Incredible Hulk Talking View Master Reels (1978)

Back in the late 70’s View Master ruled the children’s entertainment world.  Before there was Nintendo – there was the View Master!  Take a disc, slide it into the top and pull the little arm on the side – and wheeeee! – you’re off into a magical world of still pictures that repeat after theContinue reading “Incredible Hulk Talking View Master Reels (1978)”

Tom Palmer Commission (2008)

Tom Palmer.  The name alone means so much to Marvel fans.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this list of Greatest Inkers of American Comic Books.  That’s right.  Also, I have one of the classiest and best friends ever.  Tom Palmer frequents Zapp Comics in N.J. where my friend, Corry, works.  Corry asked for a sketch ofContinue reading “Tom Palmer Commission (2008)”

TRU Exclusive Hulk Mini-Mates (2008)

Well, well, it is an “exclusive” I guess.  But it’s just the package.  But the package has little windows!  Windows!  So, the figures can look out or we can look in – either way – it’s YAY!   We can see the figures!  If you want to call this a variant, go ahead, no one’s going toContinue reading “TRU Exclusive Hulk Mini-Mates (2008)”

Ernie Chan Commission (2008)

Yes, this is the classic Hulk artist Ernie Chan.  Yes, he has a VERY reasonable price for commissions.  Pick one up – seriouly he will do what you’d like – and he’s really quick.  This classic pose is a beautiful rendition of the Hulk in a full on rage.  I’m thinking of getting another –Continue reading “Ernie Chan Commission (2008)”

Abomination Lead Figurine (2008)

It was just a matter of time before they made the Abomination – with the Hulk, the grey Hulk and the Leader all present it’s only fitting that they released the Abomination here in the States before the year is through.  I say here in the States because these figurines, all painted in lead paintContinue reading “Abomination Lead Figurine (2008)”

Hulk #9 (2008) – The Review

I was going to make you wait for this – but since they brought it out before the holiday the least I could do is post it by the end of the week. Let me start off by saying – this issue? – Not so bad.  At least not AS bad.  So, get comfortable, hereContinue reading “Hulk #9 (2008) – The Review”

Best and Worst of 2008! Part 1!

With the year coming to a close it’s the perfect time to reflect and discuss this year’s Hulk items!  What was a disappointment?  What was an unexpected winner of this year?  Let’s begin with some of this year’s Hulk toys! Best: Who else can admit that they loved the Hokey Pokey Hulk?  When it wasContinue reading “Best and Worst of 2008! Part 1!”

Sean Chen / Norman Lee Signed Print (2008)

I picked this up at the Boston Comic Con back on Nov. 2nd. (if that doesn’t show you how much I am backed up in showing stuff…) I picked it up from Norman Lee – who is also the person who signed it at the bottom.  The Hulk image itself is great – there wasContinue reading “Sean Chen / Norman Lee Signed Print (2008)”

What If…? The Newer Fantastic Four (2008) – The Review

What If…?  The series that can tell the stories without the pesky problems of continuity and such.  And this story takes place during one of the greatest Marvel events ever!  The Infinity Gauntlet!  Thanos has just wiped out half of the living beings in the universe to impress Death.  As Kang is on Earth fighting the heroesContinue reading “What If…? The Newer Fantastic Four (2008) – The Review”

Heavy Metal Hulk Hook (2003)

Alright, I can’t remember if I showed this to you yet.  I don’t think so – but if I did then forgive me.  I found this piece, again, at Comically Speaking in Reading.  It’s completely made of metal, it’s heavy and the Hulk on the top is awesome!  This is one of those things thatContinue reading “Heavy Metal Hulk Hook (2003)”