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Hulk Tiki Tiki Totem (2017)

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One of the funkier things I was able to pick up this past year.  If you collect a whole bunch of these you can stack them a top of each other and make a tiny little totem pole.  I just have the Hulk so it’s pretty much the saddest totem pole in history.  It’s also just the Hulk so it’s also the awesomest totem pole in history!  I have never seen these retail – just online – and I was able to snag it during the huge Christmas sale they had on Entertainment Earth.  It’s cool enough to be happy I have it and goofy enough to be happy I didn’t pay full price.

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Neca Scalers Iron Man Hulk 2-Pack (2014)

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Thankfully we have not had this problem for a while – but there have been times when Hulk merchandise is scarce – it’s pretty bare on the shelves.  I will end up buying things that I wouldn’t normally pick up.  Case in point – these little Hulk/Iron Man figures that hang onto wires that you stick in your ears.  As you can tell these came out during Avengers 2 – the funky pants should be the clue – and there wasn’t a ton of Hulk merchandise when Avengers 2 hit the shelves.  Especially compared to Thor: Ragnarok.  Would I normally buy this?  I don’t think so.  But they are cool – the oversized headed little pieces of plastic just hang onto the cord – but seriously – it does nothing else.  In fact the only thing I think it will do is eventually get lost when it falls off the wire.

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Marvel Collector Cops Hulk Box Odds and Ends (2017)

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I haven’t shown off everything from the MCC Hulk box yet.  The box was really one of the best surprises I have gotten from this little club.  While the service hasn’t exactly always wowed with their content I do love the little “extras” that this box held.  While I don’t think the box itself is ever something to crow about I will say that the images plastered on the inside of the box does give me (or any Hulk fan) a warm feeling inside!

IMG_0931 (2)

Pretty much every classic artist who made the Hulk the character he is today is represented in this box! Buscema, Kirby, Byrne and others have images

IMG_0932 (2)

There was no Hulk pin this time around – which I know some people will complain about – but the inclusion of a patch with a classic Buscema looking Hulk is just plain awesome!  I am unsure of what people do with patches these days – back in my day I would take out my jean jacket and affix it to the back.  No one was cooler than a highly decorated denim coat.  I don’t think I even know where my old jean jacket is nowadays…

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The shirts have always had a Funko Pop theme to them – some of the better shirts avoid that pitfall though – and this “evolution” transformation shirt doesn’t follow the trend and it’s all the better for it.  You can’t deny the pure awesomeness that this shirt displays.  Even the mid-transformation Banners look expressive and cool!  The black background with the light neon green letters is absolutely perfect!  Anyone Hulk collector that missed out on this box will most likely be kicking themselves for years to come!

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Hulk Key Chains (2017)

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I should have started a category a long time ago just for the Hulk key chains – because, wow, are there a lot of them!  Hulk Key Chains come out more often than actual action figures!  This set includes two of the more recent offerings – one from Funko and the other is called the Hulk Icon Ball Key Chain.

IMG_0886 (2)

The Ball Icon can be purchased without a game of chance while the Funko figure has the added bonus of being enclosed inside of a blind package that’s impossible to tell what’s inside.  Trust me – I was trying for figure it our for easily an hour.  Man, I hat blind bags!  So I tried my luck and purchased two – one thankfully was the Hulk and the other was a Dr. Strange.  I’ll take that as a win.

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Hulk Puzzle Eraser (2017)

IMG_0652 (2)

This was another blind package Hulk piece – but thankfully the packages were somewhat translucent and mode seeing which character was on the inside all that much easier.  I snagged a Hulk and also a Cap for my little girl.  The puzzle erasers seem to be getting more and more popular – as of my count yesterday I have three in the collection – and that’s just what I’ve found and bothered buying!  I’m sure there are more out there!

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Target Gladiator Hulk Ornament (2017)

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So, Hallmark isn’t the only game in town making Gladiator Hulk ornaments.  Target has this little gem hanging on the pegs just waiting to adorn your Christmas Tree!  It’s true the Hallmark piece is bigger, better painted and has a more dynamic pose… but hey – at least the Target version is cheaper!

IMG_0880 (2)

Both are certainly worth owning – even if the Target version looks like the Hallmark version’s kid brother – it’s still a Gladiator Hulk ornament!  Maybe I should have also chosen to get the Thor but really – the only thing that matters is the Hulk!

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Hallmark Gladiator Hulk Ornament (2017)

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Hallmark has an annual tradition of releasing some of the more memorable ornaments of the year.  Most light up or make some annoying noise of some kind – usually an overplayed song or a soundbite from a movie that makes no sense in the season.  I knew, going into the Christmas season, we’d be seeing some sort of Hulk piece based off of Thor: Ragnarok.  I also guessed it would be the Hulk in gladiator gear.  What I didn’t guess was that the ornament would be so bare bones and unimpressive.  There is no sound effects and the paint job isn’t even all that well done.  It’s a figure that I was hoping to see take a center piece on the Christmas tree – but it will look more like just a dud…

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