These Hulk toys are in my collection.  To see the blog click on the image below.

Hulk Kazoo Spiderman Dart Set Pinball Bobble Head Classic Battles and Team Ups Steel Body Trap Hulk Skates Hulk Balls Plush Hulk Zombie Mini Mates Hulk Minimates 2 Hulk Gun candy and clock Pez Hulk Cards RipRollerz Action Playset 2 Bop Bag Mask Model 2 Play Twon Mini Stuffed Hulk Hulk Hands Sliding Puzzle Hulk Kite Hulk Play-doh hand held game topper hbearz megahulkandspidey flyhighspirrz hulk mask 08 hulkey pokey walkietalkies Weatherblitz 2008hulkhands  utilitybelt   hulk-stuffs-0011 hulk-stuff-002 TRU MiniMates hulk-stuff-004 hulk-stuff-0031 hulk-items-046 hulk-stuff-again-0101 

15 thoughts on “Toys

  1. I may have a Hulk you would be interested in. It is a grey plastic hulk circa 1962 issued by Marvel along with several other heros (Ex. Thor, Iron man, Capt America And more. Drop me a line if you’re interested!


  2. Ratchet,
    I don’t know how to email you directly…so I’ll try this. I’m not sure how much you care about variants, (like the first wave of Hasbro Hulk movie figs come with and without eyebrows, and a slight head sculpt on the one), but I went to K-Mart and found that they made a Hulk and Hummer set that is a much more toned-down hulk than the neon one. It’s pretty cool. I also grabbed a really dark-toned production piece from the factories, so I’ve managed to get three very different greened hulks. This darker one in the box though, I’ve only seen this one time at K-Mart. Thought I’d share.

  3. hi im a collector of hulk looking for the 1970 1980s hulk action figures i remember two sizes of hulk figures,would you know any sites i could find them on.thanks mike v.

  4. Hi,
    I have a SUPER SIZE 40″ Incredible Hulk stuffed plush action figure in excellent condition that would make an awesome addition to your collection! It’s over 3 ft. tall and the size of a toddler. It’s a very rare and hard to find item, as it’s not sold anywhere online.

    I currently have it up for auction on ebay:

    Please check it out if you’re interested and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  5. hi i have an origenal denys fisher stretch hulk still in coffin and box hulk in perfect condition box shows signs of wear its ment to be one of only 28 left any ideas what its worth
    many thanks

    1. Well, this is interesting – mainly because, if you click on the link that says Stretch Hulk on the side, this site will tell you, in my opinion, a ridiculous amount. But if ebay is any indication then it is worth a good chunk of change. I am talking you easily could get $500-$700 in an auction – heck, it might even go higher – but the guy who runs the website will have you believe it’s worth a few thousand – and that’s just not realistic…

      If you check on ebay you will see what I am talking about – no one is buying these things up for anywhere close to 1K. These was a decent one that went up for $900 and it didn’t even sell. These figures have been over-hyped and over-priced for years and it’s coming back to haunt the buyers now. The market could never handle the prices that they were selling them for – and it shows. So – if you’re looking to sell it – my advice is to start an auction on ebay – start it at a price you’re comfortable selling it for – but keep it on the reasonable side. Then, if people bid it up – you’ll have a nice surprise. But at least you won’t have one of the stretch Hulks cluttering up ebay, sitting there for weeks, months at a time with no one tempted to buy.

  6. Hi – I have a hulk from 2002, the movie – it is large – like a foot and a half tall – and it has like a gun on the back – you hold it, and squeeze one of 4 levers and hulk kicks, punches and yells Hulk Smash and some other things. Can you tell me what the name of this toy is? I can’t find one one ebay – basically I’d like to know if it’s worth anything before I give it to my 4 year old for xmas – he’ll destroy it. I try to give him stuff that isn’t worth much. I’d rather sell the good stuff. Thanks.

    1. Yes, I think what you have is called the Battle Action Hulk – and the worth… well, let’s just say it’s pretty common.

  7. Your collection is amazing! I am wondering if you can help me? I found the Hulk Military 4×4 Gunner still in the box by Funrise Toys. It’s the big truck with real working missile launcher. It also states on the box that it is official movie merchandise copyrighted 2003. I cannot find it anywhere on line: ebay, Amazon, Google, etc. Do you know anything about it?

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