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Hulk Puzzle Eraser (2017)

IMG_0652 (2)

This was another blind package Hulk piece – but thankfully the packages were somewhat translucent and mode seeing which character was on the inside all that much easier.  I snagged a Hulk and also a Cap for my little girl.  The puzzle erasers seem to be getting more and more popular – as of my count yesterday I have three in the collection – and that’s just what I’ve found and bothered buying!  I’m sure there are more out there!

IMG_0651 (2)


Target Gladiator Hulk Ornament (2017)

IMG_0881 (2)

So, Hallmark isn’t the only game in town making Gladiator Hulk ornaments.  Target has this little gem hanging on the pegs just waiting to adorn your Christmas Tree!  It’s true the Hallmark piece is bigger, better painted and has a more dynamic pose… but hey – at least the Target version is cheaper!

IMG_0880 (2)

Both are certainly worth owning – even if the Target version looks like the Hallmark version’s kid brother – it’s still a Gladiator Hulk ornament!  Maybe I should have also chosen to get the Thor but really – the only thing that matters is the Hulk!

IMG_0884 (2)

Hallmark Gladiator Hulk Ornament (2017)

IMG_0824 (2)

Hallmark has an annual tradition of releasing some of the more memorable ornaments of the year.  Most light up or make some annoying noise of some kind – usually an overplayed song or a soundbite from a movie that makes no sense in the season.  I knew, going into the Christmas season, we’d be seeing some sort of Hulk piece based off of Thor: Ragnarok.  I also guessed it would be the Hulk in gladiator gear.  What I didn’t guess was that the ornament would be so bare bones and unimpressive.  There is no sound effects and the paint job isn’t even all that well done.  It’s a figure that I was hoping to see take a center piece on the Christmas tree – but it will look more like just a dud…

IMG_0825 (2)

Plush Blind Box Hulk (2016)

IMG_0787 (2)

One of the reasons I love my LCS is because the manager will open a blind box up for displays.  His deal is you get one chance – if the display figure is not the one you want then you can open one up.  You then have a choice to either keep the one you opened or trade it for the display.  Even though you still take a risk there is at least a choice – which is better than most places even offer.

In the case of these little plushes the manager opened up this little blind box and gleefully emailed me that it was the Hulk.  I told him to hold it for me and he did.  It’s times like these having a man on the inside works out so nicely!

Hulk Key Chain (2017)

IMG_0773 (2)

There is certainly no shortage of Hulk keychains.  In fact, if there was an apocalyptic event that left us with very few resources I could safely say I would not worry about running low on Hulk keychains, like, ever!  This one features a very classic Hulk stance made of rubber.  It has some real great detail for something so small – but keychains like this would not last on my keychain rotation.  It’s too big for my liking (that’s what she said) as I clip my keys to my belt loop (like a janitor) and… I don’t know, it’s just too big.

Hulk Emojis – UPDATED (2017)

IMG_0704 (2)

It was brought to my attention when I last posted these last I had missed one.  I have corrected this situation and now have all 3 little emoji Hulk faces.  I still think the best one is the one on the right with just a slightly perturbed look.  Like my wife looks when I fart in bed ad try to act like it was her.

IMG_0705 (2)

Hulk Mask (2017)

IMG_0713 (2)

Even though this is supposed to be based on the Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok there is no war paint on his face and the real shame is that they decided not to include a helmet with the mask.  Can you even imagine how amazing this would have been in full Planet Hulk mode?  Of course that would have doubled the price… and with the mask already sporting a $20 price tag I don’t think that was ever an option.


The cool thing about the mask is the mouth and eyebrows move as you speak into it.  This is much like the Chewbacca mask that was made viral by the mom on youtube except that this is way better – because it’s the Hulk.

IMG_0715 (2)