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Who has these?

Hulk #6 – Green Version

Is Wizard still around?  If so, does it still have multiple covers?  If so, does anyone actually still buy the magazine?  I fondly remember picking this magazine up issue anfter issue and reading it cover to cover!  Wizard was THE name in comic news… and then things went a little south.  For a while Wizard tried to get into the retail business – selling statues and figures on thier site.  I don’t know anyone who bought from them – and more so – most of them laughed at the “value” they placed on things.  Even the price guide was viewed as an unreliable source.  They tried to offer the magazine without the price guide – which showed the lack of real content all that more apparent.  It’s too bad really, like I said, I loved this mag back in the day.  And these two are my favorite covers.  The green version seems to be easier to find – the grey version is my personal favorite though – from artist elite, Sam Kieth!

Wizard #6 – Grey Version – when they were still incorporating the Wizard cloak into the covers!

Wizard #214 is Hulk-tastic!

Savage Showmen Top Ten by Wizard

Savage Showmen Top Ten by Wizard

Listen, it’s been a while since I actually bought a Wizard, the magazine just doesn’t do it for me anymore – but a friend told me to check it out for a few Hulk treats inside.  There’s a top ten list entitled Savage Showmen where they count down the Hulk’s most successful creators.  Here’s what we got:

10) Bill Mantlo – Okay, sure.  He wrote some of the most classic Hulk tales – he deserves his due.

9) Ed Mcguinness – let’s be honest here, he’s the only reason people are buying the book right now.  Maybe he deserves this spot, but I’m still inclined to say not.

8 ) Bruce Jones – Wait, Seriously?!?  Bruce freakin’ Jones?  Someone needs a reality check!  The guy was one of the worst Hulk scribes of Hulk history!  No way does he deserve a spot!

7) Todd McFarlane – I know not everyone is a fan. but I am, he’s the guy who was drawing the book when I first started reading it, so I have a soft spot for this guy.

6) Dale Keown – Hands down, one of the most revered Hulk artist out there.

5) Gary Frank – Not a fan of this artist rendition of the Hulk.  I know there are people who love this guy – but I can’t say I’m one of them.

4) Herb Trimpe – By far my favorite, so yeah, I think he should be higher on this list!

3) Greg Pak – For writing one of the most memorable Hulk stories in years, he’s earned his spot.  But #3?  Really?

2) Sal Buscema – Can’t argue this one either, if it’s not Keown that Hulk fans want – it’s Buscema!

1) Peter David – The man, the legend, and here he is at #1.

Ummm… where is Kirby and Lee? 

Shop Talk - everyone hates the Red Hulk...

Shop Talk - everyone hates the Red Hulk...

Also, toward the back near the price guide, you will see a small side bar with Retailer Buzz noting that Hulk is not selling all that well anymore.  The people asked reason that it’s because no one cares about who the Red Hulk is anymore (I agree) – that it’s taken way too long to get the identity (I also agree) and that the inconsistent schedule is killing the book (Yup, yup)

Wizard # 196 is Hulk-tastic!

Wizard Covers

Wizard #196 just hit the new-stands today – and it is filled with Hulk gems!  Not only do they interview the New Hulk Movie Director, Louis Leterrier, and Ed McGuinness on the upcoming Red Hulk comic – with an extra peek at some of his sketches (including a peek at the Abomination, who looks awesome), and while I’m still skeptical at the comic’s worthwhile-ness, these images did make me kind of excited for it next week.

Also, in the issue is a sidebar with Peter David where he and Bobbie Chase tell about Marvel’s ill conceived move to take David off the book so that they could return the comic to it’s “Hulk Smash!” roots (which Marvel failed to do, even with a revamp by Byrne, who didn’t last, and even got farther away from that idea with Bruce Jones who, while he did make the book into a hot seller, alienated the fans even more than Byrne did).  For a real David fix though, check out Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom on the shelves today!  I will post about that in the morning, but for now I must go to bed…