The Incredible Hulk #2 (2011) – The Review

I don’t think there has ever been another comic that takes a turn for the worst faster than this relaunch has.  The first issue was somewhat intriguing – and the following issue takes a dump on the fans.  Amazingly, in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of comics in general!  Let’s break it down: Art: The cover isContinue reading “The Incredible Hulk #2 (2011) – The Review”

Hulk vs Wolverine – Through the Years

The Wolverine were the ads for issue #181! It’s funny, to me anyways, that this battle is a “fan favorite”.  It seems like such an easy, lopsided fight for the Hulk to win!  Heck, in their original meeting all the Hulk had to do was be able to get his hands on him just onceContinue reading “Hulk vs Wolverine – Through the Years”

Not Even a Trade’s Worth…

It has been a wild ride!  But not really – Marvel announced that the newly announced Silvertri/Aaron super group on the Hulk will be no longer as Silvestri hands over the title to Portacio.  Really, Mark?  you couldn’t even last a mere 6 issues at least?  Oh well – this can only be good newsContinue reading “Not Even a Trade’s Worth…”