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Mini-Mates King Hulk and Red King (2018)

IMG_1077 (2)

The MiniMates are continuing to slay all of the other lines by constantly delivering some of the best and has the biggest array of characters offered than any other line produced.  Now the “Greatest Stories” line has given us the King Hulk and Red King of Sakkar.  I wish there was a Planet Hulk Dorbz – other than the Gladiator Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok – that was more comic based.  That would have been a perfect pairing for this set – besides, we already have a King Hulk – or as they called it originally – World War Hulk.  It was paired with Mr. Fantastic.  Getting a Red King is totally worth double dipping with a King Hulk – something they should have offered the first time around!

IMG_1078 (2)

Marvel 500 Hulks… So Far…

hulks whhhhha 003

That’s right – there is yet another “blind package” Marvel set to get.  These blind packages seem to be taking over the entire market – and I get the appeal to some degree – but they really aren’t for me.  I usually find what I need on eBay or even at some LCS that opens the a few of these boxes or packages and happens to have a Hulk.  That’s how I ended up with the Grey Hulk.  All the others were found on the ‘bay.

hulks whhhhha 003 - Copy

hulks whhhhha 003 - Copy (2)hulks whhhhha 003 - Copy (3)I usually enjoy the “hunt” for treasures – but with blind packages there is always so much waste that it becomes more of a chore than an enjoyable game.  That being said, I do like these simple little figures.  They remind me of the Handful of Heroes that were released a few years ago – except they are slightly bigger and painted.

quick hulk pics 004

Most of the Hulks are the same mold they just yield different color schemes.  The Hulk, Grey Hulk, Red Hulk and the clear Gamma Hulk are identical in pose the only slightly different Hulk is the World War Hulk with a hand raised to attack.  If you’re looking to pick up the Classic Hulk, Red Hulk and Gamma Hulk they are from series 1 – as the Grey Hulk and World War Hulk come from season 2.

quick hulk pics 005 - Copy  quick hulk pics 005

hulks whhhhha 002

Marvel Universe’ World War Hulk (2010)

MU World War Hulk

Closer Look in the package!

I showed off my Thanos and Juggy yesterday – now let’s bet back to Hulk!  Here is the latest wave to hit the shelves that include WWH here and Samson – who I will be posting tomorrow – and wait till you see THAT figure!  WWHulk is an amazing figure though – with plenty of accessories!  Marvel Hulk figures have come and gone – and usually with some issue…

The bounty so far... +1

To name a few – the original ML Hulk was a cool sculpt but didn’t have a fist – Hulk figures should always have a fist!  Planet Hulk’s face was an abomination!  The first MU Hulk’s paint job could have been way better – but let’s not forget there have been some beauties as well!  ML Face-Off Hulk – both sculpts were amazing – MU Secret Wars Hulk is also outstanding!  And I think this figure will also be included in one of the best! 

The Weapons Abound!

Hulk and the Weapons

The WWH all together!

The face sculpt is perfect!  The paint application is outstanding!  The accessories are even detailed with marks on the weapons and the textures on the loin cloth and skin!  One of the issues with the Planet Hulk figure was that the arm – that was originally painted silver – then green – was never really sculpted to be an arm covered in armor.  But this is a totally different story!  This figure really captures everything so perfectly!  As of right now I have picked up 4 figures, including one that my Mother has wrapped and put under our tree… even though I bought it myself.

Would you mess with a huge Green Guy armed to the teeth?

Oh IM - When will you learn? You don't stand a chance!

Mr Fantastic / WWH MiniMates 2-Pack (2010)

TRU Exclusive 2-Pack - Featuring WWH

Here we have another TRU exclusive. They just got these in at my TRU – and I was there to get it! I gotta say – I love the little details in this 2-pack! The WWH is fantastic! He has the silver arm – the crown, the leather garb he had in the storyline… but the awesome part of this 2-pack? It comes with a Stretch Attack Mr. Fantastic – who has a HUGE strecthy arm! I was surprised when they put these 2 in the pack together – much like when they released the Doom/Hulk 2-pack – but this is better than any other combination – mainly because Reed seems to get too much of a pass on his contribution on sending the Hulk into space. Maybe this will remind people that Reed isn’t as Fantastic as he should’ve been!

WWH Minimate

What If? WWH (2009) – The Review

What If? WWH

This What If? is one of the better What If? stories to come out including the Hulk.  The first story takes place at the end of WWH where the heroes are desperate to take out the Hulk in any way – and as Tony releases the laser from the satellites they find… it works and takes the Hulk out.  But it also kills the Spider Woman *Skrull Queen*.  This puts the very well fed Skrull Commander in charge – and he believes that the Hulk is the green prophet.  He believes that the Hulk’s actions are actually signs that are telling him now is the time to strike and to make the “blue planet” their new home.

