Bowen Hulk Busts (2007)

  Randy Bowen has outdone himself here with these two extrordinary busts.  Each sculpt mirrors the first appearences of the Hulk – the Grey Hulk with his ripped shirt and scowling mug – and the Green Hulk witht he same scowl – but bare-chesting it!  People have insinuated that these really aren’t busts – inContinue reading “Bowen Hulk Busts (2007)”

Master Replicas Incredible Hulk #1 (2008)

  Every time I opened a new part to this statue I just kept saying “Wow!” or “Holy crap!”  This enormous statue is a little bigger than the Bowen Green Hulk and re-creates the cover to The Incredible Hulk #1.  Even the backing of this statue is jaw dropping. Let’s start with the fact thatContinue reading “Master Replicas Incredible Hulk #1 (2008)”

There’s a sad rumor floating around…

There is a rumor out there that the McFarlane-inspired grey Hulk statue from Diamond Select has been cancelled.  Here is the picture of it so you know what I’m talking about: I wasn’t sure if I was going to pick this piece up anyways – wasn’t sure because of the recent surge in Hulk merchandiseContinue reading “There’s a sad rumor floating around…”

The Incredible Hulk #372 & 376

There was no better time for a Hulk fan than the early 90’s.  Peter David was just hitting a creative stride, Hulk was selling better than ever, and Dale Keown had never made the Hulk look better.  I prefer the illustrations of this time period – (recent drawings seem to highlight a bunch of veinsContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #372 & 376”

Mega Blocks Hulk & Spiderman Playset (2006)

Hulk and Spiderman paired up again.  You’d think that these two were friends or something!  But they never actually got together in the comics and fought crime.  They’ve been guest-stars in each other’s comics and even helped the Wood-God escape together – but they’ve never displayed what I would call friendship.  In fact, I betContinue reading “Mega Blocks Hulk & Spiderman Playset (2006)”

Metal Belt Buckle (1978)

Isn’t this a piece of stylish fashion from yesteryear!  I would wear this with pride!  This, to me would be like wearing those huge belt buckles that bull-riders get.  Except, instead of winning it for riding a ferocious bull, I would be wearing it because I love a green man.  Which sounds a lot gayerContinue reading “Metal Belt Buckle (1978)”

That’s right – another stretch Hulk for sale.

  Another Stretch Hulk has appeared on ebay.  The starting price is a little pricey (I’m still not ready to get one of these yet, unless someone wants to give me a loan the money to buy this.)   UPDATE: The Auction has ended.  This beauty went for a whopping $5,000.00 – and $55 for shipping. Continue reading “That’s right – another stretch Hulk for sale.”

Mega Block Magnetic Figure (2006)

Trust me when I tell you that I searched everywhere – every toy store from here to New Hampshire – and no one ever had this in stock.  I once found a Spider-man figure, it gave me hope, and I searched forever in that store, but to no avail.  I had to settle for findingContinue reading “Mega Block Magnetic Figure (2006)”

It was Fate…

  Today’s haul at New England Comics was great – totally made up for the disappointing trip I had in Norwood.  As I was scouring the back issue bin the guy from behind the counter walked up to me and whispered (seriously, he whispered) “Hey I just got some back issues in.  I already soldContinue reading “It was Fate…”

Comics Buyer’s Guide is Hulk-tastic!

This month the Comic Buyer’s Guide (#1639) features the Green and Red Hulk on its cover with some nice tidbits on the inside as well.  There is a small article titled “Running in the Red” that has the current Hulk and Hercules creators talking about what the new story lines are promising to bring.  Pakk saysContinue reading “Comics Buyer’s Guide is Hulk-tastic!”