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Want Something Sweet for Your Ears?


Zapp Comics – the best comic shop that New Jersey has to offer – also does a regular podcast.  If you’ve never listened to it then do yourself a favor and download an episode tonight!  Like, literally after you read this sentence, download an episode!  Why not start with the episode I was asked to appear on to discuss the brilliant Planet Hulk series!  So much fun – hopefully we’ll do it again real soon!

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Hulk Walkie Talkies (2015)

lex play 028

Another fun piece given to me on my birthday.  I remember my favorite Hulk walkie talkies were the 2003 release of the full figure of the Hulk – but these are really cool too.  The sculpted Hulk heads and paint application make these toys worth picking up.  It always means more when you are given pieces by your loved ones – and my daughter was so excited to give them to me because she wants to use them!  This is what childhood is all about – getting excited for toys that we adults know will not work very well.

This list is off – missing WAY too many Hulks!


They talk about all the early renditions of the Hulk – but then fail to recognize all the Hulk personalities… Which they should have included if they are going to put the Hulk and Joe Fixit on the same list!

Hulk Glasses (2015)

lex play 050

I remember back in the day when if you wanted to drink from a glass that had the Hulk on it you either had to wait for a fast food chain to release a superhero set or a convenience store to have a Marvel theme.  Now though, most big box stores carry some sort of superhero glassware.  the best pieces feature some sort of vintage images – but it’s all pretty great!  The glass above is pretty hard to see, I know, but it is the amazing Jim Steranko Hulk illustration from The Incredible Hulk Annual #1.  It’s a white outline which makes it hard to photograph but does look awesome in person.

lex play 027

The other is a simple glass with the Hulk fist on it given to me by children for my birthday.  I think the Hulk fist is a better symbol for our Jade Giant than the one they were trying to use years ago which was a yellow and green radioactive symbol.

Planet Hulk / Future Imperfect (2015)


With Secret Wars in full swing I thought we’d focus on the two stories central to  the Hulk universe and what it possibly means for the future of our jade hero.  With all the reports and the many rumblings about Banner no longer carrying the mantle of the Hulk it’s interesting to see that we have so many stories that are centralized around gamma creations.  Let’s be honest, it’s all sort of depressing to think that the hero we all love, getting the attention he deserves once again since the 80’s, is being treated so oddly by Marvel.  I know we always need to look to the future and that everything changes but sometimes it’s reassuring to have things be the same.  Hulk has always been Banner and there is something unsettling to think that it will no longer be that way.

CCF05252015_0005 CCF05252015_0007 CCF05252015_0006

We’ve been through this before though, when Banner was “cured” and Rick Jones suddenly became the Hulk! That didn’t last long… thank goodness.  The confusing recent years where the Hulk had the unfortunate doppelgänger who wasn’t even given a proper identity lasted way TOO long.  Now, the future looks… oddly uncertain.  What is the going to happen?  Will it be good?  Is it going to affect anything long term?  Marvel seems to be switching to a “Seasonal” approach to their comics and I don’t have all the answers – but I am uncertain if I even want to be on board.  More on that in later posts… but first, What is going on right now?


Well, Planet Hulk is sort of a confused event as it is more “Island Hulk” or “Continent Hulk”?  Of course, Marvel knew it would sell better if they cashed in on the nostalgia of the most recent well received Hulk story lines so hence, Planet Hulk.  This story, though, revolves around Steve Rogers and his… ummm, partner of sorts, Devil Dinosaur.  Not much really happens in the first issue other than setting up what the Hulk section of Battleworld  is.  They focus on the Thor Corps sending Rogers to the land of Hulks.  That’s right – there is an entire land of Hulks.  The better part of this series is the added Amazing Science #15 at the end where Cho and Banner give us a better idea of where this land of Hulks came from.

CCF06162015_0002 CCF06162015_0003

The one thing I can not recommend more is Future Imperfect written by Peter David.  The story opens with Ruby finding Odin in the desert – saving him and taking him to the Dystopia.  Janice makes an appearance and you are instantly sent back to 1992 and the brilliant groundwork laid by Peter David’s original story.  I am not going to give away too much – Slider, a mind reader, reveals that Odin is not Odin and then a classic match up is set up for next issue.  I really don’t want to sat more than – pick this up and read the hell out of this comic!  So worth it!

The art is amazing, of course, with Greg Land at the helm.  Make sure buy this – and then tell a friend!  Maestro – is as mean as you remember:


Planet Hulk: B- / Future Imperfect: A 

Disney Hulk Light Up Wand (2015)


Now, I am a sucker for anything Hulk – but I also try to be a savvy shopper!  This is a piece I came across at the Disney Store when picking up the large (and in charge) talking Hulk.  I thought “oh cool!  Amother piece to add to the collection!” And then I looked at the price.  I was expecting something along the lines of $5-7.  I was off… way off!  It was $14.99.  I couldn’t really justify that kind of price for what was essentially a light up toy on par with this $5 wand.  It’s too bad too because I did think it was cool.


Hulk Bicycle Helmet (2014)


Granted, I did not buy this one but I still thought I’d feature it on my site.  Let’s be honest, is there anyway you could feel any safer protecting your noggin with the Hulk?  Helmets of recent have become quite the fashion statement!  I’ve seen Mohawks, horns, bows, and crowns all adorning this head gear – but really, nothing cooler than this Hulk helmet!  The hair is even felt which just gives it that different look and texture.  If I were still a youngin’ there is no way I’d accept anything other than this fantastic helmet to protect my skull!