Hulk - the savior - the curse...

And strike they do – they release a fury of attacks and kill millions – humans, heroes and mutants alike.  After a few months the Vision android returns to the site of the WWH final battle and finds Bruce.  He’s poisoned and just waiting to die.  The vision tells Bruce what has been going on, tells him that they could really use the Hulk’s help.  Bruce finally agrees and tears through the Skrull army as easily as he did the heroes in WWH.  As the Hulk takes out more and more the remaining heroes begin to gather and create an Army – they call themselves the Avengers and are preparing to take their planet back.

Hulk taking on the skrulls!

But the Skrulls have a plan of their own.  A spy.  A bomb – in the form of Giant Man.  See, the Wasp is actually a Skrull – and as Pym professes his love she reveals herself – and also reveals that Pym a living bomb and he detonates.  He destroys the remaining heroes – except the Hulk who summons the Surfer.  Hulk demands that the Surfer bring Galactus to devour Earth.  Surfer refuses… at first – but with a bit more urging from the Hulk the Surfer agrees.

The Hulk asks the Surfer for a favor

The Skrulls don’t understand where they went wrong.  Why their new home, much like their old home, is being destroyed by Galactus.  But the Hulk does not perish along with his home world – instead Galactus tells the Hulk that his rage is perfect to become his new Herald.  The Hulk asks only to let him forget – and Galactus delivers.  The New Herald – the World Breaker!

The World Breaker! WOW!

I liked this story – but everyone seems to address what the Hulk did in almost destroying the Earth – but not one writer has addressed the fact that Reed, Stark, and the others were responsible for the Hulk wrath… but the story is still pretty excellent: B+

The next story is about What If Thor came back at the end of WWH?    Funny enough – it does address that Stark, Reed and others are to be held responsible – but it was really, really bad – one of those “happily ever after” kind of stories – one of those – let’s all help and get along and forgive everyone kind of endings.  I won’t bother going on longer than that about it.  Grade: D

Marvel’s Handful of Heroes (2009) – Part 1

Marvel's Handful of Heroes

Marvel's Handful of Heroes

I was supposed to post some of these Friday – but I didn’t have time – and I’m kind of glad I didn’t because I was able to score some more of these Saturday.  They have been popping up in select K-Marts and Wal-Marts – it’s strange how very few seem to have them in – but if you’re lucky enough to see these the great thing is you can make out most of the figures inside.  That makes it possible to try and avoid doubles as much as possible.  It’s not totally avoidable – but good enough.

Clear and Cosmic Classic Hulk

Clear and Cosmic Classic Hulk

So, there are forty separate figures – each one has three colors – a solid or matte finish, a clear or translucent and lastly a translucent infused with glitter or cosmic (or “sparkly”).  Most of the more popular characters have at least 3 separate variants.  For Hulk figures there is the classic, Gladiator (or Planet Hulk) and King Hulk (or WWH).  There is also a Red Hulk.

Solid and Clear Planet Hulk

Solid and Clear Planet Hulk

Cosmic and Solid WWH

Cosmic and Solid WWH

In a strange twist of fate I seem to have gotten all 3 of the Red Hulks but am still seeking out a few of the regular Hulks.  I think these little guys are pretty well done – and each package comes with 8 figures.  If you’re able to track these down certainly pick some up – tomorrow I will be featuring the Hulk villains available.

All 3 Red Hulks... How did this happen?

All 3 Red Hulks... How did this happen?

Chris Stevens WWH Commission (2009)

Snappahead Commission

Snappahead Commission

I am really into getting art lately – really into getting art from artists that I admire – but I get even more excited about getting art from amazing undiscovered artists.  I don’t know if “undiscovered” covers this artist here though.  His name is Chris Stevens and he goes by Snappahead on the Statue Forum.  He is responsible for some of the most amazing pieces to be seen on the forum.  He is well worth the price he asks.  He opens up his commission list and closes it when it fills (which happens pretty quickly) when he has enough to keep him busy for a month or so…  So I was VERY unfortunate to be one of the last people to get on the list.  I asked him for a Planet Hulk piece and he was more than happy to oblige.

Close Up of the face

Close Up of the face

When I got the scan of the work – my jaw just dropped – it’s that beautiful!  One thing – I did notice that my Planet Hulk was turned into a WWH – and I bet only a handful of people can tell why – but I noticed, and it didn’t matter – I was amazed at what this man can accomplish with a pen and ink!  I hope to get another piece from him very soon – I might go for a marker piece next – and maybe even get the Planet Hulk I asked for 😉

Who else can tell why this is a WWH and not a PH commission?

Who else can tell why this is a WWH and not a PH commission?