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Avengers: Infinity War Sparkling Superfruit Drink Hulk Can (2019)

IMG_1752 (2)

Granted, this was probably out for the first movie – but I didn’t find this gem until just this year!  While I picked up the Hulk can I wasn’t so sure I was even going to bother drinking it.  Who knows what superfruit tastes like?  Is that a generic way of saying “We tried to get it taste like a specific fruit but failed”?  Either way, I snatched up a can of this fizzy drink to bring home.

IMG_1754 (2)

Once home, I decided to go ahead and taste the mystery “fruit” flavored drink.  So I popped the top and went to town.

IMG_1756 (2)

It didn’t smell too bad…

IMG_1758 (2)

So I took the plunge and gulped down the carbonated beverage.  I still can’t tell you what I it’s supposed to taste like – and I can’t even tell you it tasted all that good – but hey, the Hulk was on the can so it was well worth the $1 price tag!

Avengers: Endgame Hulk Keychain and Pen (2019)

hulk time! 018 (2)

You can rely on certain companies to release pieces that tie to a movie.  So, yes, Hasbro will release a set of Marvel Legends that will please some and displease others and Funko will most likely make some cool Pops, key chains and pen toppers as well as Pez dispensers and Mystery Mini blind boxes.  Well, sure enough here he have the key chain.

hulk time! 019 (2)

hulk time! 022 (2)

I really wish the figures didn’t have to be bobble heads but if you never take them out of the package I guess you never have to worry about it! The pens are something simple and easy enough to display but not really a collectible if you want to skip it!

hulk time! 023 (2)

Hulk Chia Pet (2017)

hulk 2019 034 (2)

Not sure why these are called “pets”.  Do they become self aware and then begin moving around the house?  Is it like the movie Life except it’s a clover plant instead?  I’m not sure if this will be busted out and turned to green (hehe – see what I did there?).  But it’s a very unique piece.  It was a gift from my good friend Gammapup so I must send out a huge shout out to my friend!

Avengers Dartboard (2012)

mike hulk 022 (2)

Let’s all agree that The Hulk is under-valued here.  20 measly points?  I mean as the biggest member he might be the easiest target but he should also be the toughest!  Maybe I shouldn’t complain too much – at least he’s not in the 10 point category like Cap, Black Widow and Hawkeye!  I remember getting a dartboard when I was a kid with actual pointy metal darts!  Now we have magnetic or even Velcro games because god forbid we allow our children to play with some small pointy objects!

Hulk Bookmark (2010)

hulk 013

While still going through my old photos I found these pics of a bookmark I don’t believe I ever posted.  It’s actually really cool due to the moving image with the Hulk performing a thunderclap.  Even cooler is the destruction all around our hero – fire and sparking light poles makes this bookmark extremely cool!

hulk 012 - Copy

Odd Inflatable Hulk Doll (2016)


I never saw this when TRU was closing even though we received quite a few of the other figures.  I was considering getting one then but never found it so I never did.  A few months ago I walked into a FYE and noticed the Hulk in the clearance bin.  I was psyched in one way but then also laughed a bit as, even though it was extremely marked down, I realized I didn’t really want it.

Sure , it’s the Hulk – but this inflatable, big-headed Hulk would just sit in the box.  Ultimately, I decided to leave it in the store but snapped a few picks to show it off to you guys!


Hulk Card Games (2018)

mike hulk 034 (3)

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if casinos used Hulk playing cards at all of their tables?  I know I would actually go and play!  The card game below is good – but the best part is the Hulk fist container that the cards come in!  Hulk’s Smashing Challenge sounds like a lot of fun and I will certainly let you know how bad ass the game is once my daughter and I play a hand!

mike hulk 031 (3)