Hulk Dog Chew Toy (2020)

Researching fish tanks I was pleasantly surprised to come across this fluffy soft on an endcap!  They had a few Marvel characters but nothing as cool as this bulky guy!  I even love the appropriately colored rope he comes with!  Honestly, I have softs that aren’t this well produced – and this one was madeContinue reading “Hulk Dog Chew Toy (2020)”

A Couple of New Immortal Hulk Variants

I found a fantastic deal on a couple of Immortal Hulk variants. The first, above is the Gabrielle Dell Otto variant for issue #2. A dark but amazing looking variant that harkens to the classic Savage Hulk. The other is the Inhyuk variant to issue #17. This bloody variant is one of the cooler variantsContinue reading “A Couple of New Immortal Hulk Variants”

Dollar Bin Finds XI

The craziest thing about this pandemic is actually having the time to go through my “to read” pile.  I was pleasantly surprised to read issue #1 of Nighthawk and see out favorite green goliath in the issue! When going through his life story they focused on his time in the Defenders. Nighthawk was combined withContinue reading “Dollar Bin Finds XI”

Flickers Series #1 Hulk Ring and Stand (2020)

From 2004 comes this little set featuring a lenticular stand and ring.  This technology would later be used on actual comic covers but here they use Byrne illustrations on the stand and a classic Kirby image for the ring. I found this piece at a shop in Reading, MA.  Apparently there are other Hulk onesContinue reading “Flickers Series #1 Hulk Ring and Stand (2020)”