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Infinity War Hanging Promo (1992)


Every once in a while when my LCS gets in collections there are hidden treasures.  While searching through the many, many new action figures they bought I caught a flash of Thanos on the bottom of the box.  I asked to see it and he pulled out a tangled mess that is this hanging mobile promo piece.  He worked it a little bit and was able to get the thing completely free.  Truly, it was a thing of beauty!  He quoted me a price that I was more than hap with and was able to take it home with me that day.  Sometimes, these pieces excite me more than the actual comics do!

Prominently featuring the Hulk in the group of heroes fighting back against Magus and Thanos. You just have to love the Infinity Stones and the hovering heroes above!  With Ron Lim art you can’t go wrong either – the whole thing is just gorgeous!  Super excited to include this piece to my collection for sure!


Avengers: Infinity War Mystery Minis Box (2018)

IMG_1303 (2)

No lie – whenever I can snag a box like this I make sure to.  It’s pretty fantastic when you’re able to get something as an added bonus – most of the time stores won’t be bothered at all if you take the box since they would usually just throw it out anyways.  I wouldn’t have picked it up if the Hulk wasn’t on the box – but he was I a snagged it.

IMG_1302 (2)

I do love the Hulk and Hulkbuster being side by side on the side of the box – and the fact that they even included the Hulk was a bonus since he was in a total of less than 5 minutes in the whole movie.  I have check but I know there are a few missing minis from the entire collection.  A glow in the dark chase and metallic versions exist that I don’t have.  Maybe someday.

IMG_1304 (2)

TRU Marvel Topper (2018)

hulk 031 (2)

Yes, another piece from the demise of Toys R Us.  These cardboard advertisements hung above the Marvel aisle.  I was always happy to see that, even when the MCU began to dominate the toys, that the toppers never ignored the Hulk!  The Hulk is still one of the top selling characters that Marvel offers and it’s always great to see when they still recognize that.

hulk 033 (2)

These toppers are always two-sided for 4-foot and 3-foot spaces.  The 3-foot space had to knock out someone and it was refreshing to see Hulk made the cut and they sacrificed the God of Thunder instead.  I was happy to save these pieces from the bailer and give them a permanent home in the Hulk room!

hulk 032 (2)

TRU Vinyl Header (2018)

hulk 027 (2)

One of the last pieces to show off from the TRU days and one of the last pieces I was able to rescue from the dumpster.  I remember when these headers arrived at the store and the sheer excitement we had to put them up!  I’m just kidding – no one was happy to be given the extra work of putting headers on top of every aisle – although, everyone will admit afterwards, it did make the store look so much better!  These vinyl posters were used to hide overstock merchandise over the aisles.  Instead of seeing unsightly carboard boxes – perish the thought – we saw bright, colorful posters.

Can you name all the heroes featured?  I can tell you with all the certainty in the world that 90% of the children in the Marvel aisles could not.  They usually were stumped with at least 5 of them.  See if you can guess who!

hulk 030 (2)

Toys R Us PS4 Lego Marvel Poster (2018)

hulk 019 (2)

I don’t think I will ever really feel alright with what happened to Toys R Us.  The intentional grounding of a beloved brand was just so upsetting – not as upsetting as the mis-information being spread around about why they closed, but still.  I was able to snag a few promo pieces including this poster advertising the PS4 Lego Avengers game.  While I never played this game I did hear it was a lot of fun.

hulk 020

TRU Thor: Ragnarok Display (2017)

IMG_1004 (2)

As much as I have a reservation about how the Hulk was portrayed in Thor: Ragnarok I look back fondly upon the movie.  I look forward to adding it to my library and watching it with my son and daughter.  Then explaining to them why the Hulk should of had an obedience disc and how portraying him as a ruthless killer is complete bullshit.  Oh man, family bonding at its absolute best!  That being said, when my local Toys R Us was getting ready for the Black Panther movie release they were letting the Thor: Ragnarok stuff go.  And by that I mean they were tossing it.  I was lucky enough to save this double sided banner that sat above their feature area.  I still love how this was a Thor movie that the Hulk took center stage and once again stole the show!

IMG_1003 (2)

Toys R Us Hulk Display (2015)


When the super expensive RC Hulk Car made it’s debut TRU they tried to promote the heck out of it with a side cap full of the product topped with this signage.  I asked the powers that be if they could save this for me – and they said they would.  Of course, best laid plans don’t always go as… planned and, unfortunately, upon returning to the store the manager informed me that they waited as long as they could but ultimately ended up throwing it away.  I was really bummed.

Recently I took a seasonal job at TRU and was in the store room.  I noticed a corner where all of the promotional material was – older pieces like from the Spider-Man reboot.  Then I noticed the Hulk sitting there – I immediately rushed to the manager and asked if that was still available, if I could possibly take it home.  I will give you three guesses what happened.  I was psyched to make this part of the décor in the Hulk room!