the little stand that comes in the package. One of the stands says “Son of Hulk” while the other says “Skaar”.  I amContinue reading “The Skaar Variant”

Marvel Legends Planet Hulk Variant (2007)

So, I finally broke down and picked this figure up off the bay – for a little more then retail – but not too much to aggravate me!  I of course would have wanted this figure out of the 2 choices – this one makes more sense!  The silver arm is a must!  One ofContinue reading “Marvel Legends Planet Hulk Variant (2007)”

Hulk #9 Variant (Black and White)(2009)

There’s so many variants out there – this one I wanted pretty bad.  I know I really shouldn’t waste money on variants – but this one was so beautifully drawn!  And I am a sucker for black and white – as well as Christmas!  By the way – it brings me to my other ideaContinue reading “Hulk #9 Variant (Black and White)(2009)”

Turner Variants (2006/2008)

I’m not usually into getting variants.  These variant comic covers are from the late, great Michael Turner though – and not to mention I found them at a covention where the guy sold them all to me for a pretty cheap price – so… here they are.  The Incredible Hulk #100 also has a greyContinue reading “Turner Variants (2006/2008)”

Marvel Legends 1st Appearance Hulk (2006)

This figure had 2 versions right away (although – I don’t know why – the 1st appearance Hulk should be grey)  But I do like when they make a new head mold for a variant figure.  Besides we get to see Hulks winning smile.  I love the way these figures look.  I found the greenContinue reading “Marvel Legends 1st Appearance Hulk (2006)”

Marvel Legends Series 1 & 2 (2002)

  Here are the first 2 Hulk figures from the Marvel Legends series.  Series 2 was the same figures in different clothing – as you can tell they gave Hulk a shirt that they found at Building 19.  All ripped and stuff.  I think they did this to cover Hulk’s sexy chest.  Of course IContinue reading “Marvel Legends Series 1 & 2 (2002)”