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Hulk Phone (2003)

IMG_1373 (2)

Sometimes, when people see my collection they offer me pieces – and I am more than happy to take them off their hands!  Of course, you know how people selling things online will say “Comes from a smoke-free home”?  There’s a reason – smoke clings to everything!  Smokers can’t smell it anymore but people who aren’t used to that odor are bombarded with that stench!

IMG_1374 (2)

Well, my friends, as nice as it was to receive this phone from a fan the problem was that it stinks to high heavens!  I never bothered to buy this piece when it came out – but I do love the number pad on the phone!  The tilted, and shaken numbers look like they’ve been through some stuff!  If the phone didn’t smell so bad this piece would be high up on my list of fun items – but since it does I keep it stashed away in the box in the cellar!

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Hulk Flying UFO Ball (2018)

hulk 015 (2)

There are times when I see Hulk items and decide to not to pick it up.  There are times when the price of something just seems to out of whack – and these little guys were a paltry $10 but still – for something that would just sit in the box I think $10 was too much!  Again, I’m still sorting through the TRU stuff  I purchased when it was closing.  This was 90% off when I did get it.  So, $10 – no – but $1 – sure!

hulk 016 (2)

Glass Hulk Framed Poster (2018)

IMG_1291 (2)

This is far and away the best Hulk poster that was brought into the Toys R Us liquidation sale.  All the words not only title the Hulk and his catch phrase of the 70/80s television show but also shapes the Hulk’s body.  Oddly, with the phrase ending at his calves they used his feet to spell out “Avengers”.  It’s just an odd addition to the piece that otherwise kicks all sorts of ass!

IMG_1290 (2)

Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Gladiator Lanyard (2018)

IMG_1305 (2)

The art from the Funko t-shirt that was given away at Toys R Us is also used for this lanyard.  The great thing about these are the little plastic figures that are included with the pouch.

IMG_1306 (2)

The Gladiator Hulk might be really close to the comic counterpart but the inclusion of the hammer and exclusion of an obedience disc will always be the glaring misstep of this movie’s costume.  But the helmet is a major bad ass move!

IMG_1307 (2)

New Hulk Diving Stick (2018)

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There are times when we all see unique Hulk-themed pieces that you just HAVE to pick up.  This Hulk diving stick is one of those items.  Back in 2014 I posted about a different diving stick I found – one with a better pose – so you can imagine my surprise when I saw another underwater Hulk toy!

IMG_1286 (2)

The first one is far superior but this one seems to have a similar appearance to the Schleich Hulk released a while back.  Of course, this figure sports the Avengers: Age of Ultron pants which, at this point, seems dated.

IMG_1288 (2)

New Hulk Key Chains (2018)

IMG_1279 (2)

While I know most people aren’t exactly clamoring for any new Hulk key chains I was happy to see brand new versions out!  Both, of course, were in blind bags.  While I was not that happy to see that I could not see the items I was buying I still luckily snagged a Hulk in both sets.

IMG_1281 (2)

The Avengers Hulk is a simple Hulk with the fancy Avengers pants.  And let’s not ignore that humongous noggin he’s sporting on those shoulders!  It’s good to have this figure to go along with the Thor: Ragnarok key chains.

IMG_1282 (2)

The other key chain comes from the newest Avengers: Infinity War movie.  These little sculpts hardly ever sport any real detail – while this Hulk has the broad shoulders and the pecs on full display!  The little Pacmans for eyes and almost subtle frown showcase a very aggravated little Hulk.

IMG_1283 (2)

This should be pretty easy to find – so good luck.  These two Hulks really are a fun pair and worth the pick ups.

Hulk Odds and Ends (2018)

IMG_1264 (2)

I can’t even say I know what category to put these little guys in.  The pictures above and below are from the top of a container of bubbles.  I think the little Hulk bust is adorable enough to get.  If you can find it it’s actually pretty cheap – and you get bubbles!  Who doesn’t love bubbles?

IMG_1265 (2)    IMG_1266 (2)

Below is a little plastic charm that goes to a set of sunglasses.  The charms are different superhero faces with the Hulk being oddly smug.  Admit it, no other superhero could get away with a look like that!

IMG_1270 (2)