Want Something Sweet for Your Ears?

Zapp Comics – the best comic shop that New Jersey has to offer – also does a regular podcast.  If you’ve never listened to it then do yourself a favor and download an episode tonight!  Like, literally after you read this sentence, download an episode!  Why not start with the episode I was asked toContinue reading “Want Something Sweet for Your Ears?”

Planet Hulk / Future Imperfect (2015)

With Secret Wars in full swing I thought we’d focus on the two stories central to  the Hulk universe and what it possibly means for the future of our jade hero.  With all the reports and the many rumblings about Banner no longer carrying the mantle of the Hulk it’s interesting to see that weContinue reading “Planet Hulk / Future Imperfect (2015)”

Disney Hulk Light Up Wand (2015)

Now, I am a sucker for anything Hulk – but I also try to be a savvy shopper!  This is a piece I came across at the Disney Store when picking up the large (and in charge) talking Hulk.  I thought “oh cool!  Amother piece to add to the collection!” And then I looked atContinue reading “Disney Hulk Light Up Wand (2015)”

Hulk Bicycle Helmet (2014)

Granted, I did not buy this one but I still thought I’d feature it on my site.  Let’s be honest, is there anyway you could feel any safer protecting your noggin with the Hulk?  Helmets of recent have become quite the fashion statement!  I’ve seen Mohawks, horns, bows, and crowns all adorning this head gearContinue reading “Hulk Bicycle Helmet (2014)”

Some People Might be Interested in…

The fact that it’s being speculated that Amadeus Cho is going to be the new Hulk.  Pak will write with the Liberty Meadows “Monkey Boy” on art.  It’s sounds appealing in certain aspects, if it’s actually true, but I can’t say I’m all that excited about a status quo change like this.  Making new HulksContinue reading “Some People Might be Interested in…”

September Brings New #1’s and… A New Hulk?

Can’t say I’m all that excited to hear about Marvel’s plans to once again renumber the Hulk… But in this case they are doing it to every title this time.  You know, because it worked for DC so why not just copy a great idea, right?  Except that Marvel has been doing this to theirContinue reading “September Brings New #1’s and… A New Hulk?”

Funko Pop Hulk Key Chain (2015)

I enjoy this companies many offerings.  I don’t feel compelled to make sure I get every piece they release but I pick up what I can.  This was a quick pick up at a comic shop – something that is both adorable and helpful.  Let’s face it – you have this on your keys thereContinue reading “Funko Pop Hulk Key Chain (2015)”

Hulkbuster Iron Man Hands (2015)

To this day, the most brilliant idea any toy creator ever had was in 2003 when someone said “Why don’t we make humongous hands, paint them green and make them growl?”  That man should have been made a medal!  Well, almost like a welcoming tradition, with every Marvel movie that featured the Hulk there wereContinue reading “Hulkbuster Iron Man Hands (2015)”

Storm Glitter Hulk… If you’re into that sort of thing.

If you follow Funko on Twitter they offer chances to win limited edition figures if you retweet them.  I didn’t win this figure – titled Storm Glitter Hulk – while I don’t “get” this variant, I mean, what is a storm glitter anything? It is limited to 1100 pieces.  So it has that going forContinue reading “Storm Glitter Hulk… If you’re into that sort of thing.”