Clerks Inaction Figures – Brodie (2003)

I already showed my affinity for this character when I blogged about the newer release – but this animated sculpt comes from the 2003 Clerks Inaction Figure line that, thankfully, covered most of Kevin Smith’s movie up to that time.  Just like the description suggests, this figure does not have any articulation but it doesContinue reading “Clerks Inaction Figures – Brodie (2003)”

Marvel Hulk/Captain America Glass (2016)

They have released so many glasses at this point it’s hard to keep track of them all.  I found these at Target – and noticed something a little different.  These glasses didn’t feature just one classic image of a hero – in a move both brilliant and a little disappointing – they have shared glassesContinue reading “Marvel Hulk/Captain America Glass (2016)”

The Question: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 20

Truly, this is one of the hardest questions to answer!  Why?  Why is alright for people to attack the Hulk but when the tables are turned it’s suddenly not?  The Hulk has said many times over that all he wants is to be left alone.  When people attack him they seem to think they areContinue reading “The Question: A Year of Hulk Confusion – Week 20”

Marvel Emojis (2016)

All I was able to find is the Hulk that looks suspicious of everyone.  Not angry, not annoyed, but more like you just told him that he needs to watch his little brother on Saturday night so he won’t be able to go to the football game with his friends.  He’s looking slightly confused toContinue reading “Marvel Emojis (2016)”

Hero Mashers Red Hulk (2016)

I’m just curious at this point to see if Hero Mashers continue much longer.  I always thought of them as a fad kind of toy.  Something that would go the way of Handful of Heroes or the desperately missed Mighty Muggs.  So far they’ve released larger and boxed figures but all I’ve seen on theContinue reading “Hero Mashers Red Hulk (2016)”

Hulk Pop! Ceramic Mug (2016)

Funko has managed to take over the world of actions figures.  I can’t imagine any other company that rose as quickly and dominated the market as fast as Funko.  They’ve done so mainly with simply sculpted small figures in covered boxes.  The biggest selling pieces they offer are, of course, the POP figures.  They doContinue reading “Hulk Pop! Ceramic Mug (2016)”

Funko Mystery Minis – Video Game Figures (2016)

Yes, these figures were technically in mystery packages but they weren’t much of a mystery.  If you bought the packages marked with Pac- Man you were going to get one of four figures.  Pac-Man, Ms. Pacman, Pinky or Blinky.  I refuse to call them anything other than that – there’s only one “Speedy” and heContinue reading “Funko Mystery Minis – Video Game Figures (2016)”

Chris Stevens Old Man Logan Variant

So, I mentioned about the current Old Man Logan storyline in the last update about what I’m reading comic-wise.  Well, one of the reasons I even bothered picking up the latest issue was because I caught a peek at the Chris Stevens variant (above).  This was not an easy issue to find either – threeContinue reading “Chris Stevens Old Man Logan Variant”