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New Hulk Diving Stick (2018)

IMG_1287 (2)

There are times when we all see unique Hulk-themed pieces that you just HAVE to pick up.  This Hulk diving stick is one of those items.  Back in 2014 I posted about a different diving stick I found – one with a better pose – so you can imagine my surprise when I saw another underwater Hulk toy!

IMG_1286 (2)

The first one is far superior but this one seems to have a similar appearance to the Schleich Hulk released a while back.  Of course, this figure sports the Avengers: Age of Ultron pants which, at this point, seems dated.

IMG_1288 (2)


New Hulk Key Chains (2018)

IMG_1279 (2)

While I know most people aren’t exactly clamoring for any new Hulk key chains I was happy to see brand new versions out!  Both, of course, were in blind bags.  While I was not that happy to see that I could not see the items I was buying I still luckily snagged a Hulk in both sets.

IMG_1281 (2)

The Avengers Hulk is a simple Hulk with the fancy Avengers pants.  And let’s not ignore that humongous noggin he’s sporting on those shoulders!  It’s good to have this figure to go along with the Thor: Ragnarok key chains.

IMG_1282 (2)

The other key chain comes from the newest Avengers: Infinity War movie.  These little sculpts hardly ever sport any real detail – while this Hulk has the broad shoulders and the pecs on full display!  The little Pacmans for eyes and almost subtle frown showcase a very aggravated little Hulk.

IMG_1283 (2)

This should be pretty easy to find – so good luck.  These two Hulks really are a fun pair and worth the pick ups.

Hulk Odds and Ends (2018)

IMG_1264 (2)

I can’t even say I know what category to put these little guys in.  The pictures above and below are from the top of a container of bubbles.  I think the little Hulk bust is adorable enough to get.  If you can find it it’s actually pretty cheap – and you get bubbles!  Who doesn’t love bubbles?

IMG_1265 (2)    IMG_1266 (2)

Below is a little plastic charm that goes to a set of sunglasses.  The charms are different superhero faces with the Hulk being oddly smug.  Admit it, no other superhero could get away with a look like that!

IMG_1270 (2)

Hulk Boogie Board (2018)

IMG_1259 (2)

I had to look back to see the other Hulk boogie board I had found back in 1999.  While I know I still have it somewhere it’s sort of buried in the greatness of the Hulk room.  I love the original image but this one isn’t too bad either.  I know I am sort of a dinosaur but I get more excited when I see a classic image of the Hulk rather than the more present day Hulk that always seems to be shilling for the Avengers MCU.

IMG_1259 (3)

I really do love fun pieces like this when adding things to the Hulk collection.  With almost 20 years between the purchases of these boogie boards I would say if I see another I may have to just pass.  I love it but I’m pretty sure I don’t need three – let alone the two I have – boogie boards that I will never use!  I found this at TRU in Kingston – in one of it’s last days open.  I will truly miss that store.

IMG_1261 (2)

Hulk Candy Head (2017)

IMG_0998 (2)

Still trying to go through all of my pictures and sorting through what hasn’t yet been blogged about.  This is a hollow Hulk head filled with a bit of candy and… bonus!  A Hulk sticker!  This is seriously like a 3 in 1 toy!  It’s a the candy is a yummy treat, the sticker is an upholstery ruining event and then the little plastic head is like a eye grabbing tiny bust for the décor in your room!  This is a win-win-win in my book!

IMG_0999 (2)

IMG_1000 (2)

I found one of these a while back but it was without any kind of paint job.  At least this time they gave him a little color!  The black-green hair and eyebrows goes a long way to making the Hulk look tougher and cooler to display.  I still think the unpainted one could look totally bad ass with the right paint job!

IMG_1001 (2)

Target Hulk Finds (2017)

IMG_0968 (2)

The little cheap section at Target can sometimes bear some really cool little nuggets of Hulky goodness!  Granted most of the time you’ll find generic Marvel products with group shots of heroes – which totally doesn’t count! – but every once in a while you get lucky and find something Hulk that is unique enough to pick up and enjoy!  These little finger flingers are eye-poking accidents waiting to happen – but at least you can blind someone in style!  The other find is a “Wall Tumbler” which I think is just a fancy way of saying “falling with style”.

IMG_0967 (2)

Hulk Tiki Tiki Totem (2017)

IMG_0969 (2)

One of the funkier things I was able to pick up this past year.  If you collect a whole bunch of these you can stack them a top of each other and make a tiny little totem pole.  I just have the Hulk so it’s pretty much the saddest totem pole in history.  It’s also just the Hulk so it’s also the awesomest totem pole in history!  I have never seen these retail – just online – and I was able to snag it during the huge Christmas sale they had on Entertainment Earth.  It’s cool enough to be happy I have it and goofy enough to be happy I didn’t pay full price.

IMG_0970 (2)