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Incredible Hulk Puzzle (1990)

Hulk Puzzle

Hulk Puzzle

This board puzzle is in amazing condition for something that is almost 20 years old.  I don’t think a kid ever owned this puzzle cause I don’t see any teeth marks.  What?  I can’t be the only kid who ate puzzle pieces!  The Hulk is classically posed with a giant boulder over his head – but that seems like small stuff since the Hulk held up an entire mountain in the Secret Wars.  Holding up a boulder after you’ve held up a mountain is like a heavy weight boxer knocking out a toddler.  It might seem like fun – but ultimately it’s unimpressive.  Now, it can’t be just me – but the fighter jet pilot?  Yeah, he might be in the wrong business… first off, he’s way too close to the Hulk not to be hitting him – and he’s never going to be able to pull up from that descent!  He’s basically going down in flames – and it’s not like he’s even going to die a hero.  They’re going to say “I know he died, but he missed the Hulk by a mile!  What a loser!”

Pull up!  Pull up!  Too late - He's Toast

Pull up! Pull up! Too late - He's Toast

Hulk Movie Puzzles (2008)

Hulk puzzles movie

I found these on the Monday before all of the Hulk movie related merchandise was actually released.  These two puzzles weren’t purchased on that Monday though – BECAUSE THEY WOULDN’T LET ME BUY THEM!  They put these items out early and then, when I went up to the register to purchase – they denied me.  I had to go back Friday and get them.  I like the one where you can see more of the Hulk rather than the close up on his face.  With all of the bright lights behind him it looks like he’s in Vegas!  Vegas baby!  VEGAS!  But that’s just me… 

Hulk Pal Sized Puzzle (2003)

Hulk Floor Puzzle 

So, while I was working the other day, I happened to find a Hulk floor puzzle at a library.  They called it a “Pal Sized Puzzle” – I guess a lot of people have 3 foot friends – because that’s how big this puzzle is.  Personally, midgets and dwarfs kind of scare me…

 I liked this puzzle so much though I asked the librarian about purchasing it.  She said it was not for sale – it was part of their “puzzle swap” program – so I had to go and buy another puzzle, then go back to the library and swap the new one for this one. 

Yes, I do know I have problems. 

Metal Puzzle Keychain (2007)


My Mother-in-law picked this up for me for Christmas.  What a sweet woman she is.  She told me she wasn’t sure if I had it or not (I did not) and she almost didn’t pick it up for me.  Then she thought that if I did have it I could always use a second one that I’d open and use.  She was totally right – I would’ve done that.  This keychain, released by Fantasma Magic, has a neat little trick puzzle with it in the form of a metal ring that you take off.  The best thing about this though, has to be the sculpt of this keychain.  Hulk in full jumping action never looked better – jacked up and ready to destroy!

Hulk Puzzle (2003)

Hulk Puzzle

I have a few of these.  The new movie – dropping June 13th, 2008 – will undoubtedly bring more stuff.  But this isn’t bad – to see how bad the marketing got with the last movie check out the link on the side of the page that says “Lean Green Marketing Machine”  I think I have 3 different Puzzles like this.  The first one I came across in my collection, I thought “It’s way too silly to put up” then, I came across another and still refused to post it.  It’s when I came across yet another that I finally succumbed to posting it.  It was like the vessel in Reaper – just popped up everywhere.  Almost creepy like.  The others are more of the same – not exactly this pose – slightly different.  If I start running out of things to post I will put them up.