Wizard #214 is Hulk-tastic!

Listen, it’s been a while since I actually bought a Wizard, the magazine just doesn’t do it for me anymore – but a friend told me to check it out for a few Hulk treats inside.  There’s a top ten list entitled Savage Showmen where they count down the Hulk’s most successful creators.  Here’s whatContinue reading “Wizard #214 is Hulk-tastic!”

Wizard # 196 is Hulk-tastic!

Wizard #196 just hit the new-stands today – and it is filled with Hulk gems!  Not only do they interview the New Hulk Movie Director, Louis Leterrier, and Ed McGuinness on the upcoming Red Hulk comic – with an extra peek at some of his sketches (including a peek at the Abomination, who looks awesome), and while I’mContinue reading “Wizard # 196 is Hulk-tastic!”