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Marvel Emojis (2016)

IMG_0558 (2)

All I was able to find is the Hulk that looks suspicious of everyone.  Not angry, not annoyed, but more like you just told him that he needs to watch his little brother on Saturday night so he won’t be able to go to the football game with his friends.  He’s looking slightly confused to see if you were talking to him or not.

I also found the buzzed Rocket and high AF Groot.  These guys make an amazing threesome.  Like the “See no evil, hear no evil speak no evil” monkeys – but ones who refuse to play their respective parts.

IMG_0558 (3)

“Damnit, Mom!  Louie was going to borrow his Dad’s Chevelle!”

Hulk Tsum Tsums (2016)


I showed you a while ago that I had two of the green figures.  I knew it was only a matter of time before I found the middle green.  Luckily, my daughter loves these things and we were getting them for her as a treat and she found the middle one sometime in Jan.  I just came across the Large Red Hulk one as well – and the middle Red came from a blind package.  The background it comes with makes it easy to figure out which package it is without even opening it up!


Hulk Blow Up Bop Ball (2014)


This Hulk piece is easily one of the funniest Hulk finds in a while!  Granted, this has been in my collection for the longest time and I just never showed it off.  It’s basically what it looks like – you blow this little sucker up and then slam it up and down as fast as you can in your balled up fist.  Or, as the package says “PUNCH IT!”  This needs to be used – expect a video this summer of me and my girl using this crazy thing!

Squishy Hulk (2016)


I found this disturbing piece of Hulky goodness sometime last year.  It is like a sad stress ball that is begging to be out of its misery.  The tag description is the best where it claims “Life Like” on it.  Where in the great guacamole is this life like?  Are they claiming the huge bulging eyes that were slapped on with the a glob of paint are super realistic?  Or the fused together hands and non-descript facial features scream photorealism!  Maybe the tiny nubs they call toes are what they are referring to?  Who knows – I’m just glad this freak of a toy is home with me where he can be around things that won’t shun him for being a monster!

Voice Modulator Hulk Mask (2016)


I am looking forward to seeing what we have in store for Thor: Ragnarok.  I am hoping for a new set of Hulk hands presented in a new way – I also hope to see a Hulk mask that wear the Planet Hulk crown!  For now, though, we have this awesome piece of work!  Remember the Chewbacca lady?  Too bad the Hulk’s mouth doesn’t move – we could have another viral video hitting the interwebs!  I haven’t seen this on the shelves for a while but hopefully it is still available!  Every Hulk fan should have this bad Larry!


Playmation Hulk Fists (2016)



Now, I have seen lots of great sales at TRU – usually if you’re patient enough sometimes you get away with a steal!  in 2003 I nabbed a Hulk Christmas Tree for an amazing get of 10 cents.  That’s a dime – that is it – for a tree they were asking $40 for.  I knew things were not going to go well for Marvel’s Playmation line when it was released AFTER every other figural video game.  After Infinity, Amiibo, Dimensions – out comes Playmation.  Truthfully, I was ecited to get another Hulk figure – but when I saw the Hulk fists sets I was bummed.

Gamma Gear Mark II Set:


Gamma Gear Starter Pack Set:



There was no way I was going to pay $79.99 for a set of Hulk fists that I wasn’t even going to use!  Even worse, there was another pair in a larger set that ran over $100.  Either way I didn’t lose too much sleep over it.  This past Christmas season I was in TRU when I noticed all Playmation was on insane sale!  We’re talking figures were just $2 and the Hulk hand sets?  The Hands were $12.99 – the larger set was $14.99.  That is cheaper than the Hulk fists when they first showed up on the shelves!



I didn’t really know what to expect when I took these home but upon opening then I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of rubber hands, sculpted very well, that look just as good – if not better than the 2008 release.  They have holes between the fingers to let air in so that your hands don’t sweat and due to the controls inside they have a bit of heft to them to make them feel substantial.  Of course, they don’t make sounds – but that’s fine by me.


The two sets are pretty similar except for the base on the hands which, as you can tell, are different colors.  I like the blue a bit better but the grey is kick ass as well.  Even if you don’t plan on playing the game the hands are worth the pick up for the price I paid – regularly… not so much.  Even if these aren’t on sale anymore keep an eye out – I wouldn’t be surprised to see these on the clearance racks soon!



The Incredible Hulk Game with the Fantastic Four (1978)


The Hulk has had quite a few games released in the 70s and 80s.  This a prime example of one of the more entertaining.  If you have liked the Facebook page then you’ve already seen pics of my daughter and I enjoying an afternoon of playing – but here is a closer look at the whole set.  The game board is a maze that sort of reminds me of Trivial Pursuit, as in, you can go anywhere on the board, but you’re actively trying to avoid running into the Hulk.


Each game piece is a character of the Fantastic Four – you choose who you want to be – and in turn, pretty much everyone is the Hulk.  Basically the Hulk moves with you.  You pick either a Dr. Banner or Hulk card and that sort of decides your fate of what happens next.  If you are able to make Dr. Banner’s face from the Dr. Banner cards that means you’ve tamed the beast and won the game.  No lie – it’s super frustrating when you keep getting the same side of his face over and over.


One of the unique advantages of the game I possess is that the Hulk’s  extra arm on the spinner has never been used or even separated from the original card.  Overall, this was a super fun game and my daughter and I enjoyed it immensely.  If you’re in the mood for some vintage board game fun I would say this is certainly worth the pick up!