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Wipe Your Feet Before Entering: A Year Worth of Cringe-Worthy Hulk Moments: Week 7

Let’s have a little fun and discuss some of the more graphic, violent, sad, or just plain awkward moments that have plastered the Hulk history.  Be it a passing meeting between spouses of a gruesome scene that nobody saw coming – this year I’ll have you squirming in your seat!

CCF12062015_0001 - Copy

We all knew from the Hulk’s first encounter with the Wendigo that the creature had a real taste for raw meat.  Of course, we didn’t see the effects of Wendigo’s appetite until issue #272.  Bruce Banner, naked and freezing after being sent home from space (and introducing Rocket Raccoon to the MU) stumbles across an open cabin.  Walking inside he finds the cabin empty… or so he thinks until:


He sees the carcasses of a few of the Wendigo’s victims.  Hearing the Wendigo is a cursed cannibal is one thing – but to see the after effects is another!  It’s very reminiscent of the premiere encounter with Leather Face from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre – another famous cannibal – where dead bodies adorn the house.  I can’t decide which is sicker though – making furniture out of the remains, as Leather Face did, or posing the skeletons in a drunken pose – and the very trendy his/her inversion exercise.

CCF12062015_0000 - Copy


Bowen Designs Wendigo Statue (2011)

Wasn't this Hulk Hogan's pose first?

I have to tell you – I was dead set against picking this up – not because I don’t like the character or was disappointed in the way it came out but more because of the sheer size of this mother!  True to the character, this massive statue is bigger than any of the Hulk statues that Bowen has released.  Even better – it’s obviously Byrne inspired from Uncanny X-Men #140.

ManiPedi? Wendigo deserves the best...

Classic cover and now classic statue!  It’s amazing how some sculpts made in 3-D can work so well, and that’s one of the things that Bowen does better than anyone else.  You would be hard pressed to find another company who can make statues of our favorite comic characters that look as though they’ve popped off the page!

It's the whole she-bang!

Now, I told you I was pretty much resigned to not picking this up but I walked into Comically Speaking in Reading, MA and I was floored when seeing it in person.  Not only did I pick it up but when I got home I instantly got busy making the perfect display.  I’ve always thought that Bowen’s 1st appearance action Wolverine went well with the Smack-Down Hulk – but without Wendigo in the mix the display is missing something.

A Mug only a Mother could love... too bad he would probably eat his mother

Just like the Wendigo bust (which has the greatest base ever!) the FS base is scattered with skulls.  While the bust was certainly Trimpe inspired – Bowen went another direction this time, as I mentioned before, with a Byrne inspiration.  But this time we at least get a peek at that HUGE tail!  The tail and the mane (which was Byrne’s real contribution to this character) are probably my favorite parts of this statue.

I am not an animal!

I mentioned how large this piece is – but unless you can see it you will never fully realize what I mean.  Factor in the frailty of the tail and claws – you are seeing a very rare piece.  I know Bowen only released 450 of these (and when I say 450 I don’t mean 450 regular with another 450 exclusive – for all of you math illiterate people out there it means there are actually 900 statues out there, yeah – BD doesn’t play that way) and if that seems low to you – it is.  If you have a chance to snatch one of these up – DO IT!

Who thinks these two should be a comic team?

So, in closing, we are very lucky to have a company like BD doing comic statues like these and for as long as he has – because we are getting characters that I never dreamed of seeing as busts and FS.  Who else thought we’d see a Ring Master bust?  Not I!  And a Wendigo FS!?!?  So, let’s support BD – if this is not you’re cup of tea – that’s fine, you’re nuts, but that’s fine – BD has something for everyone.  Check it out for yourself!

Together - they still don't stand a chance!

Now for a shot of the display:

My Desk - how do I ever get any work done?

Rob Reilly Commissions – Part 2 (2009)

Joe Fixit - Shooting Up the Place!

Joe Fixit - Shooting Up the Place!

Here’s the second set of commissions.  Yes, I’m sure you’ve guessed – that’s fixit above there.  If you click on Fixit above you will be taken to Rob’s web site.  He’s always interested in commissions – so if you like what you see – the guy seems to be able to do any character.  Now I saved some of my favorite pieces for this post – mainly because it has some solid villians including,

The Leader:

The Leader - Who Can Tell Where the Quote is From?

