The Incredible Hulk #1 (2011) – The Review

What to get into first?  I have so much to share!  I was lucky enough to have the morning off and planned to get to the LCS before it opened – waiting outside the door until they opened the doors, rush inside and get my issues.  But it was raining – so I just waitedContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #1 (2011) – The Review”

Brent Peebles Planet Hulk Commission (2011)

I’ve had… OH HEY – HULK #1 COMES OUT TOMORROW – EVERYONE GET IT!  Now back to the post… this guy for a little while now – I really am not looking to get commissions – I am more interested in picking up published art these days.  If I see an artist offering a greatContinue reading “Brent Peebles Planet Hulk Commission (2011)”

Marvel Masterworks – Volume #167 (2011)

Yes, the new Hulk MM volume is out.  I picked up the gold frame cover (#167) and they are now getting into one of my favorite era’s of the Hulk.  Trimpe is really getting his confidence in drawing the Jade Giant in all of his glory – and the Leader is ever present!  For me, thereContinue reading “Marvel Masterworks – Volume #167 (2011)”

NYCC Exclusive: MU Compound Hulk (2011)

Love the storyline or hate it (and for the record, I totally hated it) the idea of having a figure based on this comic was a great idea – a combined Green and Red Hulk figure?  There was LOTS of buzz around it!  Of course, most people who did score one seemed to immediately list it onContinue reading “NYCC Exclusive: MU Compound Hulk (2011)”

Marvel Superhero Adventures (2011)

So, Marvel has decided to create a NEW children’s line of figures.  The Superhero Squad line was obviously not doing the desired job – so now we have the Marvel Superhero Adventures!  So far they have released 1 wave including Cap, Iron Man, Wolverine – but Hulk is paired up with Thor. Hulk also has aContinue reading “Marvel Superhero Adventures (2011)”

How I Feel About the Digital Movement

Here’s the thing – I am old fashioned.  I’ll tell you that off the bat so that you can understand, before I begin on my rant, that I am obviously biased.  I still have vinyl records for Pete’s sake!  I like things to stay the status quo – but then again, if a great ideaContinue reading “How I Feel About the Digital Movement”

Marvel Universe Hulk – Avengers Base Variant (2011)

This is a Toys R Us exclusive – last time I checked they weren’t even on the site yet – and all of the figures are actually variants of existing figures.  I saw this for the first time on ebay two weeks ago and have been trying to seek one out for myself since – lastContinue reading “Marvel Universe Hulk – Avengers Base Variant (2011)”

David Golding Hulk #340 Commission (2011)

Let’s all admit it – this is one of the best covers that McFarlane did – and he did some great covers!  I’d even go so far as to say that this is one of the best Hulk covers ever done.  It’s just so inventive!  I wonder if this was soley McFarlane’s idea or ifContinue reading “David Golding Hulk #340 Commission (2011)”