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Hulk Dog Chew Toy (2020)

IMG_1912 (2)

Researching fish tanks I was pleasantly surprised to come across this fluffy soft on an endcap!  They had a few Marvel characters but nothing as cool as this bulky guy!  I even love the appropriately colored rope he comes with!  Honestly, I have softs that aren’t this well produced – and this one was made with the intention of a Hulk destroying it!  I truly love finding stuff like this, especially on accident!

IMG_1913 (2)

Pewter Hulk and Thing (19??)

IMG_1856 (2)

Not sure where these came from.  A friend had these little guys on his shelf for the longest time and had to move away.  I was helping him pack things up and he said I could have them.  He had little to no information on them though saying only that they came in a boxed set with other heroes but all he had left were these two.

IMG_1857 (2)

The Hulk is pretty hilarious looking with his strong man pose and bricks laying at his feet! I like the amount of detail that they gave this little fella is actually impressive.  The back muscles and torn shirt and tattered pants are genuinely exceptional!

IMG_1858 (2)

The Thing has a cooler action pose, running straight on ready to clobber… or looking for a hearty handshake.  These look like game pieces but I tried to seek out early Marvel games that had tokens like this but to no avail.

If anyone has any information that would help I will give you a mental high-five!

IMG_1859 (2)


Flickers Series #1 Hulk Ring and Stand (2020)

IMG_1908 (2)

From 2004 comes this little set featuring a lenticular stand and ring.  This technology would later be used on actual comic covers but here they use Byrne illustrations on the stand and a classic Kirby image for the ring.

IMG_1910 (2)

I found this piece at a shop in Reading, MA.  Apparently there are other Hulk ones and, of course, other hero sets.  This fun, unique stuff is the kind of stuff that doesn’t litter the shelves much anymore.  I miss this stuff so I was happy to snag it!

IMG_1911 (2)

Hulk Toys that Didn’t Make it into the Collection – Part 3


Yes, there are some Hulk toys that I actually DON’T buy.  Above is the new Hulk Titan Series figure.  The reason it didn’t land in the Hulk room is because the figure was the same – just new box art.  I didn’t feel like having two of these unimpressive figures littering the collection when the only thing they changed was the box.


This next atrocity is a Hangree called the Incredible Dump.  These are actually pooping toys and I don’t think I really need to explain why I didn’t bother purchasing this particular piece.


I went to the Disney Store and saw the Marvel Select Avengers: End Game Hulk figure.  While I did pick up the Hulk with the Nanogauntlet I chose to leave this figure on the shelf as I truly did not like the way that the Hulk was presented in the movie.


Last but not least I found this glow in the dark putty – which is actually really cool – but didn’t think I needed to bring it home.



Little Hulk Lunch Box (2019)

IMG_1890 (2)

This tiny Hulk lunch box is no bigger then a box of raisins.  The best thing, of course, is the fact that it is adorned with classic 70’s/80’s Hulk images.  There are really famous Hulk pics all over!  The front comes from the cover to the King Size Special #1 with Hulk holding his title on his back.

IMG_1891 (2)

The back cover looks like a classic illustration – and I should know where it’s from but I;m drawing a blank – who out there can help me identify where this is from?

IMG_1893 (2)

Even the sides of the box have some Byrne Hulk images!  These came from a bunch of blind packages – but the display piece was this guy you see in this post!  The manager of my LCS ripped open the display box to save this for me.  That’s what you call service!

IMG_1894 (2)

Funny thing is that it even comes with a little Thermos eraser!  It was so unexpected but I opened up the box and out rolled this solid cylinder very reminiscent of the thermoses that came with our classic metal lunch boxes from yesteryear!

IMG_1895 (2)

Avengers: Infinity War Sparkling Superfruit Drink Hulk Can (2019)

IMG_1752 (2)

Granted, this was probably out for the first movie – but I didn’t find this gem until just this year!  While I picked up the Hulk can I wasn’t so sure I was even going to bother drinking it.  Who knows what superfruit tastes like?  Is that a generic way of saying “We tried to get it taste like a specific fruit but failed”?  Either way, I snatched up a can of this fizzy drink to bring home.

IMG_1754 (2)

Once home, I decided to go ahead and taste the mystery “fruit” flavored drink.  So I popped the top and went to town.

IMG_1756 (2)

It didn’t smell too bad…

IMG_1758 (2)

So I took the plunge and gulped down the carbonated beverage.  I still can’t tell you what I it’s supposed to taste like – and I can’t even tell you it tasted all that good – but hey, the Hulk was on the can so it was well worth the $1 price tag!

Avengers: Endgame Hulk Keychain and Pen (2019)

hulk time! 018 (2)

You can rely on certain companies to release pieces that tie to a movie.  So, yes, Hasbro will release a set of Marvel Legends that will please some and displease others and Funko will most likely make some cool Pops, key chains and pen toppers as well as Pez dispensers and Mystery Mini blind boxes.  Well, sure enough here he have the key chain.

hulk time! 019 (2)

hulk time! 022 (2)

I really wish the figures didn’t have to be bobble heads but if you never take them out of the package I guess you never have to worry about it! The pens are something simple and easy enough to display but not really a collectible if you want to skip it!

hulk time! 023 (2)