The Leader - Who Can Tell Where the Quote is From?





A Very Graphic Wendigo!  One of the best commissions ever!

A Very Graphic Wendigo! One of the best commissions ever!

And I chose to get one of the most important, driving forces in the Hulk comics – one Miss Betty Ross:

Betty Ross Banner

Betty Ross Banner

And now a shot of all 10 commissions!

Can't wait to get a frame for these!

Can't wait to get a frame for these!

UPDATE: I just brought these to see what a frame would cost – they quoted me $485.00 – needless to say I passed on the framing.  I’ll see what I can do about maybe finding a cheaper way to display them.

Wendigo Marvel Legends (2008)

Wendigo Marvel Legends

Wendigo Marvel Legends

This is the figure rumored to being the best and most sought after.  It is really amazing!  It’s huge and detailed and massive!  There are a few set-backs to this toy though – first off, Wendigo is all white so the paint application is pretty standard – I do wish there was a better way to give some highlights though, maybe with a bit of grey but this figure is without.  Again, the packaging is he one thing this line has done right.  Instead of the bubble packaging that the Marvel Legends had adopted they go with the blister packaging with a plastic bubble glued to a cardboard backing.  There’s a classic illustration of the character at the top left corner.  It’s pretty phenomenal all around.

Close up of Wendigo

Close up of Wendigo

The face and heavy metal hair do make up for any letdowns on this figure.  There’s a great wide tail that attaches to the back and… oh… unfortunately that’s it.  This Marvel Legends Figure Line is really lacking on any accessories.  It’s a huge bummer too – because those are some of the coolest aspects of these toys – and to charge more – for less!  And sure, you do get a piece for the BAF Fin Fang Foom that looks really good (this comes with the right arm and wing of Foom) – but those shouldn’t count as accessories.  All in all this is still a great figure that lives up to the hype and is is a must have!

Toy Updates!

new hulk toys

My friend Corry – as well as a constant commentor on this site, Paul – have sent me links to the new Hulk toys that appeared at the New York Comic Con.  Click on the image to see the rest of the toys, including a RED HULK, a Savage Silver Surfer from Planet Hulk, and a BI-BEAST!!!!  Although these toys aren’t going to hit shelves for months (due out this fall) no worries, the Hulk movie figures should be out in just a short while!  Thanks to Corry and Paul!

Incredible Hulk #162 (1973)

Incredible Hulk #162 - Wendigo\'s crotch is awful shadowy.

WordPress is really messing with me right now… they have totally changed the way to make a post – it was harder than it was before – and this is coming from someone who knows nothing about computers!

Anyways, Incredible Hulk #162 is the first appearence of Wendigo.  This sets up the later appearence introducing Wolverine pretty nicely.  You find out all about how the Wedigo curse is laid upon anyone who gets lost in the woods and eats their friends.  It’s true.  Which if that was true for real life – the movie Alive would’ve been totally different.  Better even.  Hulk actually tries to help Wendigo in this issue (by the way, it shows him talking pretty eloquently on the cover, well, he doesn’t actually say anything but his own name in the comic)  Still, a pretty sad story that Hulk ends up realizing that, even with all of his strength, he can’t always help people, even though he may want to.  This also sets up the identity of the person Wendigo is and makes #180 & #181 even more devastating. 

I love Trimpe’s artwork, but the Wendigo does look pretty bad with that tail – and the shadowy crotch area is distracting…

Incredible Hulk “Outcasts” (1996)


I displayed the “Smash and Crash” figures before – well, this is the other line with dubbed “Outcasts” for a good reason.  These guys are freaks.  This has some good figures such as the Leader Hulk, Wendigo, and the female named Chainsaw.  For some reason I am missing Two-Head.  A shrimp Hulk with two heads.  I’m not sure if I couldn’t find this figure or if I just didn’t buy him – but now, years later, knowing that my collection is not complete – you can bet I will be searching for this figure.  You will know if I found it because it will be posted right away.