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Little Hulk Lunch Box (2019)

IMG_1890 (2)

This tiny Hulk lunch box is no bigger then a box of raisins.  The best thing, of course, is the fact that it is adorned with classic 70’s/80’s Hulk images.  There are really famous Hulk pics all over!  The front comes from the cover to the King Size Special #1 with Hulk holding his title on his back.

IMG_1891 (2)

The back cover looks like a classic illustration – and I should know where it’s from but I;m drawing a blank – who out there can help me identify where this is from?

IMG_1893 (2)

Even the sides of the box have some Byrne Hulk images!  These came from a bunch of blind packages – but the display piece was this guy you see in this post!  The manager of my LCS ripped open the display box to save this for me.  That’s what you call service!

IMG_1894 (2)

Funny thing is that it even comes with a little Thermos eraser!  It was so unexpected but I opened up the box and out rolled this solid cylinder very reminiscent of the thermoses that came with our classic metal lunch boxes from yesteryear!

IMG_1895 (2)

Jack of Hearts: A Year’s Worth of Hulk Nicknames – Week 13

Hulk obviously takes the first thing that pops into his head as soon as he sees his opponent – and with Jack of Hearts I thought it would be clown related. Imagine my surprise:

Jack of Hearts is Split Face


Friday Review: Avengers of the Wastelands #1 (2020)

CCI03032020_0005 (2)

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist Jonas Scharf
Artist: Colorist Neeraj Menon
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.00 – $4.99

Variants: 1 Gary Brown Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

CCI03032020_0006 (2)

From the timeframe of Old Man Logan we see a new area of the depressed future timeline.  Doom runs rampant, killing heroes and villains alike.  Off at a desolate farm, Bruce Banner Jr and Dani Cage, the wielder of Mjolnir, are tending to their crops.  A quick bout of rain shall do.  Just as the rains pours down the duo is informed about a stranger that has appeared asking for the two of them specifically.

CCI03032020_0007 (2)

The new Ant-Man, Dwight, informs them that Dr. Doom is on a killing spree.  When he tells them that he intends to kill Doom Dani tries to talk reason to him, letting him know that they have a quiet place that no one bothers them.  Dwight doesn’t believe a place like that can exist.  That is when Doom shows up!

The heroes immediately go on the defensive and fight the army back with Dani taking out the Doombot.  Yes, it was a Doombot.  No one should be surprised – Doom would never dirty his hands with all that nonsense!  Too bad the farm is burning in the middle of the battle.  At the last minute a soldier of Doom’s army is ready to take out Ant-Man but his attempt is thwarted by a shield shot to the head and the new Captain America ready to help the new resistance!

CCI03032020_0008 (2)

  • Doom
Grade: Bag and Board It

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Dollar Bin Finds X

CCI03012020_0005 (2)

Very rarely do I actually find a Hulk appearance that I don’t find but here are 3 issues I did not have before.  The first, above, is the homage cover of New Avengers #42 with a Skrull Hulk.  The Hulk does not appear in the actual issue but the image on the cover is pretty bad ass.  Not to mention that the comic seems to be signed.  By who, I’m guessing Cheung.

CCI03012020_0006 (2)

Another  issue is a Marvel/Malibu crossover of Avengers vs Ultraforce.  Inside Loki reminisces about his first tangle with the supergroup, The Avengers, and we get a quick glimpse of the original line-up including the Hulk!

CCI03012020_0007 (2)

Lastly, is the Avengers Assemble: Season 2 #8 where all the Avengers seem to be a bit confused!  It’s a good thing these aren’t school pictures, their parents would be pissed!

CCI03122020_0004 (2)

Ummm… Part 78


With Hulk displaying a range of emotions in the comics we have all come to understand he is a complex character.  Never in all my days did I think we’d see an action figure with an expression that says “just walked in on Mom and Dad having sex”.

Incredible Hulk #750!?

CCI03232020_0003 (2)

What makes me more confused than anything else is the way that Marvel handles the numbering of their series.  They want to benefit from the re-numbering, and the sales bump that comes with it, but they also want to keep up with DC’s original numbering when they have a celebratory milestone.

With Wonder Woman reaching the #750 Marvel felt a little left out and tried to think of which series they could inflate the numbers with and celebrate a phony milestone with.  It turns out, 11 years after they celebrated #600, they decided to release a Hulk #750.  This time they didn’t even bother trying to show everyone a collection of covers to try and excuse the celebration.

CCI03232020_0001 (2)

This is because the numbering really makes no sense at all!  If the Hulk reached #600 11 years ago and they released an issue a month that would be 132 issues.  I do know that since the Immortal Hulk became a huge seller they began releasing the series bi-monthly but with the Immortal Hulk hitting issue #33 the numbers just don’t add up!

CCI03232020_0004 (2)

Not to mention, they won’t be continuing the legacy numbering.  The next issue released will be #34.  This proves that this issue is, if nothing else, a weak attempt to celebrate a milestone issue.  Of course, they released 4 cover price variants, a 1:25 variant, a 1:100 variant, a 1:200 variant and even a 1:500 variant.  I chose not to go for the higher priced variants and stuck with just the variants up to 1:100.

CCI03232020_0005 (2)

Anyways, which ones did you pick up?

Funko Pocket Heroes (2019)

IMG_1879 (2)

When I saw this advent calendar at the store before Christmas I was intrigued as I wanted the Hulk figure inside.  I weighed my options and decided that $30 was just too much!  I decided to pass and left the package.  Well, as luck would have it, it seems as though many people had the same idea to pass on this product.

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The week after Christmas I entered the store and saw this advent calendar on the shelf, scanned it out of curiosity and saw that it was in fact just $10 now!  $10 seemed worth it to me so I brought it home and had my kids help me open this bad boy.  While I would grab the Hulk related figs the kiddos were able to snag the others.

I was left with the Hulk, She Hulk, Rocket and Groot!  Groot may not be immediately linked to the Hulk I just couldn’t break the pair up.  Especially since the Groot figure looked so exceptionally cool!  Overall, I was happy to snag these little guys for the Hulk collection!