Mini-Mates King Hulk and Red King (2018)

The MiniMates are continuing to slay all of the other lines by constantly delivering some of the best and has the biggest array of characters offered than any other line produced.  Now the “Greatest Stories” line has given us the King Hulk and Red King of Sakkar.  I wish there was a Planet Hulk DorbzContinue reading “Mini-Mates King Hulk and Red King (2018)”

Marvel 500 Hulks… So Far…

That’s right – there is yet another “blind package” Marvel set to get.  These blind packages seem to be taking over the entire market – and I get the appeal to some degree – but they really aren’t for me.  I usually find what I need on eBay or even at some LCS that opensContinue reading “Marvel 500 Hulks… So Far…”

Marvel Universe’ World War Hulk (2010)

I showed off my Thanos and Juggy yesterday – now let’s bet back to Hulk!  Here is the latest wave to hit the shelves that include WWH here and Samson – who I will be posting tomorrow – and wait till you see THAT figure!  WWHulk is an amazing figure though – with plenty of accessories!  Marvel Hulk figuresContinue reading “Marvel Universe’ World War Hulk (2010)”

Mr Fantastic / WWH MiniMates 2-Pack (2010)

Here we have another TRU exclusive. They just got these in at my TRU – and I was there to get it! I gotta say – I love the little details in this 2-pack! The WWH is fantastic! He has the silver arm – the crown, the leather garb he had in the storyline… butContinue reading “Mr Fantastic / WWH MiniMates 2-Pack (2010)”

What If? WWH (2009) – The Review

This What If? is one of the better What If? stories to come out including the Hulk.  The first story takes place at the end of WWH where the heroes are desperate to take out the Hulk in any way – and as Tony releases the laser from the satellites they find… it works and takesContinue reading “What If? WWH (2009) – The Review”

Marvel’s Handful of Heroes (2009) – Part 1

I was supposed to post some of these Friday – but I didn’t have time – and I’m kind of glad I didn’t because I was able to score some more of these Saturday.  They have been popping up in select K-Marts and Wal-Marts – it’s strange how very few seem to have them inContinue reading “Marvel’s Handful of Heroes (2009) – Part 1”

Chris Stevens WWH Commission (2009)

I am really into getting art lately – really into getting art from artists that I admire – but I get even more excited about getting art from amazing undiscovered artists.  I don’t know if “undiscovered” covers this artist here though.  His name is Chris Stevens and he goes by Snappahead on the Statue Forum. Continue reading “Chris Stevens WWH Commission (2009)”

Hulk vs. Black Bolt SHS (2008)

Here is the best 2-pack of Wave 2.  Why?  Well, if you aren’t up on your Hulk history then let me enlighten you… in WWH #1 when the Hulk reaches the moon he is faced with the Inhumans.  Hulk and Black Bolt face off and the end resuly is the Hulk charging after Black BoltContinue reading “Hulk vs. Black Bolt SHS (2008)”

World War Hulk Bust (2008)

  There are two busts out currently based on the World War Hulk storyline.  Each was made by Diamond Select – one was supposed to be limited to 1000 – it is now limited to 800.  The one in the pictures was supposed to be the variant limited to only 200 – but instead it’sContinue reading “World War Hulk Bust (2008)”

World War Hulk #5 out Today!

  This is the ending to the whole series here – I hope it’s worth it, because up until last issue it’s been moving at a snail’s pace.  Seriously, did it have take 4 comics, 3 spin-off comics with a least 4 issues in each, 6 crossover comics (including his own title) for him to gather upContinue reading “World War Hulk #5 out Today!”

Hulk T-Shirts (2007)

I just recently bought these shirts.  They’re both images from World War Hulk that is going on right now.  I have quite a few Hulk shirts – I just have to find them all to show you.  I like the battle shirt that has the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, She-Hulk, and Luke Cage trying to takeContinue reading “Hulk T-Shirts (2007)”