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Hulk Fidget Spinner (2018)

mike hulk 037 (2)

Yes, this fad is pretty much dead and gone – and it went real fast!  Maybe it’s because these things were never really meant to be play toys or collectibles? They were truly meant as tools to help children with ADHD.  I wasn’t against the fad nor did I buy into it – but I did grab a couple Hulk fidget spinners.  This one is another piece from my good friend Mike – I’m not really sure where he got it but it is pretty heavy, a solid and heavy piece of metal.  The fancy metal container it comes in all seems like it’s overkill but hey, for some people having a secure container might’ve been really important!


Hulk Hero Launcher (2017)

mike hulk 026 (2)

If I were the Hulk I wouldn’t really trust the Avengers when it comes to rockets.  One of the founding members straight up decided to shoot the Hulk into space and try and get rid of him!  I’m still in shock that Stark and the rest of the illuminati (other than Namor who did not cast a yes vote) really didn’t pay for ultimately kidnapping someone and putting their life in danger by sending them to a foreign planet!  Either way, this little stomping play toy is totally cool.  You really can’t go wrong with anything Hulk and air power!  Just shoot the rocket in the air and see if you can stay out of the way enough not to get nailed by the thing on the way down!

mike hulk 027 (2)

Hulk Fist 3D Deco Light (2018)

mike hulk 024 (2)

I have too much stuff in boxes.  Ultimately when I expand my Hulk room I will be able to get everything I want displayed properly – but for now it’s sort of like storage city in the Hulk room.  Maybe I should throw up some pictures on here to show what I mean – but hey… there are some items that you should still acquire even if there is no room to put them out!  This Hulk fist was gifted to me by my friend Mike and I know it comes with a matching piece of the Hulk’s face.  That I will have to get in the future.  For now I will wait for the day when I bust this out of the box – with the included crack sticker.  It doesn’t specify exactly – but I think it refers to a sticker that makes it look like damage  has been done to your wall and not the super popular 80’s drug.

mike hulk 025 (2)

Hulk Sticky Icky (2018)

mike hulk 023 (2)

I’m going to take a moment to throw out a thank you to a good friend named Mike here.  Mike has a ton of Hulk stuff.  So much stuff he was looking to thin out some of the Hulk items he has.  He asked me if I would be interested and I of course said yes!  A good amount of the items in this haul were incredibly interesting – and a lot of the figures were of pieces I already had – but all of that is fine as that means my son will have a Hulk-errific Christmas this year!  Mike didn’t have to do what he did.  He could have tossed it all – but he always seem to think of others first.  Mike, I appreciate you, brother!  It’s always good to catch up and I hope we are able to do it again real soon!  This gooey little masterpiece is both hilarious and gross and comes straight from the haul that Mike gifted to me.

Hulk Insect Repelling Superband (2015)

mike hulk 020 (2)

In one of the best “random” Hulk items ever I give you: The Hulk Insect Repelling Superband”!  The way I understand this it seems as though if you put this guy on than you will not have to worry about being bitten by any nasty mosquitos!  I am unsure if this means you don’t have to worry about bites anywhere on your body or if it just protects your wrist that this sits upon.  Questions the world will never know…

Hulk Phone Covers (Various)

mike hulk 031 (2)

I am an iPhone supporter.  I’ve only bought 2 iPhones since they’ve been introduced – the iPhone 4 and the new one I have now, the iPhone 8 – but I do like Apple products.  Honestly, I don’t think I would be able to defend my stance to someone passionate about hating their products but overall, like I said, I’m pretty happy with my products.  Now, you see a few different cases for different kinds of tech – but, as you might’ve guessed, these were not all mine.  Given to me by a friend I also guess that he didn’t have these products either since some of them have never been opened.

mike hulk 033 (2)

The artwork that adorn these pieces can be sort of controversial.  Too many people are ripping off the artists that have done the work and just use their talents to make some quick money.  It’s a frustrating process of getting eBay – or even rarer – the seller themselves to take the auction down.  That being said, I think it’s pretty safe when you’re buying from reputable sources.  Of the covers that I received I like the middle cover the best.  Yes, it’s the most simple – but also the most unique and fun.

mike hulk 032 (2)

Hulk 12″ Plush (2018)

hulkish 006 (2)

A purchase from the Disney Store, I bring you this sort of appropriately ugly Hulk plush!  There are quite a few Hulk plushes out there and I really don’t bother picking up all of them.  They have to either be extremely unique OR be very affordable.  This is of both!  Let’s not completely ignore the hilariously overlarge nose and fantastic fuzzy hair – but this plush comes with threaded nipples!

hulkish 008 (2)

Who puts threaded nipples on a plush?  Well, apparently Disney does!  The other neat thing is that this plush has some articulation.  The arms rotate around – and while that’s it, that’s enough!  He also features humongous “big foot” feet that really ties the whole character together! The last piece is that this $30 plush was on sale when I picked it up for a very sweet $10.  Sale seems to be over now…

hulkish 007 (2)