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Hulk Smash Tsum Tsum (2017)

IMG_0698 (2)

Just when you thought you had all the different colored and shaped Tsum Tsums they go ahead and release a special Hulk inside a display case.  This Hulk is a little worse for the wear though as it seems he has been through a rough night.  Who knows what this roly-poly, little, oblong character has been up to.

IMG_0699 (2)

IMG_0700 (2)

The original offered a cleaner version whereas this Hulk still has tatters of a shirt left but his classic purple pants are ripped and he shows a few scars on his face.  Is it worth the price to pick up this exclusive little guy?  Well, I thought so – but I’m an absolute nut, so… Maybe check out eBay to see if you can snag him for just a few bucks.

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Funko Thursday!

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The tradition of Non-Hulk Thursday continues today as I show off a few Funko collectibles.  There is no doubt Funko has become a juggernaut in the toy and collectible space and my theory is that they purchased every conceivable license out there so that they could dominate the market place.  How else can you explain the explosion of such a unique and fast growing company.  If you collect ANYTHING at all to do with pop culture than odds are you have a Pop or Dorbz or even a Mystery Mini in your collection.  While I have most of the Hulk offerings I also picked up a few extras.  I nabbed a He-Man and Skeletor Dorbz because, growing up, there was nothing better than settling down to watch an episode of MOTU.

IMG_0627 (2)

IMG_0628 (2)

I also snagged a Ms Pac-Man (a superior game to the original Pac-Man) as this was a gae that has endeared itself to me even to this day.  I have to tell you, I am still in shock at just how far Funko’s grasp extends.  It is truly one of the most impressive companies, just in sheer scope, that has come down the pike.

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Hulk Emojis – UPDATED (2017)

IMG_0704 (2)

It was brought to my attention when I last posted these last I had missed one.  I have corrected this situation and now have all 3 little emoji Hulk faces.  I still think the best one is the one on the right with just a slightly perturbed look.  Like my wife looks when I fart in bed ad try to act like it was her.

IMG_0705 (2)

Marvel Hulk and Thor 2-Pack (2017)

IMG_0719 (2)

A lot of the Thor: Ragnarok merchandise is still being released all over.  Some of the first pieces to make an appearance were the figures – including the great Marvel Legends Hulk BAF featured on this very blog!  If the 3 3/4 inch were more your style then have no fears because they have released a 2-pack that features a fantastic Gladiator Hulk!  Something that was sorely missing when the Marvel Universe figures were still being released.  We were given a King Hulk – but never a Planet Hulk!


IMG_0722 (2)

This two pack features a Gladiator version of both Hulk and Thor – complete with some fantastic accessories.  Thor with Mjolnir and a sword and the Hulk featuring an axe and helmet.  The paint application varies from figure to figure but both packages I bought were pretty darn spot on!  I just wish they would offer an alternative head with a screaming or just angry expression.  Plenty of articulation on both the figures to pose them at will, so no complaints there.

IMG_0743 (2)

IMG_0745 (2)

In fact, the only thing I would offer up as an criticism is the price.  This set is being offered for $20 and while that is in line with the Marvel Universe figures before it I thought that whole line was over priced!  That being said, I still enjoy this 2-pack and am glad to have added it to the collection.

IMG_0744 (2)

IMG_0746 (2)

Wing Man – A Year’s Worth of Hulk Confusion: Week 38

imageThis is like those club nights out with your friends where that one friend gets super drunk and starts lashing out at everyone.  You’re the one trying to keep the peace by telling the rest of the group, who have a decent buzz on already, that the drunk friend has no idea what he’s doing.  Oh Rick Jones, how I miss his hey days of blindly defending the Hulk!

Flight Stopped Short – A Year’s Worth of Hulk Confusion: Week 37


Can you imagine just flying through the air when al of a sudden something just knocks you out of the sky?  You’re thinking how rude they must be, right?  Well Hulk here doesn’t mince words – he flat out insults the mysterious foe as soon as he sees him.  Who remembers this issue?  What knocked Hulk out of the sky?  I will tell you by the end of the week if no one has given the right answer!

Leader/Bruce Banner Hulkbuster Mini-Mates (2017)

IMG_0706 (2)

IMG_0707 (2)

Walgreens continues to offer some decent exclusives.  I have picked up the Leader and Bruce Banner in Hulkbuster armor MiniMates set and I have to be honest – it’s pretty dang cool!  I don’t recall this Bruce Banner armor from the comics – but I am pretty psyched with it.  For one of the greatest Hulk foes to be include in the set makes this even better!

IMG_0708 (2)

IMG_0710 (2)

Let’s just say I am a sucker when something features a character directly linked to the Hulk himself – so to see a set with two characters made me downright giddy!  Especially to see a classic version of one of the Hulk’s oldest enemies!

IMG_0711 (2)

IMG_0709 (2)

I enjoy the MiniMates – the amount of articulation and ability to pose these figures however you want make these little guys perfect to recreate classic covers with.  The amount of detail is also pretty impressive considering these guys are about 2″ tall.  A great set worth the pick up.

IMG_0712 (2)